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Fab Feb Thread: 22 on show........33 to go.......!!!!

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spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 14:43:19

Ooo I feel all important now. <hands baton back to Dinky>

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Astarte Wed 11-Feb-09 14:47:42

just marking for 'my threads'.

Have had a second sweep today, due yesterday. Literally willing her out.

spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 14:51:31

Good luck Astarte! sending you lots of good labour starting vibes. I have my 2nd sweep tomorrow.

You have to peeeeeee by the way wink When you have the baby you can graduate to squirting breastmilk a la Markstretch grin

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pluto Wed 11-Feb-09 14:52:39

Weeing on new thread. My baby is definitely going to be born on this one - yikes!

spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 14:56:57

grin pluto. It's really real now isn't it!

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MarkStretch Wed 11-Feb-09 15:00:25

Awwwww I miss the old thread, it had my birth announcement on it....sniff.

MarkStretch Wed 11-Feb-09 15:02:24

I have done NOTHING today. Apart from drink tea with a friend, feed the baby and eat lunch.

DH took my mum to the airport this morning, I miss her already, she well and truely spoilt me while she was here.

DH has gone to the pharmacy to pick up my laxatives, oh the romance!

lardybump Wed 11-Feb-09 15:04:55

Good luck astarte......... Spotty didn't realise you had had a sweep already I am so envy wish i had.... Have had a small amound of knicker snot (thanks for the expresion astarte I love it.) It is clear and very much like EWCM.... Hope this means something....

dinkystinky Wed 11-Feb-09 15:18:49

Spotty - you're a natural with thread titles grin

Just typed up birth story on old thread (took so long to type up message and catch up with thread missed the linking to this thread!) and stupid laptop wont let me copy and paste it on here! Short summary - waters went 5.30ish (DS offered me his potty for wee wee), contractions kicked off full on at 6.30, arrived at birth centre 9.15, in water at 9.30ish and Danny out at 9.48 (v chilled and alert). Had natural third stage and delivered placenta while breastfeeding DS2. Didnt get in water in time and birth was pretty fast and frantic so tore (somehow managed to tear my labia, damn perineal massage I did was in the wrong direction!!!) but have ordered my valley cusion for tomorrow and have my arnica, vit e tablets, comfrey oil, lavendar and sea salt in so all will be fine...DH, Danny and I stayed in overnight together which was lovely and got home about an hour ago. DS1 is napping (as is DS2 - all he's done is eat, sleep and poop so far - so much so that I'm not entirely sure what colour his eyes are yet!!) at mo so we'll introduce him to his little brother when he wakes up (Brio set from baby hasnt arrived yet but fortunately I bought a couple of back up baby presents to DS1 on Monday and wrapped those on Monday night so all should be ok)... he's had a lovely time running my sister ragged grin

Chilled - congrats on winning the fight on your homebirth! Sorry your DS is ill though - hope the chunder/snot has abated.

MoS glad you're home.

GTDAHB - congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl.

Rosie - sorry to hear about Milo's jaundice and your blood pressure worries; hope it all gets sorted quickly.

Neerly - sorry you're in so much pain. Catstar - sorry to hear about your blood pressure concerns; am pleased to report that Nkweto is right, my cold COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED for labour. So if you are about to pop, no need to worry on that score...

KT, Spotty - step away from the solvents (especially you Spotty)! Try accupuncture or reflexology to give your bodies the extra prod they need (less painful all round and prob more reliable than the solvents)

Hoping Pink, MrsY and QK are back on line soon with news...

lardybump Wed 11-Feb-09 15:21:46

Oh dinky that sounds like a lovely birth so pleased for you...

dinkystinky Wed 11-Feb-09 15:23:46

It was wonderful lardy; a million miles away from my experience with DS1. I was up half the night just staring at DS2 and listening to him sleep and thinking so this is the way birth is meant to be.... [soppy cow emoticon]

spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 15:34:57

Awww Dinky that all sounds so lovely - minus the tear of course. Hope you're not in too much pain. The post came just in time - Danny is number 22 grin

Lardy it was only as I was in DAU having my bits jabbed anyway - Consultant said they dont make a habit of it until 40wks usually

MS - sounds like we'll have another poo announcement soon then wink Hope DH mananges to keep you in the manner to which your mum made you accustomed grin

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KazzaL Wed 11-Feb-09 15:38:14

more new Fab Feb babies - congrats GTDAHB & dinky

'D' day +1 for me today and I'm willing No2 to stay firmly put, but I suspect it won't be too mcuh longer - had a nice pinky/brown discharge since monday now, but No2 is moving lots and it's def not my waters - MW says all is fine. Keep going to bed thinking maybe tonight is the night, but not so far.

Appt with the ob tomorrow afternoon where if last time is anything to go on, I'll be offered a sweep (don't want as want the ensuite finsihed before No2 arrives) and then they'll insist on putting a date in the book for an induction (don't want that either)

Slipped on the ice this morning and did the splits and my SPD/PGP hurts sooooo much now, but i need to go out again and get the cat's food from the vet and pick up DH's shirts from the cleaners.....

spottyshoes Wed 11-Feb-09 15:39:47

I know you were not on the original list GTDAHB but have added you too if that's ok smile

TinkerBellesMumandFifi2 - DD Sîan Anne Denise, 4lbs 8.5oz, 02.01.09 (due 01.02.09)
Dinkymum - DS Isaac Christopher, 5lbs 8oz, 19.01.09
Ooogs - DS Luke Daniel, 8lbs 6oz, 20.01.09
Herbgarden - DD Amy Hannah, 5lbs 14oz 23.01.09
idontbelieveit - DD Freya Rose, 6lbs 8oz, 26.01.09
laidbackinengland - DD Mabel Lucy, 8lbs 14oz, 29.01.09
tinasan - DS Enrico Marco, 6lbs 10oz, 29.01.09
onwardandupward - DC2, [I'll put name on fb], 8lb exactly, 30.01.09
stacysmom - DD Tabitha Rose, 6lbs 15oz, 31.01.09
MsLucy - DS Stanley William born, 8lb 7 oz, 02.02.09
LittleMissNorty, DS Ewan Scott, 6lbs 13ozs, 02.02.09
swampster - DS Jacob 7lb, 02.02.09
Jelliebaby - DD Olivia 7lb 3oz, 02.02.09
MarkStretch - DS Frankie 7lb 15oz, 03.02.09
Nkweto - DD Alexandra, 8llbs 11oz, 04.02.09
MamaGoose - DD Indigo Norah Rose, 4.15kg/9lb 1oz, 04.02.09
LittleBoyBlue - DS Luke Alan 7 lb 13 oz, 04.02.09
fgpl -DD Phoebe, 8lb 9 oz 05.02.09
McDreamy - DD Abigail Louise, 7lb 1/2oz, 06.02.09
Rosieposey - DS Milo John, 8lb 1ozs 06.02.09
mumoverseas - DS Harrison William, 3.1k, 08.02.09
Dinkystinky - DS Daniel Nikhil, 8lbs 6oz, 10.02.09
Givethedogahomebirth - DD, 8lbs 15oz, 11.02.09


Questionkid - DC1, due: 03.02.09 (age 33, Wallington, Surrey)
PinkTulips - DC3, due: 04.02.09 (age 24, Roscommon, Ireland)
KT1983 - DC1, due: 09.02.09 (age 25, London)
KazzaL - DC2 (suprise flavour), due: 10.02.09 (age 35, Cirencester, Gloucs)
Astarte - DC4 & absolutely the last! (a girl), due: 10.02.09, HWB planned.
jenniferturkington- DC2 (a girl), due: 11.02.09
Munteria - DC2, due: 11.02.09 (age 37, Putney)
TheHouseofMirth - DC2 (a boy), due: 11.02.09 (age 39, Wimbledon)
Pluto - DC2 CS booked: 13.02.09 (aged 38, Kent)
Ranirani - DC1, due: 13.02.09 (age 35, Herts)
Justme84 - due 14.02.09
Pempe - DC1 (a boy), due: 14.02.09 (age 29, Greece)
Littlesez – DC1 (a girl), due: 15.02.09 (age 28, Manchester)
Bunsen - DC2 (girl) due 21.02.09 CS booked for 16.02.09 (age 32, Leeds)
America - DC2 (a boy), due: 16.02.09 (age 32, London)
Scubagroover - DC1 (a boy), due: 17.02.09 (age 31, London/ Kent)
Rachrox - DC4 (a boy), due: 18.02.09 (age 28, Cheltenham)
Catstar - DC2 (a boy), due: 18.02.09 (age 36, Chessington)
Mentalpup - DC2, due: 18.02.09 (age 31, Cheltenham)
fruitstick - (a suprise), due: 18.02.09
DizzyBrummie - DC2, due: 20.02.09 (age 36, Berkshire)
Cocodrillo - DC3, unknown flavour, cs booked for 20.02.09 (age 35, London)
Calico1 - DC2 due: 21.02.09 (age 40, West Herts)
mrsy - DC1 (a girl), due: 22.02.09 (age 24, Maidstone, Kent
Neeerly3 - DC3 (surprise) due 23.02.09 (age 32, Mansfield, Notts)
Winemakesmummyclever - DC2 (a boy), due: 23.02.09. (age 35, Manchester) expecting cs @ 39 weeks
Spottyshoes - DC2, due: 24.02.09 (age 28)
Lardybump - DC2, due: 24.02.09 (age 34)
eejaykay - DC1 (a boy), due: 24.02.09 (age 34, London)
katieblirdsnest - DC2 due 24.02.09 (age 39, London)
Chilledmama - DC2 (a girl), due: 25.02.09 (age 32, Southsea)
Pinkbabybump - DC2 (a girl), due: 25.02.09 (age 36, Cornwall) CS booked for 20.02.09
ihavenewsockson - DS2, due: 26.02.09 (age 25, Surrey)

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dinkystinky Wed 11-Feb-09 15:42:53

Ouch KazzaL - that slip sounds painful. Hope you're ok. I had been having shows (pinky ones) since Saturday but no real contractions to take note of (all very easily ignorable) until after my waters broke so sounds like you may not be too far off if you've been having shows since Monday...

KazzaL Wed 11-Feb-09 15:50:16

my pubic bone joint hurts a lot and I grazed my hands on the road, but it's more just my pride that's hurt.

I don't want No2 to arrive yet as we're still sleeping in the spare room where the ensuite is being done and won't be finsihed till at least tuesday or wed next week. hmm was supposed to be done by last friday, but we've had the wrong worktops delivered twice and then the floor tiles got held up by french rail strike & bad weather and double bookings on the container ship - basically everything has consipred against us.

Astarte Wed 11-Feb-09 15:54:45

What a lovely birth that sounds Dinkystinky. Have squeezed out a little wee for the new thread, but the pressure of a performance was quite daunting, felt like you were all watching me wink

Tootling about the house, no contractions, just masses of pressure and rib/ backache.

Astarte Wed 11-Feb-09 15:57:20

Know how you feel Kazza, our utility room downstairs is mid refurb too. I'm just pleased the floor tiles are completed and the toilet in place.
No wall tiles or fittings yet, but it'll be completed once she gets here now.
38 weeks pg with no downstairs toilet! Honestly, it was like something out of bloody Billy Elliot, might as well have had to pee outside!

ommmwardandupward Wed 11-Feb-09 16:02:17

Congrats Dinky!

Was it you Rosie with the mw saying supplement with formula? Might be worth posting in the breastfeeding forum - I'm sure I've seen Tiktok about a million times saying The Very Best Thing To Help Your Baby Put On Weight Is More Breast Milk Because That's What They Are Best At Digesting. But go get Tiktok's advice

Calico1 Wed 11-Feb-09 16:03:29

GTDAHB and Dinky - fab news and great birth stories congratulations to both of you! xx

I'm wishing that I could have a water birth now, sounds fab (despite tear - ouch!)

KazzaL Wed 11-Feb-09 16:05:00

we don't have a downstairs loo - but it's in my plans though. They've done all the dirty work in the ensuite so we coudl move back into our bedroom, but no loo fitted yet, so I prefer to be in the spare room which is next to our family bathroom - otherwise I'd have to negotiate stairs & stair gates in the middle of the night grin

KazzaL Wed 11-Feb-09 16:07:08

AARGH - FB seems to have crashed/be down just when I was in the middle of uploading some pics angry

KazzaL Wed 11-Feb-09 16:08:28

has anyone else noticed how many news stories there are on the BBC today about parents abusing/killing their children shock it's very sad

KT1983 Wed 11-Feb-09 16:29:28

Huge Congrats Dinky & welcome to baby Daniel xx

Like the thread title spotty grin

Im still feeling rubbish - Still got a terrible headache & a few aches & pains elsewhere, tummy is very tight today & ive no appetite whatsoever - Strange for me. hmm

I saw the midwife today, who confirmed i had probably just pee'd myself yesterday (lovely!!) I couldnt persuade him to give me a sweep today, Ive got to wait until I go to the hospital on Monday sad

Ive just dragged myself to tesco & bought more RLT & cumin seeds & a pineapple for good measure.

Am also getting annoyed at people calling & texting to ask 'Is there any news yet?' 'Any Twinges?' 'Any Sign?'

KT1983 Wed 11-Feb-09 16:29:57

Sorry - moan over grin

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