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new member, due Oct 05, from Kent

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nervousmum2be Sun 15-May-05 01:29:45

Hi Everybody,

i'm expecting my first baby officially on the 8th October 05, but i'm going to have to have a c section delivery, so it will probably be the back end of September

I'm from Dover in Kent and would love to hear from anyone in the general vicinity. Thanks x

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Tessiebear Sun 15-May-05 08:41:02

Hi there!!! I am expecting no.3 next month!!! I live near Dover and there are a few of us on here who live in the South East area (but not that many!)
WHere are you having your C-section - QEQM, Canterbury or Ashford??
I will find out from my scan tommorow whether i will have to have one or not - dont know which hospital i would go to!

blueteddy Sun 15-May-05 08:55:10

Hi nervousmum2be!
I live in Deal, but am most certainly NOT pregnant!!!
I have 2 ds's aged 5.5 & 2 which is more than enough 4 me!!!
Ds1 was born in September 99.

blueteddy Sun 15-May-05 08:57:42

I am a friend of Tessiebears BTW!

bonniej Sun 15-May-05 10:21:59

hi nervousmum2be. Come and join us on the due Oct thread as well, if you haven't already. Think we're on part 3 at the moment. I don't live near you but am due on 5th October. You'll get lots of support and some good advice from others due the same time! Hope to see you there

nervousmum2be Sun 15-May-05 21:53:43

Tessiebear - probably will have my c-section at Ashford as i work there as a staff nurse anyway, so know a lot of the staff that will be involved (i figured, 'better the devil you know'. Must be mad!)

Do any of you know if there are any local aqua natal classes in the area? I'm willing to travel as far as Hythe / Canterbury if necessary. Figured it might be a good idea for my poor back. Thanks x

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Tessiebear Mon 16-May-05 09:39:23

Tides in Deal may do one --- i will try and find out if you like

Fio2 Mon 16-May-05 10:09:48

Im not far, but not pregnant

rickman Mon 16-May-05 10:14:07

Message withdrawn

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