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Evening ante-natal classes in Greenwich?

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cristina72 Thu 22-Jan-09 14:34:29

Hi there,

Does anyone know of any evening ante-natal classes in Greenwich? I have heard of Bump2Bubba but their site is currently down and I don't have any contact details. I work full time and finding it hard to attend daytime classes.


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pippibluestocking Thu 22-Jan-09 14:52:00

Have you looked at what your health centre / local maternity unit are offering? (I lived in SE London (Deptford) and mine were in evening at Deptford Women and Children's Centre (but not sure if still there). People from all areas of SE London went there. Also NCT often offer evening classes.

snackattack Thu 22-Jan-09 14:54:49

NCT for sure! Look at the NCT website.

america Thu 22-Jan-09 15:00:33

NHS (QEII) courses at least a few years ago were evening classes. They were at the clinic on Kidbrooke Park Road in Blackheath though...

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