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The PESH Deli serving gin cocktails, blue cheese and softly cooked egg sarnies

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givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 20:06:48

Welcoming all BESH PESH "grads". Full bar service. Today serving:

Softly scrambled eggs with a side order of prawns, moules mariniere, pate on toast, swordfish and tuna bake with a full cheese board of stilton and unpasturised brie.

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CUNextTuesday Sun 15-Nov-09 20:38:51

Ah yes, a glass of cold crisp chardonnay please bartender <slurp>

Loving this virtual reality...

CurlyCasper Sun 15-Nov-09 20:47:02

oooh Camembert dip please, with some Champers on the side. why not? smile

givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 20:49:52

Hey there cunty and welcome to the deli!

<serves a plate of listeria-filled food>

I am SO craving a glass of wine. Or two.

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givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 20:55:03

Oh X post. Hi Cassie!!!

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CurlyCasper Sun 15-Nov-09 21:03:10

Hi. You sound very excited tonight carrots. I'm afraid I think I've had my first experience of pregnancy hormones fucking up my emotions today. I've been crying a lot, much to SFF's bewilderment. I even accused him of not being happy about the pregnancy - which is not true. anyway, left him to go to a wedding dance alone tonight while I battle fatigue, nausea and tears. Miserable scab-faced cow that I am (the healing rash looks delightful - blow to self-esteem didn't help when considering going out).

Anyway,'nuff moaning, lay some of that listeria-filled food on me please. I'm Hank Marvin. But also tired. Might just head to bed (while my inner self stays and gets shit-faced on virtual booze)

givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 21:10:20

Aw casper you poor thing sad. I am quite bouncy having had a 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. I keep getting hit with nausea but despite some unattractive retching yesterday, all has stayed down so far. But I can't stop grinning when I feel sick as it means I'm PREGNANT!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

Hormones are the shits, aren't they? Try to get loads of sleep - it's the only thing that really helps.

Gotta go pee again. SO desperate for a drink and seriously considering bottle feeding just so I can hit the booze immediately grin.

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givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 21:11:54

I'm not actually an alkie! I don't drink much as YOB doesn't at all so not sure why I'm suddenly craving it!

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Medee Sun 15-Nov-09 21:23:20

<waves at the Peshes>

PollyPoo Sun 15-Nov-09 22:17:32

<licks the window and hopes she will be admitted to the inner sanctum soon...>

givecarrotsachance Sun 15-Nov-09 22:24:54

Hi you two!

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Aerie Mon 16-Nov-09 04:13:02

Hello everyone!

I was wondering about doing this a couple of weeks ago, but there seemed so few of us and I didn't want to upset/offend my fellow BESHes sad!!!

Now our numbers have doubled in a week! Wowsers! Hopefully everyone else will be over here soon smile

I have to say I thought I'd be missing the booze by now (am 9 wks tomorrow), but actually the thought of it makes me feel even more pukey. I'd happy eat a soft poached egg or two, but the thought of eggs leaves me gagging too. Sigh.

skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 07:36:15

hi all, hopefully Ponymum will come and find us too.

Oooh, has that dip been left out in the sun? These carrot sticks, pre-packed by north-african immigrants sharing 12 to a tent and no washing facilities yes? nom nom!

I'm sleeping a LOT but feeling very confident, lots of wombling on my common and I'm taking a painkiller every morning, partly because of back pain and partly because every time I have the smallest twinge on my common I panic...

Because my line was soooo thick it's given me a real boost if I'm honest, it's made me think that my hormone levels must be comparatively high.

My only "problem" is that I was very "juicy" around CD8, but the charts & shiz say I should've OV'd around day 12-14... so I don't know whether I'm 4.5 or 5.5 weeks if you see what I mean. But what does it matter eh? grin


CurlyCasper Mon 16-Nov-09 08:35:48

morning diffedski! Great to have you on board.

givecarrotsachance Mon 16-Nov-09 08:39:11

ski day 8 sounds pretty early. I'd go with the temps if that's what you mean by chart... but - as you say - what's a week here or there?

I'm feeling great so far today after a bit of an off weekend from time to time. Norks pretty tender and already thinking I might need to go bra shopping.

For some reason suddenly have great incentive to eat really well. I put on a lot of weight with littlecarrot which I've not lost, and am determined not to repeat that this time. Also feeling I want to give my carrotseed the very best chance. BUT at the same time I am getting mucho hungry at odd times (like 3am this morning) which given that I'm eating for one and a few cells can't really be the carrotseed demanding its share yet hmm.

I've also been paranoid about wombly feelings, and a sharp pain in my side had me convinced it was ectopic, although in the end I am pretty sure it was a slightly pulled muscle from retching (eww). So now it's improving I've decided to ignore any feeling down there. YOB and I gave the carrotseed a good talking to last night, and he suggested using ice-picks to hold on with, but then we decided that was a bit odd. Still a stupid giggle and a bit of a relief from my getting stressed about the 2 week wait and then the OMG is it going to happen again like last time - even though I know it isn't - and I must stop asking him if he's ok with this (he's over the moon). angry @ myself really.

Anyway, I'm off to court this morning to deal with more ex stuff, yuck.

Bye for now - I'll take my brie and grape on wholemeal to go, cheers. <waves>

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skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 08:45:32

carrots I wasn't temping, I mean those ovulation predictor charts - I've been relying on regular sex rather than timed. But it really doesn't matter. grin

Yes, I was up at 3am sunday morning with a bowl of cereal... with Brie obviously.

Good luck at court today.

I need to phone my doctor and organise a midwife so I can have my 7 week scan VERRRRRY soon!

iggypiggy Mon 16-Nov-09 11:31:51

ski am fostering the idea that it might be twins for you if you have dark line so quick <double bonus!>

rots I find a few days off the booze makes me want to eat more healthily - which it what I'm attributing it too. Plus have gone off sweet things anyway <odd>

I is undecided about scan at 7weeks... I had one at 7 + 3 last time - which showed heartbeat but too small and slow hb - then at 8 + 4 weeks with no HB. Part of me wishes I'd waited till 8 weeks - cos then i wouldn't have had that 8 days of hope yet fear.. I gonna try to wait till 8 weeks, unless babyfail before then obv.

I hope the other BESHes not feeling left out from us moving over here? But then again - don't want to do updiffed talk over there, cos that happened on another conception thread I was on and it just made me more and more depressed!

skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 12:03:49

iggy I've teased myself with that possibility too. Only time will tell I suppose.

I've just contacted a midwife team here to ask if they're prepared to do it in English for me. I think given my age I'll get more regular scans. i.e., I'm ancient me. hmm

I don't think they'll feel left out (the BESHs) I mean. I still want to support everyone and I think this is a great way to do it, BESH/PESH I mean. It's also a great way for them to keep up with us rather than having to follow all the different an threads.

CurlyCasper Mon 16-Nov-09 12:47:47

I've booked a private reassurance scan for December 7. Should be 7+5 by then - hope that's not too early...

ski you are so twin-diffed grin

skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 13:07:08

Curly, well our cunty must've been about the same with her recent scan. I just want to know how many Wombles I've got on my common and hear that heartbeat.

I've chosen the midwife team which have an echo machine at their practice hoping that when I go in and throw a wobbly they'll scan me there and then rather than having to make a further appointment at the hospital.

Has anyone actually you know... um... read anything about the_birth yet? Or have those chapters of your diffed books remained unopened?

Btw - if you have a look at the isabellaoliver site advertised bear in mind that they have cracking discounts in their sales... so no point buying anything until they start on boxing day or so. It's horrendously expensive otherwise. Us Chubbers will actually do the best out of them - the bargains are always in the bigger sizes! grin

skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 13:07:32

PS, would love twins.

iggypiggy Mon 16-Nov-09 13:12:33

casper It won't be too early at 7 + 5 grin

I is not reading too much - just can't let myself get excited yet...

skihorse Mon 16-Nov-09 13:18:36

<hugs iggy when she's not looking> If you want I'll let you have a cuddle with Ginger to get her opinion? wink

iggypiggy Mon 16-Nov-09 13:44:40

I'm up for some ginger action <snigger>

CUNextTuesday Mon 16-Nov-09 15:38:52

curly I was 7 on the nose when I had my scan, although mw seemed to think I was a couple of days later than that. heartbeat thumping away like a badass.

ski I have already developed my birth-plan <preen> On the basis that forewarned is forearmed I have read tons of stuff and know that it is going to be the worst ordeal of my entire life <nice & positive> so I am trying to plan for the nicest most relaxed birth possible.

Obviously all that will turn to shite and I'll prob have to have a general anaesthetic so the mw can get both her burly forearms up me to drag the screaming wretch out...

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