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Due in July - part 4!

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Pamina3 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:02:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Bagpuss30 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:05:10

Thanks Pamina - computer can cope new .

Bagpuss30 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:05:30

or even NOW!!!

Pamina3 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:08:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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whimsy Thu 07-Apr-05 17:14:59

Oh a new thread Hope everyone is ok. Not much to report really have been off line for a couple of weeks so trying to catch up with everything. Not really sure what BH are as i didn't have them with ds, but my tummy does keep going hard (if that makes sense). My BP was down last week so i don't have to go to the hospital for 3 weeks which is great It's getting harder taking ds 2.4yrs along every week so the break is nice.

Bagpuss30 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:23:41

Pamina, I have copious amounts of tummy flab and still get them .

Whimsy, nice to see you back. My bump goes rock hard and at certain times I can see the position that baby is lying in which is a bit wierd!

webwoman05 Thu 07-Apr-05 18:06:54

Been rather busy with funerals and hospital appointments last couple of weeks but I am just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now so a quick update.

We had our meeting with the Doctor at hospital on Monday and they have prescribed asprin for me to take up until 36 weeks (to thin the blood) so as to try and avoid similar probs to last time. If ds2 looks on the small side after the next growth scan (28 weeks) and subsequent scans then they will deliver at 36 weeks. Would really like to try and hang on a bit longer this time but if it is of no benefit to baby I will have to go along with this plan of action! This would probably mean that ds2 will be born on or around my 40th birthday! Fantastic!

Everyone sounds like they are really starting to get organised and I am beginning to panic somewhat that we haven't organised anything so I think we are going to do a bit of rearranging in the bedrooms and move ds1 into the bigger spare bedroom and have the smaller room for the baby. Haven't bought anything yet.

Still getting dreadful heartburn if I eat too late. Sometimes I wake at 4.00am with heartburn, take some Gaviscon and then throw up so I am now addicted to Rennie indegestion sweets which seem to be doing the trick!

Whimsy and Bagpuss30 - my tummy tends to go hard too - very strange feeling. As it has been over 4 years since I was pregnant I seem to have forgotten loads but during this pregnancy I have felt so tired and sick. Definately old age!

Anyone else found that it is difficult to attend antenatal classes when you already have a child/children - they seem to be at really inconvenient times so haven't booked anything yet. Also feel bad that I haven't done any exercise for ages except for walking and some swimming on hols.

Any ideas or suggestions for some nice gentle exercise.

Sorry! Very long post! Hope you are all doing well.

Mollydolly Thu 07-Apr-05 18:09:40

Hi all, just back on as usually post from work either first thing in am or at lunchtime, but have been signed off work and our internet was down at home. As I am at home (and daytime tv is rubbish, expect copious amounts of messages from me in the next few weeks!! Hope all is well with all of you.

Harriett Fri 08-Apr-05 09:40:37

Hello all,
I am now paranoid as I have not had any braxton hicks. am I missing out as am also not having any strange cravings and I wanted the whole experience! I'm going to ask for my money back.
could I on a more serious note ask for your thoughts on sleep- I am finding it very hard to get comfortable and would welcome any feedback on miracle products etc.
thanks H x

mirashark Fri 08-Apr-05 11:17:26

No BH for me either! I didn't know they were being handed out around now, drat I've been missing out too. And I haven't had a single craving although that's the only thing people seem to ask me, I suppose it's the more publicised thing about pregnancy since it's a little bit more lighthearted than discussing your piles, heartburn, backache, etc etc. ;)

Bagpuss30 Fri 08-Apr-05 11:25:56

Harriett, in that case, you can have my cravings for cheese and fish (including a prawn sandwich which I just had to have the other day ) and also my very uncomfy BH - they take my breath away - trust me, you are not missing out on much .

Full body pillows or V shaped ones are really good for getting comfy at night. I try to make sure I have a bit tucked under my bump and also a bit inbetween my knees. The only trouble is when you have to change position as I end up having to get out of bed and rearrange everything before getting back in.

This pillow looks good to me . HTH

AussieSim Fri 08-Apr-05 11:25:56

Now I am in my 3rd trimester I have started on the Raspberry Leaf Tea (try to get the organic stuff). If you are worried about no BH, which is just a sign of your womb getting ready, you might want to drink 2 or 3 cups a day - that is once you are 28 weeks + I find it quite hard to do while looking after my DS, especially as it doesn't solve my sugar cravings the way that a cup of hot chocolate does, but I will keep striving.

Pamina3 Fri 08-Apr-05 11:28:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Pamina3 Fri 08-Apr-05 11:29:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Harriett Fri 08-Apr-05 13:31:19

thanks for the hints, another good excuse to go shopping!

OzJo Sat 09-Apr-05 04:50:12

Hello everyone, everyone is being bloody organised talking about hospital bags! Makes me nervous. I didn't have one last time round as I was so sure it would be a home birth...then of course whisked off to hospital in a disorganised rush. I seem to remember I had a comprehensive list of CDs that I thought would be vital...and really didn't get the chance/feel like listening to them anyway. I think I've been having Braxton Hicks, I couldn't feel them last time, which is apparently very common first time round, this time I've been caught out a couple of times with something that felt like severe stitch pain, starting out from the left hand side for some reason, that eases off after a couple of minutes. Have to admit I was a bit freaked first time round, then thought it must be BH, ( still not 100% sure )..I have been warned by a friend that the " after pains" are alot worse 2nd time round, ahh the joys. Anyone else up 8 times a night to pee? I must be rolling onto my back when asleep and the wee man is jumping on my bladder, or maybe it's a 3rd trimester type thing when the kidneys get extra blood again. I've found just sleeping with a pillow between the knees helps keep my back straight somehow.

hoxtonchick Mon 11-Apr-05 12:14:18

hello all, hope everyone's well. i'm 27 weeks now, does that mean i've lurched into the 3rd trimester or not? have got a bugger of an ear infection, on my 2nd course of antibiotics. so am sitting at home on mumsnet rather than working - yay! i feel enormous, bit worried about just how big i'll be by the end. ah well, not too many more weeks to go....

Eulalia Mon 11-Apr-05 18:11:24

Hi there - been away for awhile as I've had toothache which the dentist thinks is a gum infection as the tooth itself looked fine. He's not allowed to do fillings anyway while I am pregnant. I am on a course of antibiotics. Now I have dd's cold and a touch of earache but at least I can eat again. Had 4 days of eating mush as it hurt so much!

dd is 3 on Saturday so am busy organising a birthday party for her.

No BH here (24 weeks) but didn't get any noticeable ones the previous 2 times, also never had after pains either.

mrsdarcy Mon 11-Apr-05 20:09:31

Hi - can I join this thread? I'm 25 weeks pregnant with no. 3. DS1 is 5 and DS2 is almost 4. I am due on 26 July but will probably be induced around week 38. We have made no preparations whatsoever. Our excuse is that we've just moved house (er, 3 months ago!) and are still living in chaos.

MommyD Tue 12-Apr-05 17:28:48

Welcome mrsdarcy. I am also due 26th July. I also have two sons - ages 1 and 2 (2 year old about to turn 3). Do you know whay you are having this time? This will be our last and we don't know and will be having a 'surprise'. Gut instinct tells me another boy. All my friends are having boys (six babies born to friends in the last 5 months - all boys). Maybe it's boy year!

A few Braxton Hicks for me. Baby still kicking ALL the time (does he or she EVER sleep??). My bump is rather larger now and once again (like my other pregnancies) is all 'out front'. Anyone believe in the myth about out front = boys?? Anyone been 'out front' and had a girl? I am enjoying trying to guess this time - we knew the sex of both our other babies at 12 weeks! The suspense is killing me as you can probably tell!

mirashark Thu 14-Apr-05 00:17:18

My friend had a very defined up front bump and had a very strong feeling of a boy all along and out popped a little girl just to keep you guessin ;)

Lolasmum Thu 14-Apr-05 08:32:32

Welcome Harriet and Mrs Darcy.

My bump was 'up-front' last time. I had a girl. Same shape this time....

No BH's for me, well I don't think I've had any. I'm not sure if I had them last time either. Sometimes I get strange sensations, but I'm not sure if that's the baby moving.

Merryberry, enjoy your maternity leave! That's fantastic that you've been able to start so early. I'm due to work until the 1/7, exactly 2 weeks before my due date.

As to sleeping, I was given the worlds best pillow as a present last time from Blooming Marvellous. It's long and banana shaped. It's full of tiny soft beads and you can rest your head, bump and knee on it and get a (relatively) fantastic nights sleep. Dh isn't mad keen on it as when I've got that in the bed with us I never want to cuddle him. I love my sleeping pillow!

Pamina3 Thu 14-Apr-05 09:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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hoxtonchick Thu 14-Apr-05 10:36:44

got on the bus to work this morning, did my normal polite "excuse me, can i sit down please" & found i was talking to a friend! she thought it was hilarious (& gave me her seat), apparently i'm quite scary...

no bh here either, i don't think. didn't get them last time.

MommyD Thu 14-Apr-05 12:33:22

Pamina - was your bump shape the same for all three pregnancies? I'm having fun guessing what this little one will be. Anyone believe the faster heartrate for a girl myth? Both boys were 130-140 from about 30 weeks on.
Off for the first midwife/consultant appt in 5 weeks tomorrow.

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