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Due April 2009 - Chapter 29: Why Are we waiting!!! Some still incubating!!

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NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 10:57:16

Here we go grin Come on easter Baby Bunnies!!!

The baby list...
12 Feb: Skiingone: MARIANNA 4lb 4oz
20 Feb: Glaskham: RUBY MARIE 4lb 3oz
04 Mar: Barbarella: ESTELLA, ROSANNA, OTIS
05 Mar: Kazkiss: ISABELLE FLORENCE 4lb 6oz & OLIVER THOMAS 3lb 7oz
15 Mar: Babypringle: OSCAR WILLIAM 7lb 2oz
28 Mar: Claireykitten: VIOLET ROSE 7lb 9oz
29 Mar: WhatFreshHell: ORBIT BUTTONHOLE FRESHHELL 10lb 5.5oz
31 Mar: Mumblemum: ORSON XERXES
02 Apr: Oddeyes: ELEANOR 9lb 8oz
03 Apr: Bumpalump: BABY BUMPALUMP 8lb
04 Apr: BabyBolat: KARAHAN 6lb 5oz
05 Apr: Mrsfossil: ISLA 7lb 10oz
06 Apr: BoffinMum: FELIX DAVID GORDON 7lb 9oz

Still yet to hatch...

01 Apr : Rachelinscotland: DD 3 years, and DS 2 years in March
01 Apr : Juwesm: 1st timer
01 Apr : Chickenbalti: DS 4 years DD 17 months
02 Apr : MathsMummy27: GIRL! DD 3 years
03 Apr : purlease: 1 m/c, 1 DD 3 years
03 Apr : Kalikaroo: SURPRISE! (28), 1st timer
04 Apr : phdlife
06 Apr : ToastnHoney: first timer
06 Apr : Mummyontherun: DD 22 months
06 Apr : pintofstella: DS 5.7
08 Apr : LuLuBai: 1 DD born 02 Apr 07
09 Apr : Minush
10 Apr : hopeful1
11 Apr : Bubbaluv: 1 DS 1yo
11 Apr : SpringySunshine: BOY! 1st timer.
12 Apr : Brettgirl, 1st timer
13 Apr : Dungungirl(30): BOY! 1 m/c, DS 4 years
14 Apr : AuldAlliance: DS3.8 BOY!
14 Apr : Woody2shoes: Second DS
15 Apr : electra
15 Apr : Sarahmum: DS 10yrs
16 Apr : tristaleejac(25): 1 ds, 3 years
17 Apr : Surprisenumber3(32): DS1 9 DSS 9 DS2 5 GIRL!
18 Apr : gingersarah: 1st baby
18 Apr : Lauren61
18 Apr : salbysea: (28) 1st timer
19 Apr : Kittycatisgettingfat (29) 1st timer
20 Apr : lou031205 (29) 3rd DC, DD1 3.4, DD2 19 mo
21 Apr : B52s: DS will be 2 and a quarter
21 Apr : Staryeyed
21 Apr : Schulte
22 Apr : PuzzleRocks: DD 22mths GIRL!
22 Apr : soon2befamilyof4 DD 13 months.
23 Apr : FatandFedup DC3
24 Apr : conkertree (27): DS 17 months
24 Apr : Bronze (Gawain) - 4th DC
24 Apr : Frekkles
25 Apr : Swaliswan: DD 17 months
25 Apr : ReallyTired
25 Apr : TarteTatin
27 Apr : Bicnod
27 Apr : Carameli
27 Apr : ilovesummer 3rd dc
27 Apr : purplemonkeydishwasher DS 3yo
28 Apr : Satheresitting
30 Apr : Nutty Taff (27) DD 5 GIRL

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JuwEggsm Wed 08-Apr-09 11:05:52

No thread wars for me today!

SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:06:46

Thanks for the thread, Nutty xx

So, how many babies will we manage today, do you reckon?

SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:07:27

& Ju, you must be fed up! shock

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:09:27

shock Juw???? crikey ((hugs))

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NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:11:10

Springy - with the long labours at the mo i think maybe 1 if we're lucky??? i think that will be MM?

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JuwEggsm Wed 08-Apr-09 11:14:54

Well, maybe I'll fill it with bunnies, as Schulte is not around to do it, and leave the war to the others. Remember - limited Boff presence at the mo' so everyone is in with a chance!

SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:19:42

I hope it is MM's turn - apart from anything else she'll be wasting away if she keeps being unable to eat!

Just read that article that bronze linked to & am pulling this hmm face. Talk about usual Daily Mail crap. Not only would recovered pelvic floor muscles be beneficial to the woman's sex life as well, it'll stop her peeing when she sneezes & so on. Just because one Daily Mail 'journalist' whines on about the misogyny of France (because we all hate France & the French, remember - this is the Daily Mail; French men are all arrogant, garlicky womanisers & the women are somehow both completely chic & gorgeous, but extremely hairy), it's hardly a medical journal.

Grr, I hate that paper. Personally, I'm all for fanjo physio.

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:23:44

I want fanjo physio just for me, let alone DH!!

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SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:27:31

That's exactly what I mean, Nutty. Surely it's better not to be weeing yourself &, if we're talking about sex, to be able to actually feel his penis?! I don't see how it's putting pressure on women to perform for their husbands at all.

Lots of women in Britain resume sexual relations long before the 6 weeks, but get really worried about it because there's inadequate advice & scaremongering about air bubbles & so on. Just because a doctor in France says that you may find yourself comfortable enough to have sex within 4 weeks doesn't mean that you have to.

WhatFreshEggIsThis Wed 08-Apr-09 11:31:47

<<runs in to mark place in thread>>

<<realises she's still in pajamas>>

<<runs out again>>

SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:33:00

Morning Orbit's mummy wink

I'm still in my jammies too - it's no big deal grin

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:35:00

well maybe the emphasis on it being for your husband rather than for you and your well being and sexual relations is a bit much though. i would much rather be told it was for my benefit rather than DH's iyswim i would be a tad more receptive if i was in the dark about it all.

just the way its put across is a bit garbled but then it is a tabloid news story, so its more likely to be an untrue version of how things are truly done over there.

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NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:36:19

Morning WFH grin come back pj's are welcome here grin

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SpringySponge Wed 08-Apr-09 11:43:48

Well I don't know, because I've never given birth in France (shock), but I just don't trust the Daily Mail spin on it at all. She's interpreting things in the most controversial way possible. There'd be no story in it if she said 'yeah, they have fanjo physio & it's really useful' - she's deliberately trying to stir up the generally French-hating Daily Mail readership. It doesn't mean that it's like that at all...

Kalikaroo Wed 08-Apr-09 11:46:18

Morning everyone! smile

Sorry I haven't been on for the last week - mixture of internet being on the blink and feeling all grumpy and sorry for myself (i.e. totally hermitish).

Well done and many congrats to everyone who has already popped!! grin Have been trying to keep up with everyone and their lovely bambinos.

I'm now 40+5 and VERY BLOOMIN' FED UP!!!! Aarrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!! angry sad Will this baby EVER come out???? Have had absolutely no symptoms of impending labour at all either...

Also, I got a letter from the local hospital saying they want me to come in for a checkup and scan next wednesday (I'll be 41+5) if nothing's happened by then. They'll then decide an induction date if it's necessary. At least here they don't seem to be so rabid about inductions as in the UK - it's a very 'we'll wait and see' attitude, thank goodness. Though I might not be saying that by next wednesday and be begging them for an induction!! grin grin

On a much happier note my lovely mum sent me some cadbury's cream eggs in the post because you can't buy them here!! Have already scoffed them all... blush

Sorry for the me me me whinge - feeling quite down in the dumps at the mo'.

Carameli Wed 08-Apr-09 11:54:04

oh Kalikaroo I feel for you, I was late with dd1 and remember exactly how it felt just hanging on each day. Keeping fingers crossed something gets started for you soon.
Are you in Sweden I seem to remember? Can you get the Fazer eggs in Sweden? I lived in Finland for a few years and loved the little Fazer eggs that were solid chocolate.

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:57:03

Kali - it will come honest ((hugs)) tis bloody frustrating though xx

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JuwEggsm Wed 08-Apr-09 11:57:23

Kali - Hooray for Creme Eggs!!!

WhatFreshEggIsThis Wed 08-Apr-09 11:57:41

Fear not, Kalikaroo, it will come out. I promise! It is frustrating though, isn't it? Sending you lots of good labour vibes.....

JuwEggs, re the other thread, we were giggling about Pavlov's cats the other day because I was trying to wind Orbit and I burped really loudly instead......'Day 3, Orbit rang bell, WhatFreshEgg burped' grin

So Eddie Izzard....would you? I would. He's hot.....wink especially in heels!

Cleaner is coming in a minute (I know, I'm spoiled, we can't afford her for much longer but I do so looooooooooooooooooooooove her) so should probably try and look respectable.
Have just put the two bunches of flowers that came yesterday in vases. Apart from that have mainly been choosing clothes on the internet for when I'm thin again <<wishful thinking>>

DP is out buying my birthday present grin

As for the French physio, my sister lives over there and has two kids but had two c-sections, I wonder if she still got fanjo physio? Shall have to enquire.

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 11:59:36

WFH - i so would!!! anyday of the week!!!! i want him badly!!!

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LuLuBai Wed 08-Apr-09 11:59:58

Phew - I think this thread makes a bit more sense than the other one.

NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny Wed 08-Apr-09 12:00:48

does anyone have a hairnet??? grin

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LuLuBai Wed 08-Apr-09 12:00:57

Blimey - just realised how big WFHs baby was. I think fully entitled to wear pyjamas for months after producing such a whopper.

Reallytired Wed 08-Apr-09 12:01:22

My son is shouting at bump to come out and I am only 37 weeks, so not remotely over due. Its hilerous as he tells me to "open your mouth" so he can speak to bump.

The only problem is that I am now a bit wet below and as I think I have either pissed my self laughing or my waters are leaking.

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