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RE: Streatham area

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GirlWiththeMouseyHair Sat 16-Jan-10 21:21:02

Hi Helen

I'm in Streatham with DS a year younger than your DD but there are tons of 1 o'clock clubs and groups in the area - Sunnyhill Children's Centre has a club every day 1-4pm, as does Hillside Gardens (which is a lovely one run by great people). Streatham hub at the church by the go-kart rink has a children's centre, think you can just drop by for info.

If you got to Gracefield Gardens, they have info from the midwives about all the local clubs etc that are on

Wigeon Mon 19-Oct-09 12:38:35

Have a look or post this in the "local" section (top of screen, in the light blue bar). This section tends to be for pregnant people to talk to people who are expecting their baby at the same time.

Hope that you find some Streatham mums! (afraid I'm nowhere near Streatham)

cowley47 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:35:20

Hi there,

My daughter is 2 in a couple of month and I would love to meet some mums who have children of a similar age.

Is there any groups, events I coud join?



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