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Due Jan 2010 - watching our beans grow into bumps :-)

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sazlocks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:55:54

As we all talk so fast the last thread is nearly full so thought I would start us off on a new one

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alibobins Sun 19-Jul-09 19:44:56

Evening just off to put the kids to bed and marking this thread otherwise I might not find it.

kittykat765 Sun 19-Jul-09 20:37:19

Hi everyone just copying the list across. I have also linked to this thread from the other one to help people find us.

1 singalongamumum (DS 18mth)
1 Alibobins (DS5 DD9)
1 ClaireDB (1st baby)
2 Lisylou1980
3 salvadory (1st Baby)
3 liny
3 sunshinejanuary 1st Baby - South London
3 Bethoo (DS 2 DD 8 mon)- Wiltshire
4 pepa (DS 3.5, DD 18mth) Toronto, Canada
5 Dizzyclarebear (1st baby) - SE london
5 timmette (DS 3)
6 oomska (DD 13mo)
6 crumpette (2nd DC)
6 gizzy1973 (1st baby)
7 lynneevans51 (DS 10 yr; DD 6 yr) - N Ldn
8 STA1mum (DS15mth)
10 Zen1980 (1st baby)
10 lizzylu (DS 14mths)
10 Somewhathorrified
10 kittykat765 (DS 19mth) Bristol
11 Katiei (DS)
11 anastaisia (dd b2005)
11 lilacpink (DD 3)
12 roastbeef
13 skidoodle (DD 13mo)
13 LessThenIdeal
13 Sleepingalot, Sheffield
13 londonlottie (1st baby) - London SE5/SE22
13 Liskey (1st baby)
15 lynchy09 (DS14mth)
15 Sersi (DS1 6, DS2 4) HERTS
15 Worriedunfortunately (DD 4y)
16 DesertFairy (DD3)
16 ampster (DS 11mo)
16 ILoveDolly
17 slightlybonkers (DS 3yo)
17 MrsStripey (DS15mo)
18 alfiesmadmother (DS1 7,DS2 5 and DS3 3)
18 dal21 (DS 20 mths)
18 Southwestwhippet (First baby)
20 sooooexcited (DS 2)
20 showmethemummy (2 DCs)
20 verytiredmummy (DS)
20 Totalmisfit (DD 3.4) Norfolk
21 quirkychick (DD 3.5) Norfolk
21 Mowmi (1st baby) Surrey
23 AutumnAir (1st baby)
24 Sazlocks (DS 18mo), Shropshire
24 Blocka (DD 32mo), North East
24 Laura233
24 coffeeicecream (DS 9mo), NW London
24 MamaLazarou (1st baby)
24 Biccy (DD 3)
25 FlightofFancy (1st baby), Surrey
25 Noodlesforbreakfast
25 Iateallthecreameggsyummy
29 helenabeth (DS1 4.5, DS2 20mths)
30 nervoussara, Brighton
30 (or thereabouts!) anniemac (DD 4)
31 laurawantsababy (DD 11mo)
31 IrrationalMother (DS 18mo)
[?] Miss Chatterbox (DD1 4 DD2 2)
[?] Beanz2 (DS 13mo)
[?] Fififorgot, South

The ones that have lost their little ones:
st arshaker
The Kurgan

sazlocks Sun 19-Jul-09 20:38:30

thanks kittykat765 - I can't believe how quick these threads fill up

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gizzy1973 Sun 19-Jul-09 20:59:05

cant believe this is the third thread already

am so fed up today as have so little energy and had friday off sick (again) so now work need to talk to me about my attendance just hope my job is safe for a bit longer oh and keep crying for no reason
please tell me this is normal

sleepingalot Sun 19-Jul-09 21:31:47

Been away for a week with work and has taken me ages a) to catch up on missed sleep and b) to catch up with the thread!

mowmi so glad things worked out for you. Read the thread for the earlier part of the week, then skipped to the end to see if you had posted again...Then went back and caught up with all the news.

crumpette so sorry to hear your sad news - I hope things start to turn positive for you.

alibobins you sound as though you're going through a tough time. I really hope DD is okay. Sending you hugs.

Hi everyone else... off to try and catch up on some more sleep.

alibobins Sun 19-Jul-09 21:37:37

Thanks for all the well wishes seem to be getting by on pure adrenalin at the moment its been a wirlwind of treatment and appointmentssad

Dd will be 9 in a few weeks and seems to be taking it all in her stride we have had a few strops but think its her way of dealing with it.

lilacpink Sun 19-Jul-09 22:10:27

Hi All

Had a scary night last night, after feeling more clear movements and lovely evening with DH I had a bleed. At first it looked bad (a small clot), it quickly went pinkish and stopped. I phoned the local out-of-hours and they said to let them know if it got worse, and if seemed ongoing another day to speak to GP. Luckily it's been fine today (I have been checking constantly). Thanks to those who posted earlier about bleeds after sex: I think this may have caused it for me and felt a bit calmer to think this could be the reason and not necessarily something worse. It didn't happen until an hour after though, and I didn't have anything like this with DD, so I'm hoping it's a one-off. When I first saw it though I was so shocked. I spent the majority of the night crying and then when I did fall asleep I had a nightmare where my Mum died and I saw all the details (woke up crying at 5am).

Sorry for a low post, I just needed to get it off my chest and don't feel I want to share all this in RL at the moment (tried with DH, but he couldn't understand why dream had also upset me, but it really seemed real )

alibobins Mon 20-Jul-09 06:47:46

Hope things settle down for you and no more scary moments.

sockmonkey Mon 20-Jul-09 07:44:35

Alibobins & Crumpette - that's really rough. Oh my goodness. Sending you both strength & hugs.

Nothing much to report here at the moment but just wanted to mark my place on the new thread.

timmette Mon 20-Jul-09 09:23:15

Hi everyone can I come back I am back from holidays now. I have missed so much have been trying to catch up with the previous thread.
Sorry to hear your news crumpette.

sazlocks Mon 20-Jul-09 10:50:52

lilacpink - scary - no wonder you were freaked out. Hope it settles down today.
I feel so bonkers at the moment that I am blowing everything out of proportion - my DH doesn't know what to do with me smile. ALthough I have to say I am not that worried about swine flu.
Anyway I have some energy back today so have made some lemon fairy cakes while DS napping - in the oven as we speak YUM YUM

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somewhathorrified Mon 20-Jul-09 11:06:49

saz...mmmmmm lemon fairy cakes! Anyone else think we should ban talking about food on here...everytime I hear any type of lovely mentioned I wants it! zero willpower nowadays.

crumpette I completely agree about the term "was it planned?" what the hell is that about? No, I didn't plan to have sex at that exact time on that exact day after eating oranges for the previous week without being on contraception for the previous 2 yrs! Does this mean it was planned or not? How can you plan for something that is random/luck?

As for swine flu, I'm pretty sure pregnant women have enough to worry about with adding more to the list. You can't prevent getting it so why worry, what happens happens.

lynneevans51 Mon 20-Jul-09 11:11:57

Hi everyone, I'm off to a mums night out with school tonight - well its actually a mums night in around someone's house. So I, too, have been preparing food and its jolly good if I say so myself! Mini yorkshire puddings stuffed with chunks of roast beef with horseradish mayo!!!! Not sure how many are actually going to make it to the bash though....

sunshinejanuary Mon 20-Jul-09 11:49:59

Hello All,

I go away one weekend and we need a new thread!

I am so sorry to hear that some of you are struggling at the moment, Crumpette and Alibobins in particular. Make sure you use us as the full emotional crutch we should be.

DH and I went to a friends wedding this weekend, it was lovely and i managed not to be sick the whole weekend! I have one friend who was there who has had two recent misscarriages with his partner and i think our news was quite hard for him. Being pregnant can be a bit of a minefield. In fact fertility as a whole is a bit of a minefield.

I am off to the midwife in a minute for my 16 week check up. I am really nervous - i hope everything is OK.

ClaireDB Mon 20-Jul-09 20:15:57

Oh no!! shock

I planned to make a chocolate tart this weekend as I have friends coming for dinner but I've just realised it has raw egg in the chocolate tart topping! shock

Poo! I love chocolate tart. Grrr!

sunshinejanuary Mon 20-Jul-09 21:29:39

Hi Claire D, i have heard a rumour that if the egg has the lion stamp on it then it is pasturised and should be safe...

Well my midwife appointment went well, i heard the baby's heartbeat which i think is the best thing i have ever heard!

lilacpink Mon 20-Jul-09 22:24:37

Hi, thanks for well wishes, I haven't had anymore bleeding and no pains (and I'm strangely v. happy to say nausea is back at full strength) so think I'm in the clear.

Alibobins I hope things go as well as they can for your DD with the medication.

Crumpette tbh I can't imagine what you've been through, but I'm sorry and also about your recent news too.

ClaireDB could you substitute chocolate angel delight? I've used in tiramusu before(made up with cream or milk and mixed with mascarpone cheese), it worked well as long as no extra sugar is added.

sunshine glad you had a good meeting with midwife and heard a heartbeat

timmette Tue 21-Jul-09 07:19:28

Hi everyone is anyone else peeing all night - I am so tired now - I thought this didn't happen until much further on.

lilacpink glad everything has settled down for you.

kittykat765 Tue 21-Jul-09 07:52:35

Hi ClaireDB. Meant to post this last night but hubby had a hissy fit about me being on the computer so I couldn't. I have also heard that British lion stamped eggs are safe. IIRC it is because british hens are vaccinated against salmonella and so that makes the eggs safe. I think I have probably heard this from the same place as sunshinejanuary.

Am glad to hear that your appointment went well sunshinejanuary and that things have cleared up for you lilacpink.

No problems on the peeing front here timmette. My bladder capabilities seem to be astounding in pregnancy and dont follow the 'norm' at all.

alibobins Tue 21-Jul-09 07:59:33

Oh no woke up feeling rubbish sad full of cold headache sore throat and just generally unwell do you think it could be sf.

singalongamumum Tue 21-Jul-09 08:11:09

Oh dear, alibobins. Better safe than sorry- phone NHS Direct (not sure if the hotline is open?). There is stuff pregnant women can take to reduce symptoms if it is. Hope it isn't though. xx

timmette- I too am weeing in the night. Mind you, it might be because I am really thirsty in the evenings so am drinking more water than usual. Must drink more through the day that might help me. I think pretty much anything can happen with them there hormones rampaging.

sockmonkey Tue 21-Jul-09 08:22:59

oh alibobins hope you are feeling better soon & it's just a cold, and is over quickly.

I actually puked for the first time last night. I thought I'd managed to control it this time.

timmette Oh yes, I'm up most nights. I think it is supposed to calm down in the 2nd trimester, then start again in 3rd. I've been a lot more thirsty too. I've been trying not to drink after 8pm but it doesn't really work.

jardins Tue 21-Jul-09 09:21:21

Morning everybody! A new thread already! Wow!

Lilacpink I'm so sorry you've had such a horrid scare. It leaves you feeling trembly and besides yourself, doesn't it? Chances are it could be a post sex thing (I had a similar scare after an internal scan at 10 weeks - everything was fine). I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. But you have my every sympathy.

I am glad (in a selfish kinda way) that I'm not alone in the rough night category. I am getting up at least twice a night to pee and I feel like a live wire. Now I feel really sorry for myself as I have been suffering from bad back and stonking headaches for 4 days now. Is anyone else getting headaches? If so what are you doing about it? The kind that don't react to paracetamol? Lordy lord. On top of this delightful symptom of pregnancy I have had really bad nausea over the past 3 days - at 13 weeks. Not fair at all, I say!!!!!

Despite having moved to a new region (in France) barely 2 weeks ago I managed to get myself an appointment with --any old-- an osteopath for tomorrow evening. I just don't feel downing paracetamol is necessarily the solution here. I feel all the muscles in my back are so tensed up. Perhaps the aftemath of moving.... and having my delightful 5 year old son to look after until 8.30 every evening, which is when my DH gets back from work, are the cause? Or maybe it's just good ol' pregnancy.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with a genetics specialist at the hospital to discuss possibility of amniocentisis. They're going to plot out our respective family trees.... sounds cool.

jardins Tue 21-Jul-09 09:25:21

Why didn't my strike out work?????

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