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Due in June 2009: The final quarter - packing our bags and remembering to squuueeeeeeezzeeeee!..

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Ineedmorechocolatenow Tue 24-Mar-09 17:58:01

Here it is!

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Ineedmorechocolatenow Tue 24-Mar-09 18:03:42

Hello all! Hope you find me over here!

Had a knackering day at work and am now slumped on the sofa! I've tried to catch up with the posts, but have failed! I think my brain power has deserted me tonight.

DH has governors' meeting tonight so wont be in before DS goes to bed, and then he's off up the hospital to visit FIL. FIL is doing really well and has had a couple of meals now. I think they're waiting for the results 'the other end' to see whether he can go home. I know he HATES it in there and just wants to go home, so we're all crossing our fingers.

Hope you are all well... it seems our bodies are feeling the strain....

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June2009 Tue 24-Mar-09 18:06:38

Yay, new thread :D
Thanks Ineed, I hope your fil can go home soon.

Good luck with your GTT tomorrow dreamy, how nice that you get to find out the sex after, something to look forward to
The drink they gave me was not unpleasant so I hope you get the same thing!

Tee Nice one on seeing the baby everytime. I was shocked that I don't get another scan after the 20w one, I'd assumed they'd do at least one final check.

Laura Glad you don't have SPD, I hope work gets back to you soon about your time off etc.

Naat Tue 24-Mar-09 18:12:47

Hello Juners! We have a new thread!!! grin The last quarter!!!

Right, catching up now...

tibsy smile to “read” you again! I was wondering last night where you were grin

doris you know, that’s exactly why I asked you, because the same happens to me! I cannot seem to go beyond the first colour!! grin I asked the practitioner and she told me not to worry, that you’re not actually asleep but “in a HB state” wink Hope she’s right, if not I’m not doing quite a good job hahaha, as you say, we still have some weeks to go. If BHs feel like your tummy, esp. down in the pelvic area, gets hard as a rock, then I think I’m having them grin I started feeling that last week, esp. when I walk for a while.

laura glad to hear your physio appt went well. Make sure to wear your belt, even if you realise it’s not 100% effective, it’ll definitely help. Glad to hear it’s not chronic SPD smile I’m sure your work will be fine with this, you’re not feeling well and not resting will not do any good, I’m sure they’ll understand, don’t worry wink

june smile to hear your best friend will be able to help you a bit with work. As ermin said, I hope you can find a way of dealing with the godparents issue without offending anyone. We haven’t even thought about that yet (note to self, start doing it!). No forms here yet, tomorrow I have a MW appt and hopefully I’ll remember to ask her for those wink

Hi ermin! smile

Hi choccie! smile

tee envy you get to see the baby at every appt, but very smile the baby is measuring right and everything is well. Yay!

dreamy good luck tomorrow with the GTT, hope the whole thing is not too long for you... Yay! You’re going to see your baby! smile

Ineed HI! and thanks for launching the new thread smile Hope you can have a rest now after your long day. Glad to know your FIL is doing well.

Busy day today, 4 translations to do and I also helped DH with some things so... If anyone else has some thoughts on what I told you girls yesterday, they will be more than wcome. I’m delaying my chat with my dad about it (scared? Me?) grin


lauraloo09 Tue 24-Mar-09 18:14:51

yey new thread cant believe how quick we go thro threads - great title too grin Thanks ineed for setting this up!

Well work got back to me and they have no problem moving my dates forward by three/four weeks esp after physio recommended the early finish. I am also off for 1 more week sick and dont return to next I now finish on 14th April and dont return hopefully (money permitting) until 1st March 2010 when I go job share grin I'm now more relaxed knowing its not SPD I have as I can still have the birth at the local mlu.

dreamy good luck with your GTT tomorrow please let us know how you get on! Thanks for the tip of eating more veg etc but finding it hard to cut out the choc esp my fav cream eggs grin but I suppose cutting them out is for the best.

tee great you got to see baby again and that everything is alright.

june We dont usually get scanned after the 20 week one in west of scotland but as at my scan I had a low lying placenta I get another one at 34 weeks. The 4d scan I had showed my placenta was no longer lying low but I'm not telling the hospital that, want one more check of my baby before I see her in person grin

Tee2072 Tue 24-Mar-09 18:23:05

Thanks for starting the new thread ineed!! Could be our last or second to last before we move over to Postnatal section!!!

ermintrude13 Tue 24-Mar-09 19:07:08

Ineed thanks for doing the new thread smile

Naat, the whole June/July thing is a bit confusing - and someone did ask whether your ma might be behind it, wonder if that's possible? In terms of whether you can cope on your own - well of course you can, your DH will have time off and friends can come round for a morning/afternoon, bring casseroles, stick the laundry on etc. To be honest, even women who have emergency CSs tend to get back in the swing of things amazingly quickly, so all being well if your parents don't come til July you'll just have those first few weeks to get used to baby and being a family which is really lovely. As long as DH takes care of you and friends visit to coo! My ma saw my DC days after each was born but didn't hang around and I wouldn't have liked her interfering.

lauraloo that's a cunning plan to get an extra scan wink

Must go to help DS in the shower.

Naat Tue 24-Mar-09 19:28:56

ermin thanks a lot for your advice. I don't know if you mean it's confusing because of the way I phrased it or because my parents' attitude is confusing blush But don't worry, it's ok. Doris asked whether my mum could be behind the change of mind and I answered saying it was possible, yes, maybe she wants the trip to be "her way or no way", in which case it's better if they don't come for the birth and visit if they still want to later in the year... smile Thank you wink

June2009 Tue 24-Mar-09 19:39:10

Naat It really depends on your relationship with your parents and what kind of people they are but if you are worried your mum is going to be hardwork then I'd definitely ask them to wait so you're in a routine already.
They will probably only be trying to help but sometimes having someone around telling you what to do or clearly struggling to refrain from telling you what to do can feel really patronising and unbearable, especially with the weird sleep patterns that a newborn brings.
Also I think the first two weeks at least are important for you to bond with the baby and find your feet.
Maybe I am delusional too :D Have you got a friend who could help you if needed.

Are they the kind of people who can actually help and do things on their own or would they need looking after as well?

I know it's not his fault because he doesn't travel much but I would really prefer it if my dad came to visit with a plan to hire a car or take the tube or go on a tour of london or something but he won't even have a drink or grab something in the fridge if he's hungry unless we offer him something.
He's definitely not visiting the first three weeks. Unless he stays somewhere else, maybe.

I've already told dh I don't want loads of people to come visit for at least the first two weeks. I just know I will be irritable and want us both to really focus on the baby entirely.
I'm certainly not going to cope well with anyone unqualified being too vocal about how things should be done.
I'm really bad at taking advice from people, always seeing it as a "telling off" ifswim.
Fil is full of advice from 30 years ago, I can already hear him telling me how I should hold my baby and getting wound up. (he's very rigid, things always have to be his way). What with all the tension between them all (ILS) at the moment I can see it being a nightmare and I wish I could ban them from the house for a month! blush

I've asked my dad to come in april so that they get to see me "pregnant" of course now I realise that I'm basically asking him to come twice, once before birth and once after so that he actually sees the baby.
I'll ahve to think about that some more...

ermintrude13 Tue 24-Mar-09 19:40:30

Naat I meant the attitude, not your post which was very clear. It does slightly sound like - my way or no way - although I don't know if your dad would be good at keeping the party line in that way. Anyway, it's a shame, as ever, that so many mums get a bit mad and controlling about their daughter's babies, but I'm sure once the time is near your mum will be so excited she'll forget to play mind games...

ermintrude13 Tue 24-Mar-09 19:43:48

x-posted with June. Also worth considering that the 'baby blues' when your milk comes in is very common. With my 3-day old DD, she was in a feeding frenzy just at the smell of me, and I was hysterical with her crying, and lashed out at DH when he tried to take her from me, scratching his cheek! shock. I had a bath, he took her for a drive to get her to sleep, and then I was mortified, but it really was an overwhelming feeling of anger and fear. The next day I was fine! And when I felt that way with DS I was much more aware and just handed him over to whoever else was there so he didn't get into a state and neither did I. It's a weird time though, and important to remember that it's normal and will pass.

Naat Tue 24-Mar-09 19:49:16

june I agree with what you say... And yes, my mum would be pretty "judgemental" and critical about tiny little things... My parents are pretty much like your dad, not in the sense of getting things for themselves at home but they won't move from the house unless they do so with us... and that puts a further pressure to "be well and go out" right after the baby arrives and as you say, I want us both to focus on the baby and on ourselves. (I think I'm already feeling stronger to have the chat smile ).

ermin I'd LOVE to believe that with the LO she'd forget about playing mind games, but experience says the opposite, unfortunately sad. I've hit my head against the wall thousands of times because of that... My dad is sweet but sometimes cannot control my mum no matter how hard he tries and everything ends in "try and understand your mum" hmm

Thanks, ladies! Feeling stronger, as I said smile

insywinsyspider Tue 24-Mar-09 20:56:17

June – re highchairs mil bought us a stoke trip trap and like ineedmorechoc said it is fab and easy to clean, ds2 has it now (15mo) and when he went into it at 6mo ds1 was 2 and we got him a handy sit which is also great and doubles up as a travel high chair too (got off ebay) as for safety stuff agree with mrsmcj wait till baby is here the only thing worth doing now just so its done and you get used to it is lock on kitchen and bathroom chemical cleaner door or move them to high place, we also moved tools etc, things like plug sockets and stair gates can wait
Don’t worry bout hv ‘checking’ up on you, I remember mine offering to make me cup of tea and then I heard her having a good look through my cupboards, I think she was making sure I had food in hmm but no one expects you to baby proof

mrsmcj I’ll have to get the book back off you again! smile my two are constantly fighting and I don’t have the energy to deal with them, I need some hints, dh is away till Friday and I’m shattered already, just ordering our weekly shop from Tesco and then off to bed! Sorry to hear hospital was rubbish, my friend has dd like your ds by the sounds of it, she calls her her ‘camel’ stocking up one day and then eating nothing for a couple grin

naat its definitely do able, do what ever will be less stressful for you, and the advantage of not having visitors is you can just sleep when you need too and don’t have to worry about actually going out or eating at the same time as people… much better advice from ermin and june tho, listen to those wise ladies grin

Totally lost the plot with what the rest of you are up too but hope you get an answer laura about the fainting and manage to take it easy <waves> now I must finish my food shopping!

DorisIsAPinkDragon Tue 24-Mar-09 22:01:32

Just posting so i know where you all are smile

night all

bunnymother Tue 24-Mar-09 23:34:26

Hello lovely Juners!

Very quick post for me before bed, then will be back again in the morning.

Naat - we specifically asked our parents not to visit for the first month, so that we have time to ourselves to be feralbond with our LO smile. However, we have hired a trainee doula for the birth and afterwards. A post-natal trainee doula charges up to 10 squid an hour, so if you are worried about breast feeding etc (I am!), then perhaps you could use one for a few hours? Not sure whether that is practical, or even what you would be interested in, but thought I would flag that as an option.

Laura - sorry to hear you fainted, but glad its not SPD and that you are finishing work early. Great result!

Tee - am v envy that you get to see your LO often. Must be lovely!

Hello all you other ladies and its good night from me!

June2009 Wed 25-Mar-09 09:05:19

bunnymother ooh, a post natal doula, what a great idea!
Can they come at night time if needed as well? I think I read somewhere you can ask someone to do this for you if you're really stuck, either a doula or a specific nurse.

I think I'll fish our list and post it while I drink my tea..

LittleSarah Wed 25-Mar-09 09:10:21

Morning all.

Naat - I hope you manage to find a good time for your parents, sounds like it is becoming a trial already. I would be inclined to leave it until later, visitors so near your due date sounds a little tough, plus you're moving poor lamb!

Bunnymother - Trained doula you lucky lady! I will have instead a novice father and an overly-excited dd. Lol, should be fun.

On the training front I have finally signed ddh and I up for a birth prep workshop in May so hopefully that should help, plus we have a couple more home birth groups before the big day... so soon... barely 10 weeks away!!

Highchairs? Not thinking that way yet, and can't really remember my last, was fairly cheap and cheerful. The trip trap sounds fab but think it may be pushing it with our price range.

Managed to save about £50 yesterday though when I saw a moses basket for sale outside a charity shop plus stand for £4.99! Good condition so I am happy...

In the library the now, going to be here most oif the day too, but still at least I'm motivated. Yoga later which I can't wait for as I've had to miss it twice.

Hope everyone else is well.

bunnymother Wed 25-Mar-09 09:29:13

Morning again ladies!

LittleSarah - LOL, we have a trainee doula, so not yet fully qualified (think that's the right term - she has done the training, but needs more experience). She has to be a doula for a certain number of people, and then she is sorted. Much cheaper than a fully qualified one (£150 v £800 for the labour!!). And I didn't mind re fully qualified, as she is really there for support, rather than medical advice (wouldn't rely solely on a trainee doctor foe example!!). Congrats on the canny moses basket purchase! smile

June - yes, our doula will do night time if we need her, although she does ask for some notice. Which I think is fine! Seemed like a really good option for us. She is lovely and has had a baby recently, so has practical experience, and she is a neutral party (ie no one's MIL) there for all of us.

Beautiful weather here, someone say something to get me motivated to go out and exercise, please!!!

June2009 Wed 25-Mar-09 09:34:57

Queenofpuddings 13th June
tibsy 13th June
Loooouise 14 June
dreamydowler 16 June
ermintrude13 17th June (42, dd10 ds6)
Irishmama3 17th of June (36) [dd 9 ds6 and dd2
Yoshimi 17th June (34, ds 20 mths)
chocciedooby 18th June (37m ds1 4, ds2 3)
onehitwonder 18th June (41 DD1 3)
lauraloo09 - due 20th June 2009
Stiefyloo - 20th June (30, DD 7 DD 4 DS 2)
hjighrise 20th June
snowwombat 21st June (31)
Nemoandthefishes 21st June [30 DS 5,DD1 3,dd2 2]
TTCnumber3maybe (36) DC3 22 June 2009 (DS 4.5 and DS almost 3)
Diege 22nd June (38, dd1 7, dd2 5.8, dd3 2.8)
Heebeejeebee - 22nd June (36)
mspotatochip - 22nd june (32 dd1 almost 2)
appletiser 22nd une (first baby)
StrawberrySam 23rd June (27, first-timer)
thechocmonster 24th June (twins, dc 3&4)
BobsWendy DC3 26 June 2009
TheLittleMermaid DC2 26 June 2009
Tee2072 DC1 26 June 2009 (39)
TeenyTinyTorya DC2 27th June 2009 (22, ds1 20mths)
herbaceous 28th june (43) first baby
Sweetie34 - 29th June (37)
Highrise - 29th June (35 first)
Wilsonmummy 28 2dd edd 30th june
mamaolivia 31 dd1 2.6 - due 30th June


June2009 Wed 25-Mar-09 09:36:14

CoteDAzur 28 May by dates, 6 June by scan (37, DD 3)
MrsExton 30th May by scan 6th June by dates
SweetBROODY 29 May - 20 week scan Friday! I am 27 and this is my first!
Mhairi100 30 May (29)
Myneaux 1st June
Bigcar 1st June (37, dd 18, dd 9, ds 8, dd3 2)
marmotti 2nd June
llynnnn 2nd June (27, dd 2yrs)
Dorisisapinkdragon 2nd June (32, dd1 3yrs DD2 1yr)
Champagneforlunch 3rd June (27, DD 5yrs)
Kitteh - 4th June (21, no other kids..)
Leaky 4th June (39, ds1 5, ds2 2.5)
gems27 4th June
MrsMcJnr DC2 (Pink!) 4 June (35 DS 13 months)
Ineedmorechocolatenow 5th June 2009 (31,ds 2)
bunnymother 5 June 2009 (34, 1st one!)
helpivegottogivebirth 6th June (30, 1st one)
summerbird 6th June (35, 1st one)
daisy5 6th June (42, dd 2)
LittleSarah 6th June (26, dd 4yrs)
thisisyesterday 6th June (ds1 3.5, ds2 1)
DreamyDorrie 7th June (30, dd 19/11/07)
June2009 7 June (32)
Aligard 8th June (one dd)
DawnoftheDead DC1 11th June 2009
NickelSodium 12th June
Naat 12th June first baby
travellinglight 13th June
Sparkle73 13th June dc3 (ds2)
Froggy16 13th June (27 ds 6 yrs dd 4yrs)
borriebear 13th June (28 1st one!)
Queenofpuddings 13th June
tibsy 13th June
Loooouise 14 June
dreamydowler 16 June
ermintrude13 17th June (42, dd10 ds6)
Irishmama3 17th of June (36) [dd 9 ds6 and dd2
Yoshimi 17th June (34, ds 20 mths)
chocciedooby 18th June (37m ds1 4, ds2 3)
onehitwonder 18th June (41 DD1 3)
lauraloo09 - due 20th June 2009
Stiefyloo - 20th June (30, DD 7 DD 4 DS 2)
hjighrise 20th June
snowwombat 21st June (31)
Nemoandthefishes 21st June [30 DS 5,DD1 3,dd2 2]
TTCnumber3maybe (36) DC3 22 June 2009 (DS 4.5 and DS almost 3)
Diege 22nd June (38, dd1 7, dd2 5.8, dd3 2.8)
Heebeejeebee - 22nd June (36)
mspotatochip - 22nd june (32 dd1 almost 2)
appletiser 22nd une (first baby)
StrawberrySam 23rd June (27, first-timer)
thechocmonster 24th June (twins, dc 3&4)
BobsWendy DC3 26 June 2009
TheLittleMermaid DC2 26 June 2009
Tee2072 DC1 26 June 2009 (39)
TeenyTinyTorya DC2 27th June 2009 (22, ds1 20mths)
herbaceous 28th june (43) first baby
Sweetie34 - 29th June (37)
Highrise - 29th June (35 first)
Wilsonmummy 28 2dd edd 30th june
mamaolivia 31 dd1 2.6 - due 30th June
Li lacpink


June2009 Wed 25-Mar-09 09:39:28

hehe, I tried to make it look right but it seems the list has a mind of its own, dunno where the extra stars came from.
At least I think most of us are on it...

Bunny, how do you go about finding a trainee doula, are they on the doula site as well?(

bunnymother Wed 25-Mar-09 10:32:27

June - I didn't use that doula site (I think it should have someone for you, but I didn't see info on what areas of London, specifically, they cover). Instead, I saw a thread on MN about doulas and contacted the Mumsnetter (turtle23) who said she was a trainee doula, but couldn't be mine as she does south London/Surrey. Instead, she put me in touch w our doula, who can do our area. If you are interested, here is the link

Naat Wed 25-Mar-09 10:42:55

Morning ladies!

June thanks for that list! I wasn't in the first one but then I saw my name in the second one grin

doris grin on your "bookmark".

Bunny thanks for your advice smile DH and I have decided we'll go for that: peace and just us for the first weeks. The doula sounds lovely, thanks June for the question on whether they come during nights as well wink

LittleSarah smile about your prep workshop. And what a bargain you got with the moses basket and stand! wink Enjoy your yoga! grin

Insy thank you also for your advice! It'll definitely be less stressful smile

I've just come back from the MW appt. Poor woman she was all on her own today so she was like an octopus doing eeeeverything. I had some blood taken (did my relaxation breathing during that, I have a needle phobia sad and it worked because there was no tachycardia this time!). She measured my bump and it's 27.5 so she said it was fine (I thought she was going to tell me off a bit) and we heard the baby's heartbeat so it was a complete appt wink

Lovely sunny day here, hope you're all having some sun wherever you are wink


daisy5 Wed 25-Mar-09 11:54:16

Hello everyone smile. Gosh, a week away from the thread and 40mins of reading to catch up! Blimey.

So much has happened that I don't know where to start.

I've been having dizzy spells over the past fortnight and although haven't fainted yet, have come very close many times. Everyone assumed it was anaemia, especially when the hospital called me back for another test, but it isn't. I certainly eat enough so that's not it, I'm assuming I'm not getting enough rest, but have gone back to taking my multivitamins daily, and have had less 'spells' in the past three days. The repeat blood test turned out to be because my platelet count is low-ish (blood clotting ability) but they don't seem too concerned about that.

I had to cancel both photo sessions due to my dizzy spells and headaches which means I am way behind on my project. DP is in London all of next week so I am hoping to use that time to catch up...and I might simplify things so it is completable. I got a 'merit' for my first half years' work, but was told that if I addressed the issues she mentioned for the second half year's work I stand a good chance of getting a distinction, but the way I am feeling now, I am struggling to see that I could do that!!

I was still being chased by the previously mentioned large international company to do some freelance research/analysis work, but after three months waiting for a project which still 'just needs more sign off' I had to pull the plug. I really could have done with the money, and it choked me to pull out, but I was supposed to start in January for three months work, and it is just too late now. What a shame.

I worked for a couple of hours at my Toddler Groups nearly new sale on Saturday. You get first choice on everything when you work, and so I got to buy a McLaren Twin Traveller in very good nic for just £50, instead of over £200 new. I was ecstatic. There was a choice of four double buggies and so I roped in three mums with two kids to advise me. They said it was the slimmest, easily went in the car, and the airlines accepted it on planes (so perfect for our Spanish trip). It is grey so won't mark easily. Puurrrrfect smile

My dd's birthday was on Monday. The organisation for four friends to come over for 'bday lunch followed by games' (just 2 hours) was mind blowing. The food for kids, food for mummies, drinks, cake, presents, party games, house cleaning, balloon It competed with Obama's inauguration! It really was her 'first' birthday though, as she had no idea what the first two were all about. Her first birthday was us inviting all our friends to the pub to drink a lot and celebrate surviving a year with our sanity intact. Her second birthday was a couple of friends over for 1 hour to play together, none of them with any idea what the occasion was. This time however, she knew it was her birthday, she felt super important and was a very happy little girl....well, until Will tried to play with her plastic 'stereo'! Then it was a boxing championship!

Yesterday turned out to be an utterly exhausting day. I waited 1hr 20mins at the hospital for someone to take blood! My daughter's attention span was slipping by then (after one hours colouring in, playing snap and reading books, they just want to get out of there), and she tried to jump with both feet onto the large scales. She slipped and banged her head, a bump came up, she went pale, behaved peculiarly and wanted to vomit. So the nurses said I had to go to casualty - right over the other side of the hospital. Well, last time I went there it was a 3.5 hour visit, so that was about as appealing as being lined up for the firing squad! Luckily one kind nurse suggested I go to a smaller minor injuries unit a couple of miles away, so we left the hospital and went there instead and got seen within 50mins thankfully.

We then had to take the car to a garage for an MOT & service and hang around the local town for 2.5 hours. It turned out dp had taken the buggy to work in his car, and so as my Bugaboo was in pieces, all that I had was my new twin McLaren that I had not used yet. It was quite a learning experience pushing it around town finding out what I could push it through and what it was too wide for. A couple of idiots said 'you've lost one' and I think I looked pretty unimpressed with that poor humour after my hideous day so far. It was kind of handy in that, dd sat in one side and she put all her toys in the other side grin. I would thoroughly recommend giving your equipment a test drive so you know how it functions.

Crikey, this is turning into a novel. Do I win a prize for the longest post?

naat - personally, like erm I didn't enjoy massages when I was pregnant nor my spa day. Nothing really seemed to relieve the uncomfortability of being pregnant. But some people love it, so I guess everyone is different. I can't enjoy a bubble bath either. Maybe for 5 mins but then I just want to get out. I haven't got over to the Mamas & Papas shop yet, but hope to this weekend coming. Am keen on the feeding chair.

tee - agree with you about Dunnes. I picked up a bathing suit for 1euro, a lovely jumper, a bag of socks and some other things. I think the total was 8 euros grin.

loouise - I'm with the others. From now on you start to build up a support network of other mums-to-be, potential babysitters, people in similar circumstances, a older women next door who might be up for occasional cleaning etc etc, and I imagine you could feel quite lonely if you were in Yorkshire for three months and then came south and had to start from scratch. Better to establish London as your base, but venture north for 'periods'. You will then really appreciate your parents, as they will you. I wonder if your mother might have been secretly hoping that you would choose to stay in the north? Do you think your mother might have other issues going on which are making her anxious - my parents were uncomfortable with the stigma of having an unmarried daughter having a child, and in the country people can be quite old fashioned. But, as you know in your heart of hearts (and she probably does too) it is far better to never be together, than to marry and split down the line - that is much harder on children.

Bugaboos are lovely. Practice with it beforehand though. I remember there were a couple of things I couldn't figure out with it and dd was almost a month old before I really 'got it together'. I struggled sometimes with whipping it out of the car and releasing it correctly. Sometimes the wheels swung back and hit me in the calf muscles (ouch ouch ouch). Once I got the hang of it I loved it. I had the bright pink one (the one that screams 'pink') and one day I had dd in a pale (very pale) blue and white stripped top and two little old ladies came up and oohed and ahhed over my beautiful 'boy'. I really struggled not to giggle. They then stood back, and went 'oh'.

Oh and sleep. Me too, I struggle, long walks and fresh air and lots of water during the day is my best solution but I struggle with waking and not getting back to sleep.

littlesarah - congratulations. What a wonderful thing to be told. You must have felt as though you were walking on air afterwards. The world is at your fingertips grin.

mrsmcjnr - sorry I never CAT'd you regarding your Dad's book. I kept meaning to pay the £5 and join but a small part of me was worrying how much time I was spending on the internet and was trying to extricate myself if anything. I would love to read it, but I never have the time to read anything these days. Poor you with your hospital experiences. It reminded me of a book called Italian Neighbours where an Englishman in Italy documents all the idiosyncratic and amusing behaviour he encounters in Spain - all done in a lovable way. Maybe you could write a book about being pregnant in a foreign country? I love that the Spanish authorities frown on diminutives. Will a small 'gift' change their minds at all? (bottle of whiskey or spanish equivalent?)

june TENS really worked for me. I put it on as soon as the contractions got a teency bit uncomfortable, sat on a birthing ball and rocked slowly back and forth while watching 6 hours of tele - Desperate Housewives x 2, olympics, Bridget Jones' Diary and some other movie that eludes me. The rocking motion helped too. I had it on for 7 hours and then combined it with gas & air at the hospital - which together worked well. I stupidly took it off to go for a walk in the hospital (to get things going) and only then did I realise how much pain was going on in my body. I should have left it on the whole time. I had the baby shortly after.
Your baby looks utterly gorgeous - a real beauty.
Like insy and Ineed I am another to highly recommend Stokke Tripp Trapp. That seat will be with her for some time and means she is always at the right level at the table. It survives long after the other highchairs have become redundant.

lauraloo - How are the dizzy spells? Still getting them? I remember you saying that you hadn't put on much weight - was it 5lb or something. Are you eating enough honey?

bunnymother thankfully although my family are very competitive when it comes to sports etc, we don't compete against each other. My dad did compete in sport at a national level and my brother was an intellectual whizzkid, and I'm so pleased that I was never made to feel any 'less' because of it. Anyway, I am the only one to produce grandchildren as my superbright brother struggles with interpersonal relationships sadly and has only ever had two girlfriends. There is a superbright gene that runs through my mothers family and I hope and pray neither of my children have it, as I think it is more of a liability than a positive.


erm - with you completely on the meal planning front. It seems so hard at the moment and I don't want to resort to just ready meals, as that will be our diet for a couple of months once the baby comes. I found a Tortilla in Sainsbury's last week that you microwave for 2 mins, which together with a prebought casserole and some veg, has a real meal feel to it, but just 10mins preparation. Is there a 'Food' thread on Mumsnet. Would love some ideas on fabulous food that takes 15mins to prepare. Not sure how I will manage with preparing meals with a toddler and baby.

THE END (1,950 words!!!!!)

LittleSarah Wed 25-Mar-09 12:08:10

What is it with having babies that make people move house?? And by people I now mean me!!?

Dh works in auction house and noticed a house he recently went round was on market for good price. However what with no banks lending money, him on low (ish) wage and me currently on no wage (except maternity pay) I rather assumed any bank would tell us to feck off before giving us a mortgage. Apparently not! He has been in this morning (with his grandpa who'll help us with deposit) and basically it seems they will give us enough to purchase this hoose... ahhh!!!

Don't know what it means really, excited to be buying for the first time of course, and to have a house rather than flat possibly, but this could mean moving when heavily pregnant? Or just after baby? Basically like you naat!

Have not even seen house except for pics myself, needs work of course. Big bonus is although only has two bedrooms there is an attic room that could be a third eventually, according to dh anyway. Hopefully can go see at weekend anyway.

So basically it's all a bit crazy... our lease on flat runs out at the end of April but I had been in touch with landlord to say would sign a new one soon but have yet to do so.... Obviously now need to know what is happening with house plans before can do that!

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