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Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Is anyone as nervous as me???

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becks130 Mon 15-Jun-09 11:49:11


I had a missed miscarriage only 8 weeks ago and got my BFP last wednesday!! I am VERY happy as I was ttc for 1 year with the last pregnancy BUT my joy is overshadows with guilt and I am so scared I'll have to go through the whole thing again. I had no symptom of mc at all, it spotted at my 12 week scan.

I'm sure there's others in the same boat as me, maybe we can help each other along x

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swampster Mon 15-Jun-09 12:27:46

My BFP similarly soon after a missed miscarriage was three yesterday! Good luck with your pregnancy.

CoffeeAndCarrotCake Mon 15-Jun-09 12:28:18

Absolutely! Congratulations Becks. grin

We've not started trying again yet, as I haven't yet had the post-MC scan (got it tomorrow) but I'd heard that you're v fertile after a MC. I hadn't worried for a moment while I was pregnant with DD, or for the 8 weeks I was (or thought I was) pregnant this time, but perhaps every day will be a worry next time. I guess we just need to accept that, provided we look after ourselves properly and eat healthily, the rest is out of our hands, so there's really no point worrying about it - what will be will be.

In a strange way, I was relieved to have had a natural MC - if the baby couldn't have survived, I'm glad my body identified that and let it go so that I could try again at getting it right.

Fingers crossed we're posting asking for advice with our newborns in 9-12 monts time! wink

becks130 Mon 15-Jun-09 12:35:41

Thanks for both replies. I keep telling myself to take one day at a time, but easier said than done!

Swampster Thanks, you have really put my mind a ease.

coffeeAndCarrotCake Good luck for tomorrow. Have you thought about TTC again??

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CoffeeAndCarrotCake Mon 15-Jun-09 12:49:09

Thanks Becks. No - not yet, but after tomorrow we'll see...wink

cornflakegirl Mon 15-Jun-09 13:27:47

becks - congratulations on your pregnancy! Please come and join us on the Knicker Checkers thread - we can all thoroughly empathise with the guilt and the fear.

becks130 Mon 15-Jun-09 13:44:27

cornflakegirl Thanks, will do.

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becks130 Mon 15-Jun-09 13:44:30

cornflakegirl Thanks, will do.

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dani87 Sat 25-Jul-09 17:11:58

hi becks ur not alone just found out i got bfp tues and im so scared as i had mc end of jan! my doctors has told me im gunna get earlier scan and b kept eye on but still doesnt help! you must be highly fertile after a mc as i had clomids 2 concieve my dd and the last pregnancy! fingers crossed 4 every1 whos in same position!

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