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With IDOB and STT ready to go, the Wagon rumbles along!

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Kayzr Fri 09-Oct-09 10:24:35

Here we go new thread. Sorry for awful title!!

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Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 10:33:02

Phew, thanks KAYZ; in the nick of time grin. Title's great smile. How are things?

Kayzr Fri 09-Oct-09 11:12:29

Ok thanks. Feel better now after feeling ill Wednesday. How are you?

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Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 11:26:18

Good thanks. Knackered, but ok grin
Remind me when you're going to be ttc again?

Kayzr Fri 09-Oct-09 11:28:34

About this time next year. Really want to be due about August/September time.

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Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 11:40:06

ooh right not that long really! I had dd1 at the end of July and it's a great time of year to have a baby smile

Kayzr Fri 09-Oct-09 11:47:48

No not long at all.

I want to have the next one so she(wishful thinking) is due in between the boys.

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tinkbig Fri 09-Oct-09 12:12:49


have a great time cant

cheers ladies for ideas

cant really cook a one pot dish dd1 is very fussy harldy eats anything!!!

have just been to next and bought brackens clothes

Sparklytwinkletoes Fri 09-Oct-09 12:55:37

Morning! Thanks for new thread Kay, no pressure then!

Still here....

Still waiting...

And starting to get a teensy bit annoyed with people's subtle ways of asking if I've forgotten to tell them about the baby's arrival - it was here, they'd know!!

Tink, maybe if you do a one pot dish for you, DH and DD2, DD1 will start to see you all eating well and want to try more things? Otherwise, how will you ever expand DD1s diet? It may also help you end up with a less fussy DD2? I know nothing though, having not really had a very fussy child, and not being fussy myself - I find it all a bit strange, I mean, how can you not love food grin

Really ought to go and get dressed...

Sparklytwinkletoes Fri 09-Oct-09 12:57:15

oops, should read if it was here....

And can't have a fab holiday, I'm sure Kay or someone will do the honours via text for you coz there's no way on earth I'm waiting till the bliming 17th!

(STT crosses fingers and hopes that hasn't cursed self)

Sparklytwinkletoes Fri 09-Oct-09 13:01:14

Still nothing from IDOB hmm

idreamofbeanie Fri 09-Oct-09 13:27:01

Hi all,

sorry I've no time to catch up but DP is working from home today and it is his last day before starting paternity so he is hogging the internet router.

Went to the hospital this morning for an appointment with the consultant. He confirmed the baby is still high but he did a s+s anyway just in case it worked. He kept saying it would hurt but actually it was fine but he said my cervix was still 'in the clouds' and showing no signs of softening. He has booked me in for an induction on Monday - to be fair he didn't looked convinced the induction would work and he said I should be prepared for it to take a few days until I went into labour. To be honest I think they think it will end with a c-section so I don't know why they don't just book me in for a section now but they won't discuss it any further until Monday. I'm not that happy about being induced but I'm really ready to get this baby out so I'm sort of resigned to going with it and just hoping it's not too bad.

So I'll try to text and let people know what happens but might disappear for a few days next week.

Sorry for me me me post - I'll try to get back on and catch up later.

Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 13:46:04

IDOB! Think positive, this time next week you'll have your baby! And you too STT I'm sure grin
TINKS, one way of getting fussy eaters to try one pot dishes is making sure there's bit of what they like somewhere in there. For eg. with dd2 she would just have the chicken out of the casserole and we'd still all sit round the table with normal portions. Then gradually she'd see that the other stuff was ok and even try a bit. If you're going to have a go I'd suggest doing it now - we've never got dd1 to eat potatoes after giving in to her fussiness!

GYo Fri 09-Oct-09 14:09:29

Hi everyone

Thanks for the new thread Kay

STT- definately feeling for you waiting and getting lots of well meant queries. It drove me mad too.

We went to North East sardinia and it was lovely especially as it wasnt all english menus everywhere we went.

IDOB- hope the S&S and/or induction prove to help things along for you. Fingers crossed it wont be much longer.

Diege- interesting you say that DS is same as DDs. A few people say how different boys and girls are but I do wonder how much of that is just different children not the gender difference.

Cant- have a lovely holiday

Tink- agree with STT about the food thing for DD1, I reckon seeing her little sister eat stuff she wont might make her keen to try it too. Worth a try maybe.

Ses- enjoy your spa day- try not to worry about DS he will be fine. When we went I felt guilty when I came home, only because I hadnt felt guilty, IYSWIM! grin Are you having any treatments?
Let us know how the work meeting goes.

Better go and tidy us as DD is having a nap....

Sparklytwinkletoes Fri 09-Oct-09 15:39:00

Oh IDOB, I really do understand how you feel and know that whilst you know everything will be done for the best of you both, it doesn't stop you from feeling like you're being 'cheated' out of a homebirth when c-sections loom on the horizon.

Whilst clearly there is still every chance that you will go into labour over the weekend (have lots of sex to help soften your cervix!) (or I've read recently that oral ingestion of prostaglandins can be more effective than direct application as its better absorbed by the bodyhmm) it might do you some good to also have a read about elective c-sections, there are some very positive stories around.

You know, I think its taken till this time around, and facing the prospect of head not engaging / c-sec all over again, that I realise that if they hadn't whipped him out the sunroof, there's every chance that neither of us would have made it - coz he wasn't coming out any other way.

I've made two 'birth plans', one for VBAC and one for C-Sec, because there are still 'preferences' that you can think through, to make the experience one that best suits you - I'm happy to email it if you would like a look? I can send it to you via FB? Just let me know.

Ses - hope the work meeting is going / has gone OK.

tinkbig Fri 09-Oct-09 16:22:04

ggod luck idob

essenceofSES Fri 09-Oct-09 19:39:53

IDOB - can't believe how much patience you're having to use up. You're doing really well though. I can understand why you want to continue to ask about an elective CS. I'd planned for my natural water birth and was disappointed to have CS but in the end did manage to get my head round it and although in some mad way I still feel hard done by and like I want to know what a contraction feels like, the CS was the best option in the circumstances.

STT - keeping the labour vibes flowing for you too.

Meeting with boss was ok. She didn't agree to my proposal but then she didn't disagree. She said " Do you really think you can do the role in 3 days?" She's going to speak to HR and phone me next week.

DS has hardly slept all day but is asleep in his cot now...

Starshinetiger Fri 09-Oct-09 21:20:06

Just bookmarking...
DD was not asleep 'til 8.30 (and if it's not blimmin teeth, then I know nothing about parenting... no comments, please wink)... I could actually hear her gnawing on the teething rail on her cot from the next room and although she nearly fell asleep on me a couple of times I did have to feed her to sleep in the end (my poor little baby) - DS was never really troubled by teeth (think he was so used to pain from reflux that teething was nothing by comparison). DD on the other hand (having been used to hard drugs from birth) finds that calpol and bonjela doesn't hit the spot and I don't have any morphine in the house wink, so booby juiced to sleep is what it has to be.

Ah well, just hope she sleeps well now (that's bound to curse it!)

Still powering labour vibes your way STT & IDOB.

Have a great holiday CANT.

Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 21:37:27

STAR the teething rail knawing does sound quite cute (though not for you I'm sure wink, poor little thing!).
SES, one tip I got when applying for flexible working in my last job was to propose the idea of a 3 month trial with the arrangements you're suggesting - that way they'd come off as being really unreasonable for not giving it a go. Maybe worth a try if they get funny with you? Oh and I;m sure with the next birth you'll get to feel what a contraction's like (and then wish that was something you hadn't wished for wink)
GYO, yes interesting about the gender thing. I too think a lot of it is down to personality and that a lot of the time you see the gender difference if you want or expect to see it. So whereas dd3 throws a brick on the floor she's naughty or 'feisty', ds does it and he's a 'typical boy'. There again being a sociologist maybe I'm looking too much the other way, what which earning a living pushing the nurture over nature line grin
Lots more labour vibes for the pregnant someone who only ever gets to 39 weeks I would imagine all this not knowing is quite exciting <runs>
Right, bit if ironing then my all time fave programme Peep show. Night all!

Kayzr Fri 09-Oct-09 22:13:58

I need to go to bed! There is a great thread in AIBU and I can not drag myself away until OP comes back.

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Diege Fri 09-Oct-09 22:21:15

Ooh which one is it KAYZ?? <peep show ad break!>

Kayzr Sat 10-Oct-09 06:36:45


Diege, it was one where the OP had a 3 week old baby and her Italian friend just decided to visit and be a right cowbag! So the OP told her to leave. It was quite amusing.

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Diege Sat 10-Oct-09 08:18:52

Morning! Might go and have a look at that one KAYZ, I do like a good AIBU thread grin
Off to town today with J to meet a friend for some shopping, should be good!!!
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend (apart from the Pregnant Ones of course wink)

essenceofSES Sat 10-Oct-09 08:34:09


Diege - enjoy your shopping!

Good & bad from last night. Good was he didn't come into bed at all and had his longest sleep to date (3.5hrs) and for the 2nd morning in a row stayed happy enough wriggling & chatting in his cot after his final wake up for 10/15mins.
Not so good was that he didn't settle well between 2 and 5 with only 50mins sleep and I didn't sleep at all in that time.

However, did I mention I have a spa day today??! wink Hope I don't fall asleep during my massage!

Diege Sat 10-Oct-09 08:46:50

That does sound tough SES (the night not the spa day grin). The best place to be after a night like that! J did quite well last night - he settled himself back after his usual 4am waking, without me needed to comfort him, then woke us us (courtesy of dd3's screams) at 7.15 so can't complain.

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