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October stats thread

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cori Tue 19-Apr-05 10:22:56

OK I will start.

Age 34
Due Date: 04/10
Siblings: DS will be 3.10 when DB arrives
BirthPlans: Hoping for VBAC or elective ceaserean if overdue.

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jolovett Tue 19-Apr-05 10:33:24

Age: 23
Due: 08/10
Location: South Wales
Siblings: 1st pg
Birthplan: Hospital

mishmash2 Tue 19-Apr-05 11:12:24

Age 34
Due date: 6/10 (b'day is 7/10 so I could be 35 then)
Location: Clapham, London
Siblings: 1st pg
Birthplan: st George's Hospital, Tooting

SusiS Tue 19-Apr-05 12:09:29

Age 36
Due Date: 02/10
Location: Berkshire
Siblings: DS will be 17 months when DB arrives
Birthplan: will decide later on

morningpaper Tue 19-Apr-05 12:24:18

Age: 30
Location: South West
Due Date: 7 October
Siblings: dd will be 3
Birthplans: hospital with gas and air surgically attached to face

bonniej Tue 19-Apr-05 12:44:30

Age: 33 (34 when baby comes)
Due Date: 5/10
Siblings: DS will be nearly 17 , DD will be 2 years and 4 months
BirthPlans: Put me to sleep and whip the baby out! (only joking, debating a water birth but not sure yet )

bonniej Tue 19-Apr-05 12:45:06

ooh forgot location: Lancashire

triceratops Tue 19-Apr-05 15:55:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

YOKEFLEET Tue 19-Apr-05 16:42:11

Age 27
Due Date: 02/10
Location: W Yorks
Siblings: 1st pg
BirthPlans: Hospital
Next scan: 17/05

Moomin Tue 19-Apr-05 16:55:58

Age 36
Due date: 25/10/05
Siblings: DD will be 4y 1m when MiniMoomin arrives
Birthplans: Under consultant already as had spd and placenta praevia last time, elec section probable

jessicasmummy Tue 19-Apr-05 17:03:59

Age : 22 (23 when baby born)
Due Date : 21/10/05
Siblings : DD will be 15 months!
Birth Plan : if i have my way - epidural - if midwife has her way, home birth!

Elf1981 Tue 19-Apr-05 19:18:37

Hi all!

Age : 23 (will be 24 when Boo arrives)
Due Date : 12/10
Sibings : 1st pregnancy
BirthPlans : City Hospital, Nottingham.

Piggiesmum Tue 19-Apr-05 20:30:56

Age: 33
Due Date: 26/10/05
Location: North West
Siblings: 1st pregnancy
Birth Plan: Active or possibly water birth

mawbroon Tue 19-Apr-05 20:39:39

Age: 33 and still 33 when baby born!
Due date: 26th or 27th Oct - depends who I ask
Location: West Lothian
Siblings: none - first pregnancy
Birthplan: not decided yet, other than not at home.

Currently going through childminding registration so that I can be a stay at home mum once maternity money runs out.

Joseyjo Wed 20-Apr-05 12:58:37

Age: 27
Due Date: 05/10
Siblings: DS would have been 12 months
Birthplan: under consultant - Planned c-section

Jockey Wed 20-Apr-05 14:31:54

Age: 40
Due Date: 12/10
Siblings: ds1 will be 8, dd 6, ds2 3.
Birthplan: a couple of pushes and it's out! (hopefully)

Lexie100 Wed 20-Apr-05 16:07:17

Age: 27, 28 when baby born
Due: 14/04
Location: bromley, kent
Siblings: First pregnancy
Birth Plan: aggh none at the moment.

mummygow Thu 21-Apr-05 22:21:05

Age: 28 - 29 when baby arrives
Location: Princess Royal Maternity Glasgow
Due Date: 27/10
Siblings: DD will be 3.3 when DB arrives
Birthplan: Havent decided about epidural
this time but def Gas and Air!!
No pethidene for me dont like thought
of baby being sleepy

CPT Fri 22-Apr-05 10:20:08

Age: 32 (33 when mini arrives)
Due: 25/10
Location: Lincolnshire
Siblings: 1st pg
Birthplan: Hospital ?water if poss...but still keep trying not to think about it all at the mo!

alterego Thu 28-Apr-05 12:35:46

Age: 40(aargh!)
Due: 14/10
Location: South East
Siblings: Dss will be 8 & 4
Birthplan: Preferably home, active, gas & air

ruthiemum Thu 28-Apr-05 12:38:14

Age 25
Due Date 2/10
Location: Cheshire
Siblings DS who is 2 1/2
BirthPlan Fingers crossed home delivery!

montaguemonkey Thu 28-Apr-05 12:42:12

Age: 32 (33 next month
Due Date: 17/10/05
Location: Edinburgh
Siblings: dd will be 23 months (approx 2 weeks to bday)
Birth Plan: Seriously considering Home birth but Group B strep could cause annoyances

PinkFluffPudding Tue 03-May-05 21:45:37

Age: 29
Due Date: 17/10/05
Location: Bristol
Siblings: dd will be 19 months
Birth Plan: A big fat epidural

tew Mon 16-May-05 15:37:02

Age: 31 (32 when baby arrives)
DoB: around 20th Oct
Location: London, SW19
Age of sibling: dd will be 14 months!
Birth plan: none, epidurals!

indamb Mon 16-May-05 18:49:03

Age 33
Due Date: 24/10
Location: Liverpool
Siblings: DD will be 3.11 when DB arrives
Birthplan: Hospital, not sure go with the flow

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