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Bit of a long shot, i know...but anyone else on the ISLE OF WIGHT?? :)

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ameNbump Thu 05-Mar-09 19:26:27

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but just wondering if I'm the only one here on the sunny pebble they call the Isle of Wight? I'm quite new to the island (moved here in Oct '08) and am 14+4 pregnant...would be great to know if anybody's out there hmm

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ameNbump Fri 06-Mar-09 20:38:19

no? ... Just me then

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Sunnyjac Sat 06-Jun-09 18:21:54

Not just you! I'm here too, just found your message. I'm now 15+1 and been living on the pebble for nearly two years. Whereabouts are you? I'm on the west side.

IBlameThePenguins Sun 07-Jun-09 19:25:00

wow! There are 2 of us! I'm in Ryde at the mo, but moving to Newport in July ( I work at the hospital)!!

Congratulations!! Hope you're feeling well. Is it your first DC? x

IBlameThePenguins Sun 07-Jun-09 19:26:15

wow! There are 2 of us! I'm in Ryde at the mo, but moving to Newport in July ( I work at the hospital)!!

Congratulations!! Hope you're feeling well. Is it your first DC? x

Sunnyjac Wed 10-Jun-09 18:42:52

It is my first DC and to prove it I don't know what DC means!! I work at the prisons so maybe we could meet up for lunch one day? Live in Brighstone. Feeling absolutely fine ta, you? How far along are you now?

IBlameThePenguins Thu 11-Jun-09 16:29:14

ha! That just goes to show what a sad mumsnetter i have become (it beats work, anyway!!) DC means Darling Child, or Dear of the two!

I'm Ok thanks... I'll be 29weeks on Monday-can't believe how quickly it's gone!

Lunch one day would be great!

Are you off to the festival this weekend?

Sunnyjac Thu 11-Jun-09 18:45:46

Aaaah. That makes sense. DC to me has a totally different meaning (and you have to bear in mind I spend a lot of time at Albany!). Anyway I know just what you mean about the time. I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and I just don't know how that happened. Or, I do... but, you know! Unfortunately not festivalling this weekend, visiting my sister on the mainland (or that rock as we pebblies should call it), what about you? I'll have to check my work diary, I know I can't do Monday to Thursday next week but Friday lunch might be a possibility if that works for you? Not sure what I've got that afternoon, but as long as it doesn't involve colleagues or offenders I should be fine! By the way, why the change of name (nosey I know)?

IBlameThePenguins Thu 25-Jun-09 12:44:56 sorry for the lack of reply...the couple of weeks have been a blurr of moving house and ante natal classes!! I have the rest of this week off work to finish moving house, but will be around next week, if that suits you? I'll check my work diary, and we can see if we can sort a day?

hehe...i just didnt like the old name, so changed it!..Wish I had a more interesting tale to tell!!


Sunnyjac Thu 25-Jun-09 21:13:14

Exciting stuff!! So now in Newport? I must admit I really like the new name, it makes much more sense to me. They should take their share of the blame it has to be said.
Anyway, next week should work better for me too. I realised after I'd suggested last week that it was never going to happen for me. Let me know how your work diary looks and I'll check it against mine. I should be able to pop across to the hospital one lunch next week. Things should be less busy for me for a while.
What sort of ante natal classes were you going to? The midwife told me they just do one and leave it at that. I'm also trying to find some sort of aquanatal class but as far as I can tell they only run those on a Wednesday morning in Sandown. Don't you just love the pebble?!

IBlameThePenguins Fri 26-Jun-09 12:18:21

Nearly in Newport! We're moving car-loads accross, and are hiring a van on Sunday for the big stuff!

I was trying to find aquanatal too...but theres just the one at the heights on a weds am, as far as i can tell...was considering it during mat leave, but will only have 3 weeks left by then hmm (I did read that they do baby & Mum belly-dancing in Cowes though...might be a giggle!!)

We have had one antenatal open evening, and then a tour of the maternity ward (my god! It was stuffy...make sure you request a fan!!) They couldnt show us much on the tour as someone was giving birth in the pool-room, and all the beds were occupied! We are going to do NCT classes this month, so will let you know. A weekly type-thing would have been much better, as on the open evening you don't really get much further than the "When's yours due?" chit-chat.

Have you decided yet when yyou'll start your mat leave? I have 6 weeks left-very exciting, but my to-do list before i go off is getting everso-slightly monumental!!!

I'll check my work diary on Mon, & let you know!!

See you next week!!

Sunnyjac Mon 29-Jun-09 17:11:59

Hope you're all moved in now! We bought a car this weekend, bit of a shock cos we only went to look! Very excited about it though.

Yeah, I thought there didn't seem much when the midwife visited and said they just do that one evening. Kind of misses part of the point, which is to meet other people as much as get information.

Six weeks? Wow! That's so soon! I'm aiming for mid-November to start mine so still a while to go yet. I better start a to do list I think! Top is to get car insurance.

Wednesday or Friday work for me this week so hope to see you soon!

Dysgu Mon 29-Jun-09 17:30:14

Hello both. Wow I missed this but I have been keeping my eyes open for people on this lovely pebble for a while.

I am in Cowes and am currently on maternity leave. Baby is now 6 months old. Going back to teaching in September though.

Not sure how well things are set up in your areas but children's centre is great in Cowes - lots of free things like Bumps group for pregnant ladies, baby cafe for babies (and mums) free massage classes etc. You don't have to live locally to take part.

And I think Medina pool and Gurnard Heights also do aquanatal... but not sure.

Sunnyjac Tue 30-Jun-09 21:07:43

Hello Dysgu!
I'm guessing there'll be lots more available in Cowes than Brighstone, which is where I am. Maybe the three of us should try and meet up at some point? And I'll definitely be calling the other pools to find out what's on offer (something I have been intending to do for ages but never seem to get round to, like a million other things!).

I was beginning to wonder if there were other people pregnant or with babies, cos although it's a small pebble, it's not that small!

My husband's a teacher, whereabouts do you teach? He's primary, what about you?

Hope to be meeting you both soon!

IBlameThePenguins Tue 07-Jul-09 16:04:24

OOoooh! Isnt it a small island! I'm a Speech & Language Therapist & cover Cowes & East Cowes! How funny!

So sorry for my late reply. We have had a complete diaster with the house! We still don't have internet (have just managed to take a sneaky peek at work!) Would be great to all meet up, if you're up for it...Sunny, if you're still up for lunch, I have mon or weds free. i right in thinking there's a welsh connection there? I have also found a lovely children's center with lots going on in Carrisbrooke...wouls well recommend the NCT classes too!

Maybe see you both soon.


Sunnyjac Tue 07-Jul-09 17:21:44

Afternoon all!
I can't do tomorrow but how about Monday next week? We could all meet up at the hospital, maybe 12.45?
Hope you get the disaster sorted quickly

Lynsey78 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:04:49

Hello Ladies!

Just registered with mumsnet and found this post!
I'm lynsey, 16+4 with baby number 2,have a little girl aged 3 and based in Ryde. I guess 2 of you ladies are quite a bit further on now? And Dysgu, you must be gearing up for returning to work??
Good to be able to chat with other Island mums - i don't know of any one else who's preggers at the mo and it is nice to have a natter about it all!!

Dysgu Thu 27-Aug-09 21:28:13

Hello all - if anyone is still around.

Yes, I am getting ready (and excited!) about getting back to work - next week.

We really should try to get a group meeting set up sometime. I also have a 2 year old although she will be 3 next month (so is busy telling us what she would like for her birthday!)

Sunnyjac Fri 11-Sep-09 19:13:35

Afternoon ladies, and welcome Lynsey78! I've been on holiday which is why I haven't replied recently. I can't imagine getting ready to go back to work, I'm starting to think about leaving! Hope it's going well for you. So, when should we meet?

ThePhantomPlopper Fri 11-Sep-09 20:12:46

Oh me too.

I'm in Shanklin, 9 weeks pregnant with DC3, have a 3yo DS and a 19mo DD.

tickertails Mon 12-Oct-09 15:32:28

Hi ladies. Just discovered this post. I am due Xmas Eve and was looking for antenatal meetings and fitness classes when I saw this chat.
Been living in East Cowes since June. How is everyone doing anyway? Hope you are all well

Dysgu Sat 31-Oct-09 23:50:57

Hello all

tickertails my DD2 was born on Xmas Eve last year - 5 weeks early and something of a surprise even though DD1 had arrived 8 weeks early. Obviously we were in denial.

is anyone still around.

IBlameThePenguins Mon 02-Nov-09 20:52:43

Hi all,

I haven't posted for long, in fact that i have now had my baby, who is 8 weeks old!!

Anyway- i'd really love to meet som othe island mums if anyone is still up for it?


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