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And the wagon just keeps on going, 5 babies left to arrive- who will go first????

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glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:32:25

new thread....

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glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:33:51

Kay - 12th December - 6:49pm - Dylan George - 10lbs 5ozs
Nat - 27th December - 8:36pm - Mikey Bradley - 6lb 10.5oz
Tink- 19th Jan - Girl - 1.51pm - Bracken Hope Willow - 8lbs 7oz
Sorky - 16th Feb - Girl - 8lb 12oz
Glask - 20th Feb - Girl - 7.47pm - Ruby Marie 4lb (8wks prem)
LardyBump - 21st Feb- Boy - 8lb 12oz
Starshinetiger - 15th March - girl - 7lb 1 oz - Charlotte Carys Rose
GYo - 22nd March 9.55am- girl - 10 lbs 12 oz
Cosmo - 2nd April - girl - April Victoria - 8.51am - 6lb 9
Gruff - 15th April - boy - 8lb 2 oz - 6.02am Zachary John Graham
Ses - 9th May - boy - 8lb 9oz - 10.17am Owen Edward
Diege - 13th June, boy, 9lb 8ozs Jacob Llewellyn
LBOT - 30th July, boy, 7lb Tristan James

Weeks list:
Kookykid - 39 weeks (due 2nd Sept) Boy
Idreamofbeanie - 35 weeks (due 27th Sept) GIRL!
Sparklytwinkletoes - 30 weeks (due 6th Oct)
BB now hunnie - 27 weeks (EDD 30th Oct)
Moosy - 23 weeks - Girl (EDD 6th Dec)

Scan list:
STT - 38 week scan 17th Sept
BB now hunnie - 32 weeks scan 3rd Sept

MW apps list:
Kooky - 40 weeks - 2nd September
IDOB- 36 week apt, 3rd September

Mat leave countdown:
IDOB - 4th September, 2 weeks to go (only 9 working days - hooray!).

KOOKY'S SYNDICATE (due date 02/09/09)
DD stats: born at 43+3 weighing 7lb,11oz

spotty: 06/09/09 12pm noon, 9lbs
Kayz: 07/09/09, 03:24am, 7lb 4oz
Glaskham: 08/09/09, 09.04am, 8lb 0.5oz
Kooky: 09/09/09, 04:30am, 7lb 2oz
Ses: 10/09/09, 7.25am, 7lb 14oz
Star: 11/09/09, 6.35pm, 7lb 11oz
IDOB: 12/09/09, 17.30pm, 8lb 3oz
Diege: 13/09/09, 19.20pm 81b 1oz

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Diege Thu 27-Aug-09 12:39:25

I'm here!!! Thanks for new thread GLASK!! Have commented on your gorgeous Emma Bridgewater stuff on end of last thread!

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:42:28

Have just replied- just seen the boots... i like them but dont think they'd go with most of DD1's clothes... plus DH hates kickers boots!! I wanted to buy DD2 some stunning white crib shoe's of them and he refused point blank to allow me- says he hates the style!!

I do think i'm gonna go for the full set, it's a third of the price too- which is a massive bonus!!

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glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:45:24

those are stunning... they are the same as the ones i wanted only in baby pink- though i now prefer them over the white ones i wanted!! and they're on sale too- may have to do some sneaky bussiness tonight to get DH to come round...

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glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:46:28

god- i'm becoming a shoppaholic again!!! what is it with the few months before xmas??... i become an addict!! can't stop shopping!! Think i'm gonna get them boots for DD2 for xmas though!!

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Diege Thu 27-Aug-09 12:50:11

grin Your dh needs Kicker's aversion therapy grin. Having said that, I do understand if he is around my age as there's a generation of children who were forced to wear them (me and my sister in matching pink kickers lace ups with our burgundy cords blush). My dd3 is currently in her 'funky' phases, so though they'd look cool with her skinny jeans grin. Talking of Gap, do you fancy a return visit when we're up in York?? grin

Diege Thu 27-Aug-09 12:51:11

Oh meant to say those boots you linked to are to die for grin. You must persuade dh!!

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 12:54:50

just been looking in the kickers sale Diege- and they have the same boots at only £25... though as they are sale boots they only have a few sizes...

I'm up for a return visit if i have time!! Think me and my sister will be going for the 3.08pm train home...

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bodenaddict Thu 27-Aug-09 13:03:06

bought dd2 this for winter

bought it in the pink wanted something for the car when we go to groups and then in the buggy on the way to building. didnt want anything to big

and received dd1s last top

it is the grey rock chick one

waiting for

in the blue and green
is exchange for fleece

thoughts ladies

popped to tesco to buy pink ake plate,more pink balloons and heart confetti for dd1s 4th bday grin

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 13:04:46

right- i'm off to wash the pots... and decide what i'll make the kids for tea too. Was gonna be naughty and order pizza hut, but decided to be good and stick to my cutting down... need to keep loosing the weight- have now lost a total of 8lb since i first started the wii fit 12 days ago!!

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Diege Thu 27-Aug-09 13:06:02

GLASK! My boots are in the sale hmm, though (thankfully in a way) are not in stock in dd3's size grin Very impressed with that website, you are a bad influence grin
TINKS, I have same coat for ds in the navy, and rock top for dd1 grin. Great minds and all that. Also have teddy all-in-one for ds for colder days.

Kayzr Thu 27-Aug-09 13:15:35

Just putting myself on here. Got a very very grumpy DS2 who is screaming at me. Not sure what he wants though.

GYo Thu 27-Aug-09 13:17:43

Thanks for the new thread Glask! Enjoy your solo shopping, what a treat.

Sorry I've been a bit crap lately. I fully blame Farmville on FB, I've got rather addicted I must say blush

Off out to the park this afternoonw with my NCT group for coffee and cake grin

Here is my guess on Kooky's Synd:

KOOKY'S SYNDICATE (due date 02/09/09)
DD stats: born at 43+3 weighing 7lb,11oz

GYo: 04/09/09 10am 8lb 12oz
spotty: 06/09/09 12pm noon, 9lbs
Kayz: 07/09/09, 03:24am, 7lb 4oz
Glaskham: 08/09/09, 09.04am, 8lb 0.5oz
Kooky: 09/09/09, 04:30am, 7lb 2oz
Ses: 10/09/09, 7.25am, 7lb 14oz
Star: 11/09/09, 6.35pm, 7lb 11oz
IDOB: 12/09/09, 17.30pm, 8lb 3oz
Diege: 13/09/09, 19.20pm 81b 1oz

Kayzr Thu 27-Aug-09 13:20:05

Me too GYo, I have found loads of new games on there this morning. It's so bad!

bodenaddict Thu 27-Aug-09 14:21:51

wow diege - we have got good taste

agree that farmville is addictive on fb

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 15:17:33

I haven't started a farmville as i see everyone else has been bitten by the bug- if i had anything more than MN i'd never get a thing done around the house!!

Have got my sister (the middle one) coming shopping with me tomorrow- that'll be quite nice as she's off to uni in a few weeks. Not had a proper day with her in ages!!

Since coming off here earlier i have cleaned the kitchen, put a load of washing on, sorted out washing DD2 a bottle for tomorrow, and got her milk out of the freezer and have also just expressed another 2oz for her.

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IWroteOffLightningMcQueen Thu 27-Aug-09 15:35:40

Hello (was going to write morning then, shows how far my head is in the clouds!)

OK, let's see what I can remember...

Welcome back STT, hols sound good Hope you manage to get sorted re. the bedrooms.

Think I have forgotten everything except the shopping (was there even anything else?!!)! Am very envy have ££££'s in the bank and can't touch any of it, payday tomorrow, can't touch any of it, have less than £2 in my purse hmm hate being so bloody sensible (And I am fantasising about a horrible greasy donner kebab with a limp warm salad and crappy chips, I can smell it, and almost taste it, y'know it's bad when you fancy one of those, especially when you've not had so much as a drop of alcohol!)

Nearly lost our buyers this morning, or at least the EA made it sound like we had angry EA rang up saying the buyers had gone into the EA's this morning to pick up a fresh copy of the details to take to their bank with them, apparently he asked if the house was ex-council, she said yes, he asked if the council still owned any of the houses, she said she thinks it's about 50/50 (she was right) and then warned me not to expect them to turn up this afternoon (they'd arranged to come by and measure up) so I'm on pins, clearing up wondering if I was just wasting my time, they turn up right on time with big grins saying how excited they are and that their bank has given them the mortgage, surveyors coming next week, should be 6-8 weeks with the paper work! The very least I was expecting was that they'd say they don't want to pay over the asking price, or they'd just pull out altogether. So I think as long as the survey comes back OK, we're on the move.

And you know what that means?


Where do you start?

IWroteOffLightningMcQueen Thu 27-Aug-09 15:36:16

Ooops blush Sorry Glask, meant to say thanks for the new thread as well!

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 16:17:56

OMG- just caught DD1 walking upstairs backwards- dragging her massive dolls pram up too!! she says she 'was just going to the toilet'... good job she didn't fall!! Think she likes to scare the hell outta me!!

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bodenaddict Thu 27-Aug-09 17:53:59

hi lightning

gr8 news about the house

wow glas

kookykid Thu 27-Aug-09 18:00:55

Just jumping on so am on the thread. This one should see my baby arrive!

Diege Thu 27-Aug-09 18:05:43

That's brilliant news Lightn ing! Am very envyof how quick it's taken, and here's to a smooth sale!
shock GLASK, I bet your heart was in your mouth there!

glaskham Thu 27-Aug-09 18:12:27

Thats the plan Kooky!!

Diege- it was- god help me if she'd got all the way up and then tried bringing it down!!

i think it's fish finger butties for tea when Dh gets home later!! kids had fish fingers and hash browns (my latest food love) and i so wanted some!!

Lightening- that is very fast work on selling- if only it was so easy everywhere to sell like that!!

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Kayzr Thu 27-Aug-09 18:31:11

Woohoo!!! Driving lesson went really well! I loved it, still making mistakes obviously but I really enjoy it now. Drove home from the town where I'll do my test. Only about 8/9 miles but a huge roundabout and a main 60mph road. It was great, roll on next week.

Lightning, fabulous about the house!!! Hope it all goes smoothly.

Now off to chippy for my driving lesson treat.

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