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Antenatal classes in Haywards Heath

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SmileyNx Thu 04-Jun-09 13:47:41

Hi, I wondered if anyone has been to the one-off 3 hour NHS Parentcraft class that's offered at the Princess Royal Hospital? I've just been booked on the July course but am wondering if it's worth going to or whether I should just pay to go to the NCT classes in Cuckfield instead! DH is a bit put off by having to go to the NCT classes for 6 weeks & would rather do a one-off but not sure that the NHS class will offer enough info.
If anyone has been to either, would really appreciate your opinion! Thanks x

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LumpyBumpyThingy Thu 04-Jun-09 22:56:07

I went to the NHS one in Burgess Hill at the brow. It wasnt too bad but they dont get the time to cover all the information that you'd expect however I read a lot of pregnancy books and found the class was enough just to reassure myself and ask questions. Might be worth going for the NHS and seeing how you feel.
My midwifes run ante-natal classes in Burgess Hill, I think its 4 weeks, 2hr sessions and they're lovely ladies. Their website if your interested

HTH! xxx

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