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Blackheath / Greenwich Pregnancy Yoga classes

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snowfly Sun 12-Apr-09 07:14:06

For anyone looking for a good ante-natal yoga classes, there is a really good pregnancy yoga class run at Humber Road, Blackheath called Kindness Yoga.

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lissysandsun Sun 24-May-09 11:05:29

Hi Snowfly

My names Melissa and I live in Blackheath. My first baby is due on 5th August. I have not been able to do NCT classes and really dont know anyone in the area. Im running out of time and would love to know where people meet or simple how to get to know other people in the same boat as me.
If you have any suggestions I would be truly grateful. About to log in to the yoga link you have sent.


snapple Thu 28-May-09 00:18:10

Hi Lissyandsun - just seen your post.

I'll check out the yoga class too as I am not far from Humber Road, and live in Greenwich.

Exciting times ahead as my first baby is due the end of Oct 09, I'm also keen to catch up with anyone locally for a coffee. I have not tried NCT classes as yet.

I might send another link to see if any new mums to be want to hook up for a coffee locally. If you are interested then let me know.


feb80andthebump Tue 09-Jun-09 19:28:05

Hi snowfly, lissyandsun and snapple. Have a look at this thread for details of local Mumsnetters in the Blackheath area. We've met up lots of times and although most have had their beautiful babies already there are still some bumps lurking (like me!) who are due in June/July/August. You would be welcome to join us. smile x

snapple Sat 13-Jun-09 10:41:15

Thanks feb80andthebump I will look it up.

cazinski Mon 15-Jun-09 17:07:27

Hi Girls!

I'm up by Blackheath Rugby Club, just past the Standard-our baby is due August 13th...come and join us for meet ups and coffee/aquanatal etc. Feb08 has posted the link to the other thread that we usually use, or any of you can just message me if you want to start the ball rolling!

Would be great to meet some new bumps, as I thought I was the last to seems not! wink

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