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Ante Natal classes in Cardiff (West preferable)

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MallonfromAUS Mon 25-May-09 10:21:40

Hello all,
28 weeks pg and currently overseas, due to return to Cardiff in 3 weeks, really struggling to find ante natal classes. Would really love to find one which promotes active birth if possible...
Can anyone help?

thanks in advance.

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CherryChoc Mon 25-May-09 12:16:47

Lots of info here:

I found NCT very good and they were encouraging active birth.

CherryChoc Mon 25-May-09 12:19:14

If you can't phone the 0844 number from Aus btw, you can email them - that's what I did

MallonfromAUS Tue 26-May-09 08:44:47

Thanks for the info' , I have emailed NCT hopefully will hear back soon.

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