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Due July 09 at Epsom???

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BellaHarry Thu 07-May-09 12:40:23

AliGrylls Wow someone did respond to my message, sorry I haven't got back to you! I'm doing well thanks; 28 weeks now and also very excited! So I presume you have already had your tour of the labour ward etc? What's it like? Do you know the deal with birth pools; how many they have etc? What kind of birth are you planning for? How is your baby? Head down? if so when did that happen for you? Good luck with the last stretch!!! grin

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AliGrylls Sun 19-Apr-09 21:15:47

I'm due in first week of June and booked in at Epsom. My first baby too (Boy). I am so excited. How is the pregancy going?

BellaHarry Sun 12-Apr-09 19:37:02

I'm expecting baby number 1 (girl) this July 09, booked in at Epsom General..any one else?? Fancy a chat and maybe our paths will cross in 3 months time!!!

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