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Due May '09 - wave your bum in the air, like you just don't care !

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Tummum Fri 10-Apr-09 22:05:54

Here we go !

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Febes Fri 10-Apr-09 22:16:30

Detsy- Someone once told me that your love doesn't halve- it doubles Ohhhhhhh grin. I have had the best day with Anabel today she has been so darn cute. Mainly singing Row row row your boat over and over.... and roaring like a lion grin.

I just had a phone call from a dear friend in NZ so I'm very happy to catch up with her.

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:16:36

evening ladies.

Have been for a lovely curry smile was very spicy - yum!

Ankles very swollen tonight and hands have puffed up too - just debating whether to take my rings off hmm

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:19:35

DH is sat opposite me getting stuck into a bottle of red and watching a Who concert - its quite loud and he's singing along. Doing my head in a bit.

Think I need to go upstairs and listen to hypnobirthing CD - only 8 days till induction and I haven't listened to it all the way through yet blush

pulapula Fri 10-Apr-09 22:20:39

looby i took my wedding ring off a few weeks back before i swelled up so much i couldnt get it off. Havent worn my engagement ring since having DCs (apart from the odd night out) as i tended to scratch the DCs with the stone.

Tummum Fri 10-Apr-09 22:22:05

Looby Take em off now ! I didn't and am regretting it !

I'm proper pissed off now ! I can't walk / move / sit down / get about without SPD pains, have been having nightmare BHs, legs have swollen to about 5 X their normal size and now I have the f-ing hiccups. Please just give me a little break hmm. DH is in stiches with me hiccuping and then groaning because my SPD then hurts and worrying about my flipping pelvic floor. I'm off to bed in a grump. Night all smile

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LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:24:48

decision made - rings are coming off.They are actually too big for me normally (lost 2 stone before getting pg) they used to keep slipping off when I washed my hands etc.

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:27:56

night tumtum don't think I'll be far behind you. Bit pointless going to bed b4 DH tho as he'll wake me up when he comes up. Why do men find it impossible to go to bed quietly?angry

And then off course within 2mins the snoring will start!

sorry moan overblush

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:53:22

Dh is seriously p*ssing me off!! He is getting p*ssed and has turned the telly up really loud and is still singing aloud!

He is not going to know what the f*ck has hit him when we bring this baby home in approx 12 days. I can't remember the last time he went a day without a drink! (neither can he) angry

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:54:13

okay will stop moaning now sad

LoobyLou36 Fri 10-Apr-09 23:00:10

night all

divedaisy Fri 10-Apr-09 23:42:07

OK, I think I've finally caught up with this thread.

Belgianchocolates & Jael - running monkey answered the question about the reusable nappy website. I hope you have found it useful. I got a great deal there - very similar to ebay, but just for nappies!!!!
Belgianchocolates - thanks for the link for the raspberry leaf tea information. It is good to read more about this - as I was told not to take the tablets before 36 weeks. I was also told the tablets were better than the tea! Now I am confused!!! I'm just over 35 weeks and dont know if I should taking the tablets now or wait to next Thursday when I make 36 weeks!!

Sophietom - hope you are feeling better after the accident. Bit scarey situation to find yourself in...

Momino - shock at the amount of cleaning you've done - even the skirting boards shock how on earth did you get down so low?? I can hardly pick my knickers off the floor! I have to pick them up with my feet!!!! When you've finished at your house would you pop over and start on mine...please??

Lazzer - and you can send your DH here too!! I really wish myDH would start nesting! He just doesn't see the things to be done here at all. I do wish he was more house proud... Oh well some things you just have to accept will never change!

LoobyLou - I've had my rings off for ages! Take them off before you need them cut off... You could wear them round your neck on a necklace...

Yummum - I am so sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Your moaning and groaning sounds just liike me too!! Your description did make me laugh a bit - but only because I could sympathise!

divedaisy Fri 10-Apr-09 23:43:54

Is anyone elso watching 'The Others'???? I'm crapping myself.... I think it ends up that they are dead... but it's really scaring me.... It's only a film,.... only a film.....

divedaisy Fri 10-Apr-09 23:45:03

Oh I was right - they are dead!!!!

divedaisy Fri 10-Apr-09 23:47:52

Not a very nice film to be watching when pregnant!!!

Blottedcopybook Fri 10-Apr-09 23:48:59

DiveDaisy I hope you've not just spoiled that film for me!!

Grumpy Completely unexpected haha!

I've just finished sewing together a jacket for DD, I need to put snap closures on it tomorrow and she'll be able to wear it. I hope it looks as nice as the pattern suggests it will. DH is away on a stag night so I'm not expecting him home for another four or five hours!

divedaisy Fri 10-Apr-09 23:54:13

So much for my early night... But hopefully I will sleep OK> As for going to the loo - usually I'm up 3-5 times every night - every hour or so until around 4am.

Oh well film's over - so good night!

Just as well cos Im talking to myself here!

Happy Easter! DH saw an egg rolling event at our local pub on Sunday and exclaimed 'Oh look - you're going to be rolled down the hill'!! He thought he wsa funny - I thought - why not give it a try!! Anything to get started!!!!!! (Only yoking)

Momino Sat 11-Apr-09 00:02:15

Hi all,
Cant believe how quickly we went through that last thread. whew!
detsy and pula (i think) mentioned dd2's speech and i must say, being no.2 she's trying her best to keep up with dd1 so has walked/talked earlier. DD1 was 2+ to say some of the things dd2 is saying. i think DH and I speak differently to dd2 than we did to dd1 somehow hmm. some of my friends with 18 month DCs comment on dd2's speech/walking/confidence and I tell them it's defn child no2 'syndrome'.

those with more than one, did you find the same with subsequent DCs?

Febes, that's a lovely way of putting it: love doubles, so true smile.

blotted, impressed sewing a jacket for your dd. wish i were clever/patient at sewing. maybe should start now.

am only awake now because i took a nap about 5pm for an hour: fell asleep listening to hypnobirthing CD! hope this means i'll be so relaxed during labour that i'll fall asleep, hehe.

good night all.

divedaisy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:04:18

Oh Blotted - hope I didn't spoil it for you... I thought I was on here alone... It was good though???

Momino Sat 11-Apr-09 00:05:01

divedaisy, just read your post about egg rolling. we've coloured eggs today and are going to roll some down a hill tomorrow with DD's, dog and inlaws. can't wait, should be fun! don't know about rolling down the hill to get started....

Momino Sat 11-Apr-09 00:06:14

divedaisy, why are you awake?

divedaisy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:11:34

Just copying this to make it easier to try and find! I've added lehowell to the list too!! Welcome! If you know what flavour your bean is please add it - you too sophietom - or if you have any other DC's...

SpangleMaker , (first child) BOY - Harvey 5lb 12oz 09:55!! 35+3.

DUE 1ST MAY: 36+6
Yawningmonster (36 will be 37 when dc arrives DS age 4)
Reggiee (ahem 30 April but want to stay - DD age 22 months)
Aquababe, (DD age 2.9) BOY!!
Momino, (DD age 2.5 and DD age 1) SURPRISE!!
bantam73, (dd , age 3 + dd 16.11) from Leeds
ladyofmuswell, BOY!!
Tummum, (DD age 4 and DD age 2), BOY!!

DUE 3RD MAY: 36+4
LoobyLou36,(first child)
EmmalinaC, (DD age 2.4) GIRL!!
Gert2a, (first child)
Ladyhelen2 (DS 3.7) Surprise!

DUE 5TH MAY: 36+2
Overtiredmum (DS 3.9) GIRL!!
andrina (first child) BOY!

DUE 6TH MAY: 36+1
Jael (DD age nearly 3yrs at mo)
belgianchocolates, (ds age 7, dd age 5), SURPRISE!!

leakyR,(DS 21 months) SURPRISE!

DUE 8TH MAY: 35+6
Detsy, (UK, Cheshire - DD will be 18 months)BOY!
Flippineck, (DD will be 2yr1m then)SURPRISE!!
Febes, (DD age 12 months). SURPRISE!!

DUE 9TH MAY: 35+5
Jennster, (DD will be 3y3m, DS will be 22m) GIRL

DUE 10TH MAY: 35+4
SesHopesSpringwillbeheresoon, (1st DC)SURPRISE!!

DUE 12TH MAY: 35+3
llareggub, (DS age 2) BOY!!
Minimenace, (DS age 13 months)

DUE 13TH MAY: 35+2
Daisydoo,(DS age 2) SURPRISE!
ReeBee, (first baby), BOY!!

DUE 14TH MAY: 35+1
Divedaisy ,(DS age 6; 3rd preg) GIRL!!!
1stMrsF , with non-identical twins (first pregnancy, Surrey) TWO GIRLS!!
chocolatefrog ,(DD 19mnths)

DUE 15TH MAY: 35
FiKelly 38yrs, (DS 2y9m in May) GIRL!!
Nauseous, (first baby), SURPRISE!.

DUE 16TH MAY: 34+6
Bekkaboo , (DS aged 2) GIRL!!
Frazzledoldbag ,(DD1 age 7, DD2 age 2) BOY!!
Hypatia, (first child) - surprise.

DUE 17TH MAY: 34+5
HtheH ,(first child) BOY - they think!
emmabemmasmom, 2nd (DD) GIRL!!

DUE 18TH MAY: 34+4
cece,(dd age 7 and DS aged 5) SURPRISE

DUE 20TH MAY: 34+2
Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa ,(DD age 10, DD age 4) SURPRISE!!

DUE 22ND MAY: 34
Moonlit , (DD age 2.8) SURPRISE!!
chocolatebunnies, (dd age 2)

DUE 23RD MAY: 33+6
Runningmonkey ,(first child), probably BOY!!

DUE 25TH MAY: 33+4
DandyLioness, (DD 4) BOY!
Alapala , (DS 2) BOY!
rubysmom, (DD1 will be 16 months ) GIRL!!
pulapula ,(DD 4, DS nearly 2, Sheffield, elective cs) BOY!!

DUE 26TH MAY: 33+3
rosielady,(DS age 3)

DUE 27TH MAY: 33+2
Sausagenmash (first baby)
Polony (first baby)

DUE 28th MAY: 33+1
Blottedcopybook (DS 8, DS 3 & DD 22m) GIRL!

DUE 29TH MAY: 33
MsG, (First child) SURPRISE!!
flooziesusie, (dd age 3) surprise!

DUE 30TH MAY: 32+6
euromum, (DD age 18m), BOY!

DUE 31ST MAY: 32+5
MatthewAndBumpsMummy, (DS age 3yrs 6mths), BOY!!
CoteDAzur, 37, (DD 3) BOY!!
rek21 (DD age 16 months), GIRL!

divedaisy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:14:44

Hi momino - glad someone on here to chat to. I usually get here after all the chat! There's no valid reason why I'm awake!! I have a gorgeous hour and a ahlf soak in the bath earlier and was out at 10pm - Oh great an early night - bed to myself cos DH is at work... then remembered MN - heaps of pages to catch up on.... then I started watching 'The Others'... then the next thing I know it's past midnight!!!

Why are you up???

divedaisy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:15:41

Hope you're not cleaning still....!!

divedaisy Sat 11-Apr-09 00:17:37

momino - get that mop out of your hand!!!! That's how you get your cleaning done - instead of sleeping! Well my dirt is gonna wait - cos I am going to bed.....NOW!!!

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