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Due April 2009 - Episode 13 - Springy's getting married in the morning, Ding Dong the April mums will shine (or at least swell some more!!

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SmuttyNuttyTaff Tue 17-Feb-09 16:46:41

here we go

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BoffinMum Tue 17-Feb-09 16:49:36

That is why he is doing it, Frekkles. Precisely because you are expecting.

KittyCatIsGettingFat Tue 17-Feb-09 16:59:18

Love the title, Nutty!!! grin

Frekkles - we love you... don't be sad, it's HIM with the issues, not you! you're a brilliant, clever, gorgeous, fabulous woman who's found a man who appreciates her properly, and with whom she's starting a family. That is what is important, not your ex's mental state... <<<<<<<HUGS>>>>>>>

SpringySunshine Tue 17-Feb-09 17:00:36

<<hugs frekkles lots>> It'll get better, lovely. We're here if you need to moan, don't worry about being self-indulgent.

Bleu, perhaps you should get a special bag to avoid the lycra grin

Aww! Yay at the thread title! 3 more sleeps until I'm a married lady!

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:03:56

Thank you for saying that Smutty I sometimes feel a bit on the outskirts as Im not very good at just jumping in to the middle of a discussion. That or you are all being that smutty that I am just too sweet and innocent to be able join in!!

Thats not to say I think you should stop though as I think if anyone outside the thread actually read through some of our discussions we would definitely receive an award for 'The Most Entertaining Ante-Natal Thread' as I am often to be found giggling away to myself at what someone has got up to.

Another reason I thought I had better take part is that I told DH the other day that he would have to come on here and announce her birth for me and he point blank refused to do it so you would never get to know!

SmuttyNuttyTaff Tue 17-Feb-09 17:03:59

BUDDY SYSTEM DETAILS!! (for those who missed it on episode 12!)

right GIRLIES listen up

if you would like to be included in the birth/labour buddy system please e-mail me at

please include in the email :-

a contact number (pref mobile for texting)
email that you want to use so i can send you your buddy details (if not the one you're sending from)
your MN name (incase i get confused, v possible)
your due date (as above)

i will sort out groups after i get your info and put regulars with regulars and straglers with stragglers if thats ok?

do give me a lil leeway on getting back to you, i will be as quick as humanly possible any problems once info has been swapped then feel free to mail me

love n kisses ME

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SmuttyNuttyTaff Tue 17-Feb-09 17:05:06

and the List

29 Mar : WhatFreshHell, DS 2.4 born on Easter Sunday
30 Mar : BabyBolat: 1st timer

01 Apr : Rachelinscotland: DD 2 years 10 months, and DS 18 months
01 Apr : Chickenbalti: DS 4 years DD 17 months
02 Apr : BoffinMum: BOY! dd(21) ds(10) ds(7)
02 Apr : MathsMummy27: GIRL! DD 3 years
03 Apr : skiingone: DC1
03 Apr : purlease: 1 m/c, 1 DD 3 years
03 Apr : Kalikaroo: SURPRISE! (28), 1st timer, lives in Scandinavia (but too shy to say where!)
04 Apr : Bleuravin
04 Apr : babypringle: 1 DS 2yrs 1 month
06 Apr : ToastnHoney: first timer
06 Apr : Mummyontherun: DD 22 months
07 Apr : Picklelala
08 Apr : LuLuBai: 1 DD born 02 Apr 07
09 Apr : Oddeyes (30): GIRL! DS 17 mths, 1 mc. London
09 Apr : Barbarella: 1st timer, TRIPLETS
10 Apr : hopeful1
11 Apr : mrsfossil: 1 DS 6.5
11 Apr : Bubbaluv: 1 DS 1yo
11 Apr : SpringySunshine: BOY! 1st timer.
12 Apr : Brettgirl, 1st timer
12 Apr : Mumblemumhome4lunch (37, Swindon): DS will be 4 on 11th April, DD 2yrs and 1month
13 Apr : Dungungirl(30): BOY! 1 m/c, DS 4 years
14 Apr : AuldAlliance: DS3.8 BOY!
14 Apr : Wellbalanced: first timer
15 Apr : claireykitten: GIRL! DS 12 months
15 Apr : electra
15 Apr : Sarahmum: DS 10yrs
16 Apr : tristaleejac(25): 1 ds, 3 years
17 Apr : Surprisenumber3(32): DS1 9 DSS 9 DS2 5 GIRL!
18 Apr : gingersarah: 1st baby
19 Apr : Kittycatisgettingfat (29) 1st timer
21 Apr : B52s: DS will be 2 and a quarter
21 Apr : Staryeyed
21 Apr : Schulte
22 Apr : PuzzleRocks: DD 21mths GIRL!
22 Apr : soon2befamilyof4 DD 13 months.
24 Apr : conkertree (27): DS 17 months
24 Apr : Bronze (Gawain) - 4th DC
24 Apr : Frekkles
25 Apr : Swaliswan: DD 17 months
27 Apr : Bicnod
27 Apr : Carameli
27 Apr : ilovesummer 3rd dc
27 Apr : purplemonkeydishwasher DS 3yo
29 Apr : lauralou1 1st DC
30 Apr : Nutty Taff (27) DD nearly 5 GIRL!

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LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:06:36

Springy I was thinking about you, weddings and marriage this morning when I was out. There was a very elderly couple holding hands as they waited to cross the road. She was looking in the opposite direction and he instinctively moved his arm to protect her as my car drew near. It was just a subtle gesture but so lovely and really reminded me of what marriage is about - decades on still looking out for each other every minute of the day.

SmuttyNuttyTaff Tue 17-Feb-09 17:07:35

Thanks Kitty but direct your lovely praise BB's way, as twas her title grin

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SpringySunshine Tue 17-Feb-09 17:09:06

Ohhh, that's so cute! I love old couples - they fill me with hope.

I get to say 'DH' soon grin (Clearly this is the best reason for getting married wink)

BabyBolat Tue 17-Feb-09 17:09:38

We have to make sure this thread lasts until her wedding day! no 3-day missions for us or the title will be in vain!!

Look at your organising skills Smutty! so impressed!

Frekkles ((hugs)), he is such an ar5e! Wish I could come up there and bopp him on the nose for you!

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:09:39

You are proper mum material Smutty I cant believe how organized you are! I would have made the first post and then just presumed that everyone would see it and respond but no you make sure we all know what we are doing and when we need to do it by and you make sure we have nice new threads with fun titles to be able to put all our inane ramblings onto. Wonder how long this one will last? It has to last until at least Thursday night or the title is all lies!

LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:10:32

Clairey - don't be silly. It is hard work keeping up with this thread and I did feel a bit daunted coming back after several weeks abscence but I have to say it is by far the best thread I have ever been on (must admit that I abandoned the ones I was on when pg with DD blush, and then changed my name blush blush)

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:11:08


Well at least we all think the same way about you Smutty!

LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:12:27

(Clairey that was in response to your previous post rather than the one just above).

OH - and to clarify the name changing, thread abandonment saga was not actually on MN but a couple of other forums.

BabyBolat Tue 17-Feb-09 17:13:01

Ah as we are sharing cute stories - DH made me love being married last night, I got home and he was waiting for me, bath run with my favourite smellies in, we had a bath together and laughed until the water went cold, then shared dinner (I said I wasn't hungry and didn't want dinner then proceeded to eat half of his with the fork he bought in for me just in case) then we curled up on the sofa, watched a bit of TV and then had an early night and spent the whole night snuggled up with his hand on my bump! ahhh

I then text him this morning a very nice lovely message and asking what he was doing and this was his reply.... 'pooing!'

Ahhh look at the love!!!

LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:14:28

grin @ BB

LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:14:29

grin @ BB

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:17:09

I never actually posted on a thread like this with DS. I was a lurker but I always felt like an outsider and ignored and they always seemed quite cliquey and bitchy so I didnt feel comfortable.

I have to say I didnt do that post so that you would make me feel good about myself but you have and its a really nice feeling. Silly as it may sound I am actually starting to feel like I have some friends I can talk to when I need to even though I never have and probably never will meet any of you. Its nice to actually have some friends for once!

SmuttyNuttyTaff Tue 17-Feb-09 17:18:39

Clairey & BB thanks blush smile blush

Frekkles ((hugs)) you know we're always here

BB - bless your sweet man grin the pooing text probably not so sweet grin

Springy - lol surely being able to write DH is the only reason you're getting married? grin lol

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Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:18:46

Lulubai - I worked that out eventually but I have to admit it did confuse me for a while!

BabyBolat Tue 17-Feb-09 17:19:21

Clairey why wouldn't you meet us - I need to put faces to all your names asap after the birth!! where are you based?

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:20:45

BB - thats the sort of reply I would get from my DH as well Im glad im not the only one.

Smutty - There is no other reason for getting married is there?

Claireykitten Tue 17-Feb-09 17:21:50

BB - Im in Wakefield - West Yorkshire so I think there is only Springy who is any where near me.

LuLuBai Tue 17-Feb-09 17:23:07

Clairey - pregnancy and babies are such a bizarre phenomenon that I find it really helpful chatting to people doing the same thing at the same time and experiencing the wierdness together.

It's a seperate thing, but I am amazed how well my NCT group gets on but decided not to do a refresher course or anything this time (I think I can remember how to give birth...)

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