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Due Jan 2010... Grab the folic acid and settle down for the long haul...

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singalongamumum Thu 23-Apr-09 21:34:07

Wow, can't believe I'm posting this, hope I'm not jinxing it but sooooooooo excited. Just found I'm due on January 1st. OMG!

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singalongamumum Thu 23-Apr-09 21:34:19

PS Anyone else...?

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dillydallydaisy Tue 28-Apr-09 21:43:36

Congrats! Check out for a daft cartoon pregnancy diary. Might make you giggle!

kittykat765 Wed 29-Apr-09 08:57:39

Hi singalongamumum.

Mind if I move in with you for the rest of the year? Found out monday I am pregnant with my second. I'm due on 04/01/2010. grin

singalongamumum Wed 29-Apr-09 12:43:35

Woo hoo kittykat! Congratulations! I'm so glad you're here to join me, I was thinking I might be the only one. Ha! fat chance here on MN!

It's my 2nd too- I have a DS of 18mo. How about you? grin

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kittykat765 Wed 29-Apr-09 13:08:18

Thank you. Congrats to you too! grin

My DS is 17 and a half months and has decided the "terrible two's" would be fun to start now!

There are a few more due in January so I'l post a link to this thread.

How is pregnancy treating you second time around?

tafftaff Thu 30-Apr-09 17:23:00

Hi Singalong and kittykat...congrats to you both. I have just found out that I too am up the duff and due on 4th Jan as well! Am super excited and this too is my second one! More importantly, I am thrilled to be back on MN! Did you guys have any idea/symptoms that made you think you were pregnant again?

Pepa Thu 30-Apr-09 17:46:18

Hi Everyone...just found out we're expecting #3....(can't beleive I've just typed that - still not sunk in!) don't know my dates yet but I'd guess mid Jan. DS is 3.5 and DD is 18 months...don't even want to think about the chaos that will start in January!!

singalongamumum Fri 01-May-09 15:56:11

Congrats tafftaff and pepa!I have been enjoying a heady mix of exhaustion and nausea virtually since conception. At least this time I know what to expect. Last time I was in shock for pretty much the whole nine months!

Pepa- 3!? Wow! I have no idea how I'm going to cope with 2.

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tafftaff Fri 01-May-09 17:16:55

Thanks first pregnancy was really good so I am keeping everything crossed that this one will be too. However, I totally forgot about the first trimester symptoms that I had, e.g., snoring, wind, poor sleep etc... but having a 9 month old DS means that I haven't had the chance to return to normality after the first pregnancy anyway!

hayzee Sat 02-May-09 13:36:59

hi everyone congratulations on your pregnancy.
i have recently found out im pregnant after taking clomid and hcg injection. There were 2 eggs so cant wait to find out exactly how many are in there my edd is 7.1.10.
I have a little boy who is 8 and had a chemical pregnancy in dec 07.

salvadory Sat 02-May-09 16:16:29

eek have just done a test and got a BFP, am 35 and this is my first, have no clue what to expect but it feels great at the moment

tafftaff Sat 02-May-09 16:30:28

Big congratulations to both Hayzee and exciting, a first pregnancy! Don't worry about what to expect. MN was my bible and my MN antenatel group were a Godsend! I was totally clueless and in a panic and they helped put things into perspective! Enjoy the excitement, it's a v special time. Saying that, I haven't got a Scooby what to do next. I've totally forgotten what I did the last time. When do we visit the Midwife for a booking?

salvadory Sat 02-May-09 16:34:45

I know, I am possibly the least maternal person I know and never thought I would want a baby until very recently. Can't stop grinning, finally have a legit reason to be on mumsnet according to my husband (have been sneaking on since December!!)Supposed to be going out with friends tonight who will wonder why I'm not on the red wine, what do I say??

tafftaff Sat 02-May-09 19:08:55

Tricky one that when you're known to have a drink or few on a night out. I am surprised no one guessed about me. I think I came up with all the excuses in the book, e.g., new diet, trying to conceive and therefore, not drinking, on antibiotics and so's a killer! How are you feeling...any morning sickness?

mhmummy Sat 02-May-09 19:54:14

[Deep breathe] Terrified to acknowledge and don't want to jinx it but due 2 Jan! Will be number 3, like you Pepa.
I have DD nearly 5 and DS nearly 3. Was never 100% certain about trying for a 3rd but feeling happy/ slightly terrified now.

Basically feeling good so far... anyone else CONSTANTLY ravenous though? I just can't seem to fill up!

Congrats all who are here...

singalongamumum Sat 02-May-09 20:49:11

Ooh, this thread is hotting up! And a possibility of twins already!

I was wondering about the midwife, tafftaff- I reckon I'm going to phone up when I'm about 6/8 weeks. No point phoning too early but we need to get booked in for our 12 week scans, I think.

God, it's amazing how much you forget isn't it? I had forgotten how much I need to eat to not feel sick. Not quite the same as being ravenous, mhmummy, but has the same effect! grin

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mhmummy Sat 02-May-09 20:59:00

Where I am you have to book an appointment ASAP at your GP and they refer you to the hospital, which then sends you a 12 week scan date...

kittykat765 Sat 02-May-09 21:40:32

Hi everyone. Good to see the thread filling up. I booked an appointment with the MW on monday and I go to see her on the 12th. This is what I did last time but did not get 12 week scan owing to a few scares which meant I had scans earlier.

Do you get a 12 week scan if you know your dates? I was under the impression you had to be vague about your dates if you wanted a dating scan.

tafftaff Sat 02-May-09 22:04:35

mhmummy congrats to you too. I'm not sure about ravenous but have decided that I REALLY need to buy some meringue nests tomorrow! I had a massive craving for sugar with DS1.

Singalong I think I'll give the MW a call on Tuesday and get my booking arranged.

kittykat I was offered a 12 week scan the last time but chose to have an earlier one so I could have a nuchal scan as my health trust (or whatever it's called) didn't offer it.

Shall I get a list of all the due dates up and running?

kittykat765 Sat 02-May-09 22:39:57

Thanks for that tafftaff. Good idea re the list, here are my stats.

kittykat765 DC2 EDD 04/01/2010.

tafftaff Sun 03-May-09 10:15:52

Right then ladies...let's get a list started. I've added everyone that's joined in so far (sorry if I've got any details wrong).

1 JAN singalongamum (DS 18mth)
4 JAN kittykat765 (DS 17mth)
4 JAN tafftaff (DS 9mth)
7 JAN hayzee (DS 8)
? mhmummy (DD 4, DS 2)
? salvadory (1st Baby)
? pepa (DS 3.5, DD 18mth)

Hope you all had a good night's sleep. DS decided to wake up at 2.30am this morning for cuddles...secretly loved it as he has been sleeping through for 4 months now.

salvadory Sun 03-May-09 11:05:30

Just worked out I'm due on the 3rd! I don't feel pregnant at all, no morning sickness, maybe a little more tired than usual but I could be imagining this Our friends sussed straight away, I don't know how anyone can keep it to themselves for 12 weeks but we are going to try. I don't want to get too excited just in case it doesn't last (is it normal to think like this??)

mhmummy Sun 03-May-09 13:35:12

Really sorry to bring everyone down - but things have gone a bit pear-shaped for me... AF has come sad (after being a week late and doing a positive test last week). I had a bad feeling when I woke up today. I am gutted... but I have two gorgeous, brilliant kids already so don't have time to be down about it smile Hopefully we will have a third sometime soon... I guess this one just wasn't meant to be.

I hope you all have excellent, healthy pregnancies - enjoy - and maybe see you on other threads.

leonifay Sun 03-May-09 16:25:36

hi can i join you ladies, i got my BFP this morning, it'll be our 1st and i'm terrified!!

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