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Due May 2009 Hairy Mary!... We're on the final stretch!

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Belgianchocolates Mon 23-Mar-09 15:14:29

Thought I'd better start the new thread before it was too late. Here we go!

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Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Mon 23-Mar-09 16:00:37

Hi all

Just marking this for later (having to do DH's VAT return so must fly!!!!!!!)

DandyLioness Mon 23-Mar-09 16:16:10

Message withdrawn

Blottedcopybook Mon 23-Mar-09 16:17:08

Hoorah for new threads!

I have been in bed knitting all day. I feel so lazy but man, my back is so sore I really needed this!

How are we all today?

Jael Mon 23-Mar-09 16:29:20

Just signing in to the new thread.

Hope everyone had a relaxing Mother's Day yesterday. I was truely spoilt, we went to a Safai Park with DD too, who absolutely loved it! And DP knows how much I love going to the safari park, so that was lovely. Shame MIL ruined it a little bit towards the end of the afternoon with a v.insensitive phonecall to DP...
DP's brother is getting married at the end of June, and DD is bridesmaid,MIL is sooo over involved in the wedding,and it's like SIL-to be, can't do anything by herself. (MIL has always preferred her to me, as BIL-to be chose an older lady, so they are like very close agewise if you get me) anyway, I've said before she hasn't been interested in this pregnancy at all, and it showed yesterday, when she demanded that they had DD at their house ON THE DAY I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE MY CS! And they live 200miles away, because they want to go shopping for her bridesmaid dress! When DP explained it was inconvenient as I'm due to have our baby and would like DD involved she went off on one, saying it was the only day she and SIL-to be were free. I have no problem with SIL-to be having her any other day, but nope, they want to go together...I'm so mad.

And to top it off, I don't even knowe where I'm going to have this baby now. We live in Stafford, and was planning Stafford hospital as it's round the corner, but all the bad press in te paper recently, hundreds of patients dying unneccessarily, patients buzzing for water and having to drink water from their flower vases, because no-one came to them. Plus when I was admitted the other night, I got told I could go home at 9am, after I had my medication, despite numerous buzzing from me, I wasn't seen until 3pm! That's shocking. I'm so confused, as I'm meant to be having a CS, makes it so much harder! I need to book somewhere don't I, I don't even know how to go about it....

Who is it that lives Stoke way? Which hospital are you going to can I ask please?

Sorry this was really long, and on te first page to, I'm just so and angry

Jael X

sausagenmash Mon 23-Mar-09 16:31:13


Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day! Dp bought me a lovely card from the bump, and it brought tears to my eyes, he wrote such lovely things in it smile

Dandy - thanks for the other spa info at Elemis - will definitely have a look. Not sure about changing my name to SnM though...!

MsG - blimey, you're lucky to have had a form to send off - I can't get one anywhere - not at my midwives, the hospital, or my GP. Am back at the midiwfe next week, so am hoping that they've got some in then. They DID tell me, however, that the payouts weren't going to be until May...hhhmff.

Am currently having my week off - am at my parents (Dp was here with me at the weekend, but he's gone back to work in London) - but he's coming down Wednesday pm and then we're off to Devon for a couple of days. Mum has treated me to a dress and I've been a bit naughty and bought some shoes. In Hobbs. That is VERY naughty. However, they WERE on "the list", and there isn't a Mothercare in Bath, so.... (excuse - Godson's 18th birthday bash in a couple of weeks so I had to get something nice to wear...)(and it also felt nice to go into a pretty dress and shooooooes shop rather than hunting for nappy bins....hmm

Feeling really full and squashed low down in the belly at the mo - just can't get comfy....

... and typically, I have a week off, and it is pouring....

chocolatebunnies Mon 23-Mar-09 17:22:11


just marking thread for later!

am definatley going for my 4d scan, its at 8pm! goin nice and late in the eveing so it will be quiet and i'll be able to relax, am so so so so excted, will put pics up as soon as i can!

hope everyone is ok

chocobunnies & bumpy

pulapula Mon 23-Mar-09 18:22:00

chocbunnies- I look forward to seeing the pics and hearing all about it!

SpangleMaker Mon 23-Mar-09 18:24:16

Quick post to mark lovely new thread (thanks Belgian smile)

Sausage I love Hobbs shoes/boots. Don't feel guilty - they're an investment purchase wink

chocbunnies good luck for the scan, looking forward to seeing the pics

jael I saw on the news about Stafford hospital and wondered if you were going there. I live Stoke way. I'm booked in at University Hospital of North Staffordshire... seems ok, they have good medical facilities and a midwife-led unit (where I hope to have LO). They are moving into a brand new building mid-April - am not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing, being so close to my due date, but the doc I spoke to last time I was there was very reassuring, saying they would have both units staffed during the change-over (not sure how hmm). When are you due to have your c section?

It's probably not at all reassuring, but usually by the time these reports get to the press a lot has already been done to address the problems so I'm sure things aren't as bad there as they were. However, in your place I'm sure I'd be looking at other options too.


SpangleMaker Mon 23-Mar-09 18:25:49

Not sure what that 'if' was for!

rosielady Mon 23-Mar-09 18:26:42

Poor you Jael - what an insensitive and inconsiderate MIL!
I would be tempted to tell her where to go.

And the worry about the hospital on top of it all - I would have concerns as well if my hospital was that bad - can you get a referral for somewhere else? - perhaps through your GP or midwife? they would probably have to refer you i would imagine.

keep your chin up - its all going to be good soon with a new baby! wink

frazzledoldbag Mon 23-Mar-09 18:27:05

Hello, just a quickie from me as kids in bath (with DH) so have only got a minute till they come rampaging back down.
Right, have my pad and pen ready.....cocktails anyone? [rubs hands together with glee and assembles dishes of assorted [and some banned] substances including pate [gasp], olives [yum], smoked salmon [mmm], sushi [delicious] and king prawns [yum].......... Tonight I quite fancy a margarita I think. Oooh and where did I put that piece of runny brie and fabulouts stilton...........
Anyone else?
Kids are coming, better go and tidy up.

Blottedcopybook Mon 23-Mar-09 18:35:45

Jael I admire your restraint, I'd have blown a gasket if it were me!

I'm absolutely starving, there's no blooming food in the house and I'm being a bit helpless today so hubby is making dinner and I'm eyeing up anything that looks edible and isn't moving right now!

Febes Mon 23-Mar-09 18:51:49

book marking x

DandyLioness Mon 23-Mar-09 18:58:06

Message withdrawn

Reggiee Mon 23-Mar-09 19:07:35

Thought I'd better pop on to mark thread and say hello again grin.

Jael am shock at mil. What's your sil like? Is she just as bad? I'd definitely put my foot down too but easier said than done.

Frazzled a cocktail sounds fab ta. Sex on the beach please wink

Hope everyone else is keeping well. Sorry I can't keep up, but am on mat leave now. Once I've done my big to do jobs (you know the sort - packing hospital bags, paint nursery, sorting out dd's baby clothes to see if I can use any for this little on (boy)) I'll probably be here with a vengence.

Jael Mon 23-Mar-09 19:21:27

I don't know what to do hospital wise. The hospital in stoke is 20miles away, and 40miles away from my mom. I'm abit hmm about the visiting hours at that hosp too. At stoke it's like 3 2hour slots from 9am til 8pm I think, whereas at Stafford, DP can visit from 9:30am-9pm and other family members 3-8pm. It's just, as I'm having the section, I know how much I needed DP there last time,like most of the visiting hours..but do I risk having the baby in Stafford with all the bad press? If DP is there all day with me, I won't have to worry about the whole buzzing for help and no-one coming, as he'll be brains frazzled by all the thinking and worrying, do I sound like I'm over-reacting, please tell me the truth? X

Belgianchocolates Mon 23-Mar-09 19:29:56

Make mine a.... hmm... ooh... difficult. Wiskey and coke. And a nibble of sushi would be nice too. I do have brie occasionally [naughty mw emoticon], can't help it. I have already my usual other cocktail though: some iron, with a bit of codeine and paracetamol all topped off with a dash of gaviscon, delicious grin.

Jael Can't beleive your MIL. Clothes shopping being more important than a brand new life coming into the world shock
Can't believe you hadn't been seen until 3pm. I must say; it's a mistake to tell someone that they'll be out by 9am. I never ever make that promise. I always tell women around lunch time if things go OK. If they've got to wait for meds then it might be longer. Anything earlier is a bonus. At least you don't give false hope in this way and it's much nice to be told at 10 that you can go when you've been expecting midday smile. In a way Stafford hospital might be a good place to go at the moment. Due to all the press attention they'll be at their best behaviour and trying their utmost to make patients happy. New cross in Wolverhampton had a similar situation a few years ago and they've really turned themselves around now. They're probably one of the best units in my area now, with a big focus on normality.

I've never heard of Hobbs shoes, is that a big gap in my knowledge? wink

We've bought some nice new wall paper for our bedroom and for the first time ever we've got a decorator coming this week to start sorting the decorating in our house (every single surface got damaged when the old skirting and door frames were removed). Normally I do the decorating, but obviously now I can't. It's quite nice knowing it's all going to get done without me having to do anything grin

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FiKelly Mon 23-Mar-09 19:30:02

Thanks for the new thread belgian and the title made me grin

jael can understand why you're feeling so angry with MIL! why do our families insist on driving us to the the very edge of frustration! I hope you manage to swap hospitals. I insisted on not going back to the one i'm supposed to go to for our area due to bad memories of having DS and their negligence. My MW had to write and apply for me to go to the other one in the next area for me to be accepted as a patient there as it's out of our local area trust... they made it sound a difficult task but in reality it was a complete breeze. Talk to your MW and take t from there.

frazzled mines definitely a frozen margarita with salted rim glass and a platter of chorizo, parma ham and unpasteurised goats cheese ;0

I'm feeling very uncomfortable today... LO manoeuvring around a lot this afternoon and getting feet/elbows etc pushing out of my belly. Think i've overdone it on the walking and house viewings over the last few days. Planning a v early night as i'm doing a great nodding dog impression already!

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Mon 23-Mar-09 19:46:56


I'll have a Caipirinha please and then an old-skool Mai Tai later.

I'll bring some goats cheese nibbles if anyone wants?

<grumpy shuffles off in shame, as she ate goats cheese AND chorizo on Saturday night and Camembert on Sunday night>

Belgianchocolates Mon 23-Mar-09 19:48:43

Oh yes, goats cheese nibbles. Yum. I love goats cheese. What's wrong with chorizo?

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FiKelly Mon 23-Mar-09 19:49:21

grumpy don't feel bad my fav secret lunch is an egg sandwich.

Blottedcopybook Mon 23-Mar-09 19:51:51

Grumpy I'm glad it's not just me! I feel like the worst pregnant woman ever because the only food guidance I really follow is the no alcohol thing - everything else I figure is fair game!

FiKelly Mon 23-Mar-09 19:53:01

DH came and sat next to me... fried runny yoke egg sandwich!

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Mon 23-Mar-09 19:55:04

Nothing wrong with chorizo. Or is there? I can't remember/choose to make my own decisions.

I ate some raw cake mixture the other day with my DDs. Oh and DH and I were away at the weekend - we had a cooked breakfast and I was brought a plate with a solid fried egg, DH got a lovely dippy egg yolk on his fried egg. I made him swap.

And Frazz - Stilton mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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