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Pushchair question - pliko p3, silver cross 3d - liners???

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Kaylo Wed 05-Aug-09 08:44:23

This is not a question for myself as I'm not even pg yet but a friend of mine has been given a mamas and papas pliko p3 for impending arrival (she's not on mumsnet or I'm sure she's ask herself).

She wants to use it as a pramette for the first few months but needs a liner - will the silver cross 3d liners fit the pramette as they're almost the same pushchair aren't they?

I've asked around but there seems to be mixed views on it and I wondered whether you guys had any idea?

The only reason it's an issue is because they M&P liners are almost non-existent now unless you buy the full 2nd hand pram package - which she doesnt need cos she already has the pram. If you do find a M&P one - they're a small fortune!

I've had a look at both of the liners and can't personally tell the difference between them.


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annas1 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:40:58

Hi there, sorry if this is a stupid question but what is the liner bit??

Biccy Wed 05-Aug-09 20:41:16

I have a pramette and didn't have any sort of liner... (first I've heard of them tbh!) - I just put a small cot sheet in and away we went...

Kaylo Wed 05-Aug-09 21:05:16

Thanks for your replies

It's a fairly old model I think now, M&P have stopped making them where you need a separate liner (it's like a carrycot type thing...). Without the liner this pushchair cannot be used in rear facing pramette mode because the seat is too lumpy and uneven and also because the harness isn't detachable so baby effectively would be lying directly upon the buckles and straps which isn't good.

I'm gonna tell her to the silvercross one as it's cheaper and after comparing them online there doesn't look like theres much - if any - difference in them at all. Possibly there might be different fastenings but the liner won't go anywhere as at one side there is the bumper-bar and the the other side there is whoever is pushing the buggy - so in itself it's secure enough, I've heard of others doing this without problems.

Thank for your replies - sorry if I confused you - perhaps it wasn't very well worded blush

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