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Due May 09-Weddings,Inductions,Births & C-Sections - Its all going on this month!

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Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Tue 21-Apr-09 19:34:33

Here we go lasses grin

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Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Tue 21-Apr-09 19:37:19

BTW I am shockshockshock at my ankles (cankles). They are horrific. sad

Wonder how Looby's getting on.


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Febes Tue 21-Apr-09 19:44:39

Shiny new thread I'll have a celebratory cocktail because I went to the consultant today and the head is down and baby is in a good position. It was confirmed by scan so not sure if midwife was wrong yesterday or the baby turned again.hmm. I am so relieved so now I need to get through the next 6 days of work and then the baby can come.
Pula your friend is sending me her P and Ts and I'm so excited. Need to get a cheque away to her too. Thanks for putting me onto her.
Dandy I really like Frank and Frankie when he's little. I think it sounds realy nice with your DDs name. Hector is also nice Frank Hector or Hector Frank??
Detsy and Frazz- I have to join you in admitting that relations haven't taken place in a good few months except for a sleep shag recently that only lasted long enough to wake in up hmm thanks love. I'm sure we'll have sex again one day....

minimenace Tue 21-Apr-09 19:45:00

oooh a shiny new thread ... lovely ! hopefully more arrivals before we get to the end.

I had my 37/38 week check today - As walked round the corner to the surgery I was feeling a huge pressure down below and was walking like I suddenly have a football in my knickers. Later my MW was beaming as she announced the baby is in the perfect position - she could only feel one fifth left of the head to engage. The back bottom and legs are all in the perfect place.

I am so happy as DS never got to this stage - although he was head down he never started to engage even after I was induced. hopefully this means I am so far on track for a successful VBAC. Anyway she gave me to go ahead to try all the natural methods to get things moving so will be increasing my Rasberry leaf tablet dose tomorrow and have just eaten a whole fresh pineapple - although have just read I only need to eat another 6 to make a difference. lol

DH will be happy later too I now have a sweep booked for next Tuesday too ... yay ! should I actually be looking forward to that or not as it will be my first !!

Oh Llare has added me onto the FB group now so have popped on to say hi. Can't wait to see all the new baby pics as they appear.

sausagenmash Tue 21-Apr-09 19:46:27

Febes - join the club in the relations department. I thought it was just me!

Belgianchocolates Tue 21-Apr-09 19:52:30

Just saying hi, to bookmark page. There were 2 links on the other thread. That confused me for a min!

As for the relations bit. Same here. DP has seen more action in the last 2 weeks than the last few months together! SPD and sex just don't go together...

Belgianchocolates Tue 21-Apr-09 19:53:27

Woop, I meant DH, not DP. We got married last year, should've remembered that little detail blush

runningmonkey Tue 21-Apr-09 20:11:43

Just bookmarking new thread have had lots going on so no time to catch up
Hope all are well and will catch up properly soon
Luv running x x

frazzledoldbag Tue 21-Apr-09 20:11:43

Cocktails anyone?

Reggiee Tue 21-Apr-09 20:12:04

Another new thread - we'll be able to use Alapala's "Holy Cow that's next week" one next as no doubt we'll get through this by the weekend grin.

Anyone got a list of everyone's due /booked in dates to hand? I have gone back a few pages and still can't find it. And has anyone heard from Llooby <excited>.

Another one here lacking in.. ahem.. action. I did suggest it to DH and I've never seen his eyebrows raise so high.

So, hope everyone had a good day. After my emotional outburst (Tummum I'm with you today) whilst watching babies being born this monring on the telly I did get moving and cleaned the windows. Was a bit horrified at the amount of muck that came off them - think I last cleaned them during my last mat leave blush. I also cleaned them whilst listening to my back catalogue of rubbish old cassettes. The music I used to listen to....

Belgian sorry to hear the Bravissimo shopping wasn't as good as it could be. There's one close to me which is pretty good, but I am spoilt by having an independent bra shop on my doorstop, where they know your size just by looking at you. I find that quite freaky but they are spot on and service is excellent.

Another one here who is crap at ironing. I do think I must start ironing as it's not fair to expect dd to look like a scruff bag just because I'm too lazy busy to iron. I am a domestic lightweight grin.

I have got horrendous wind today. Not just the botty burp sorts, but I have never ever heard such ridiculous stomach gurgles in my life. They are coming from such strange places and I'm surprised you all can't hear them.

runningmonkey Tue 21-Apr-09 20:12:18

Just bookmarking new thread have had lots going on so no time to catch up
Hope all are well and will catch up properly soon
Luv running x x

Tummum Tue 21-Apr-09 20:14:34

Belgian do you mind if I ask for a bit of advice? I am getting paranoid about this LO being breech - is it relatively easy for the MWs to tell 3rd time around (because tummy muscles are totally shot from 2 prev. pregnancies)? The reason I ask is that LO keeps getting hiccups and they seem to be stemming from the large hard bump near my ribs that the MW says is a bum but I think could be a head. Before when LO has had hiccups I have felt them from nearer my fanjo.

Grumpy you have my sympathy re: ankles. Mine are even larger tonight (following car drive to llare country) and are so can only walk down the stairs sideways. Classy eh?

Belgian v. impressed with the dedication to self-inducing methods with SPD. I really can't bring myself to... !

Reggiee Tue 21-Apr-09 20:15:07

Waves as runningmoney jogs past (are you a keen runner btw?)

Frazzed now there's an offer grin. Just a G&T for me with lots of ice and a slice of lime please.

Reggiee Tue 21-Apr-09 20:21:03

Tummum I am sorry that I am not really in a position to reassure you, but my dd was an undiagnosed footling breech (discovered when in the birthing pool when my waters were artificially broken by the mw when I was 10cm dilated). She got hiccups regularly when I was pg and I felt them all over.
However, my concerns about a breech baby this time are being overlooked with everyone telling me it is definitely head down as they can tell position easier with subsequent dc. I just find it hard to believe after my first labour and wish they would just give me a scan which I have asked for so many times. Sigh.

llareggub Tue 21-Apr-09 20:33:09

Just a quick post before I tackle the mess of toys in this house! I've scared myself silly reading about stretch and sweeps and I am now dreading Thursday! I must say I never thought it would work but my friend told me that she gave birth 4 hours after her sweep. So I've definitely got to make the most of tomorrow!

Right, off to tackle the mess. Any news of Looby?

rosielady Tue 21-Apr-09 20:34:44

hello just bookmarking thread too. will pop in again soon.

Belgianchocolates Tue 21-Apr-09 20:36:44

Tummum Unfortunately I can't tell you that they'll definitely get it right even with weaker muscles. Abdominal palpation is a skill where you basically work blind (a bit like guessing what your present will be from feeling the package at xmas grin) and occasionally you've got babies with a very bony bum or a broad head and those babies tend to be the undiagnosed breeches. Did those hiccups change place since you last saw your mw or before? Where do you get your big movements? If the big lump is a head you can generally (but not always) make it bob between your hands, like a ball in water.

Belgianchocolates Tue 21-Apr-09 20:38:14

Tummum also a head is harder than a bum, slightly rounder too.

Momino Tue 21-Apr-09 20:44:52

hi all. thanks for the new thread.

grumpy, as i said, i'm afraid I've jinxed myself but who knows?

it's anyone of us now, isn't it grin? part of me can't wait and the other of me thinks i could use the extra week to get things done as I will not be doing anything when baby3 arrives.

my stretch and sweep (ugh!) is my due date 1 may if I want it.

Jennster Tue 21-Apr-09 20:51:46

Aveeno Don't forget the porridge oats tightly wrapped in a stocking in the bath. Fab at softening skin.

Went to aquanatal this afternoon but only managed 10 lengths before it started. They were 10 protracted lengths dodging all the slow two-abreast swimmers though. wink I was so knackered when I got home I went for a nap and woke up at 6. I don't think you can call 2 hours a nap can you? Oh well I needed it.

Momino Tue 21-Apr-09 20:52:10

frazzled, your tongue tie story sounds similar to mine with my DD1. it was a struggle to convince the consultant that dd1 was losing weight b/c she wasn't feeding very well with her tongue tie. they even started pressurising me to bottle feed which I didn't want to do but eventually gave her a bottle because I was worried about her weight - she wasn't even on the chart!).

it was all very stressful and finally, with the HV and my GP's support, the consultant gave in to do it. made a difference straight away!

Momino Tue 21-Apr-09 20:53:19

jennster, don't say 'only' about 10 laps - 10 more than I've done wink!

flippineck Tue 21-Apr-09 21:00:36

What a lovely shiny new thread. Are we allowed cocktails this evening?

reggiee - DD was undiagnosed breech (extended), so this time I've mentioned it and the fact that I wanted a scan at every appointment I've been to. Most of the MWs I've seen have been happy for me to have the scan, but one was a bit shirty about, she suggested that I was doubting her palpations. She was right, I was! Anyway, I got referred and had the scan last week (at 36+6) and LO is head down - hooray! Can you just refer yourself to the day assessment unit and say that you are concerned about it?

tummum - I don't know why, but I thought that for some reason you don't aways feel hiccups from the baby's head, it can be a whole body thing. I could be wrong of course. I've been trying to remember where DD's hiccups were but I can't - I think they were all over the place. This LO's are about halfway down my bump, on the side where its back is, if that makes sense.

I really ought to get some err..relations going too to get things going, but tbh I just cannot be bothered! Managed to find some raspberry leaf capsules so have started taking those. Not sure if I could cope with the heartburn and mouth ulcers all that pineapple would cause!

minimenace Tue 21-Apr-09 21:07:10

lol flippineck yeah i'm starting to regret eating one already !!

Jennster Tue 21-Apr-09 21:21:12

Mmmm I've just eaten a Devonshire Split [snigger] instead of a cocktail.

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