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Page 28 | December 08 - a few babies under the tree still need unwrapping!

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EffiePerine Tue 30-Dec-08 22:17:42

New thread ladies. I have a feeling I will be talking to myself a lot wink

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katie3677 Mon 12-Jan-09 22:02:46

Mibbes I've started a routine in earnest tonight. Got her ready for bed and fed her quietly in the bedroom at 8pm and she went down a dream, still asleep now, will let you know how it goes...expect I'll be pacing the floor again in a couple of hours!

mibbes Mon 12-Jan-09 22:26:02

arti sorry I knew you had expressed ! Why on earth did I suggest FF ? Oh dear must be sleep deprivation blush, off to bed for me ! I really hope you get the bottle feeding resolved as I reckon it is vital for mummy's sanity to at least know that she could go out for a night out if she so desired.

mibbes Mon 12-Jan-09 22:30:05

Katie good luck ! I look forward to hearing your experience.

Well DS has slept for most of the day (due to being in pram/car) so have just woken him as terrified he decides to stay awake all night - so now he is screaming blue murder sad. Not expecting tonight to be a good one...

Veggiemummy Mon 12-Jan-09 23:25:22

Well it seems I have a very routine driven boy. We have been giving him a bath with his brother around 6.30pm then feed nappy and clothes change and then off to bed in his cot with some vigorous bouncing (not sure why but he loves the bouncing vigorously). But tonight we went fir an early dinner at Pizza Express because it my mums last night here in Derby. Jordy was fine at the meal but when we got after 8 he got the grumbles and has been squealing on and off since then. I have finally just settled him to sleep (fingers crossed) but I think he was not happy to have the routine. Ds1 was never bothered as long as he had somewhere nice to settle be it cot, pushchair or cafe couch he was happy and didn't fuss too much. Oh well as I said before hopefully he won't find living with a very disorganized mother we should be ok.

As far as the settling to sleep thing, what exactly is wrong with doing whatever works. If you really do feel you want to get them out of a 'habit' wait until they are at least 3 months old. But really you are not going to spoil them or make a rod for your back if you help to get them to sleep. And Cat cuddles arecalways good, I wish I could give you a hug but in lou of that give your LO lots instead. Oh and with the stressed traumatized thing even waterbirth babies can feel stress from the birth it is just a very traumatic experience for babies and there isn't really much we can do about that but ease them into the world with lots of cuddles and smiles.

SL I like you high end books versus low concentration books. I did high level English at school and loved studying literature, I love a really good well written, but I also have a secret love of Mills & Boon books, I used to read my Nan's extensive collection very sad but they just sucked me in.

Veggiemummy Mon 12-Jan-09 23:28:41

Is Verso ok? I skimmed some bits ad so far behind but going on some of your post she has dropped out from us for a bit for some reason. I would quite miss her if she is not on here, she has been a real constant and I like her sense of humour.

Veggiemummy Mon 12-Jan-09 23:30:00

Right must go to bed now he seems settled for now and I need to sleep as I am driving to Manchester airport and back tomorrow and don't want to be sleepy for it.

kayzr Tue 13-Jan-09 07:58:12


I've decided to go and see my HV about how I am feeling. I cry through most of DS2's feeds and it is starting to affect DS1 now. I was planning on waiting until my 6 week check but I'd rather do it now.

rosmerta Tue 13-Jan-09 08:00:16

veggie verso has taken a little break from MN as it was making her a bit more stressed. She's said she'll be lurking but not posting.

We had a good night last night, am hoping we've turned a corner now!

How's everyone else?

chutneymary Tue 13-Jan-09 08:24:10

<<waves frantically>>

Am sneaking on the internet even though it's not really working for more than about ten minutes at a time just to say hello. I haven't read the thread and probably wont get a chance to before it goes off again. However, I have a new internet provider so hope, once that's rigged up, that I will be here more regularly.

Really sorry for all who are struggling with sleep and feeding. Has anyone had a smile yet? I've only had ones which are wind related but am looking forward to the real mccoy soon.

Are we staying here til the thread is full then going post natal? We must all be done by now, surely.

Lots of love to you all.

JamInMyWellies Tue 13-Jan-09 08:36:04

I am making an executive decision we have all graduated now so off to post-natal we go.

Any thread title suggestions?

rosmerta Tue 13-Jan-09 08:38:26

Well done Jam on making a decision! How about Dec 08: Where we wonder what the hell we've done?

Hi Chutney!

rosmerta Tue 13-Jan-09 09:39:44

Or Its not wind, they are smiling!

katie3677 Tue 13-Jan-09 10:08:20

I'm still waiting for a smile as well, think I have a grumpy baby!

Last night didn't go too badly, but not perfect.I changed and fed her at about 8 o'clock, put her in the moses basket and she slept in there until 12 o'clock, woke a couple of times, but the dummy sent her back off. Fed her at 12 sitting upright so that I wouldn't fall asleep, she was a bit fussy and windy, and once she had fed decided to hold her for a bit to get her properly to sleep before putting her back in basket and lo and behold, fell asleep! Woke at three with a start and tried to put her back in cot, but she wouldn't settle as obviously hungry again. Then gave up and fed her in bed, where she stayed until 6 for another feed. DH put her back in cot after 6am feed, half an hour later she was back in bed with me, and she's still there now! Really need to find a way of not falling asleep with her and then we might have a bit more success.
Agree with Veggie though, if cuddling to sleep works for you then there is no harm in it. I didn't get DS's routine sorted until he was 3 months, and it was much easier at that age. I'm going to enjoy the cuddles whilst I can.
Hope everyone had at least reasonable nights.

mibbes Tue 13-Jan-09 10:25:43

DS is definitely smiling now (6 weeks tomorrow) and it makes all the trying moments worthwhile smile. He has been doing smiles that I assumed were wind from 2 weeks but loads of people have assured us they are real smiles and at this stage there is no question as he has actually started opening hs mouth and grinning widely grin.

Last night wasn't as bad a I had feared. Unsurprisingly he stayed awake after I feed him at 11.00, didn't cry just made loads of noise (grunts, squeaks etc..) then when he did cry I fed him and he settled at 12.30 until 5.30 grin then again until 8.30. After so little awake time yesterday am just so glad he slept smile.

zoejeanne Tue 13-Jan-09 10:53:12

grin to mibbes boy and his smiles, that's so lovely! I can't wait for a smile, but is anyone else already mourning the fact that their LO is not so little - already I'm looking at older babies and thinking 'I don't want Eloise to grow that big, I want her to be tiny for ever' sad

katie I've only fed DD in bed a couple of times as I'm paranoid about falling asleep and squishing her (I know your instincts are supposed to stop this, but I don't trust myself) and I've set up a comfy chair for night feeds, with a table with a drink and biscuits to hand (all the home comforts!) For some reason sitting in the chair makes me much less sleepy than sitting up in bed, don't know why, so maybe it would work for you(although I agree that if you and the baby are getting enough food and sleep then why worry)

I'm pleased to report a settled night after two difficult ones - I got to the stage yesterday when I was paranoid everytime she squeaked and rocked and cuddled her like crazy to keep her calm, and probably just annoyed her with all the attention. I am so pleased she (we) slept better last night and much calmer (and more human) again today smile

As promised, I've dusted off my calculator and worked out average weights etc from Bisou's latest list (posted on 6 Jan) - it looks like everyone's on there, but if anyone was missed off I can update the figures. The stats will follow ...

zoejeanne Tue 13-Jan-09 11:14:42

<drum roll> so here’s the top 10 facts about our babies. I’m a little blush to admit I’ve enjoyed playing around with the list to find all this (and also proud that my brain does still work a little bit!)

1 – We’ve had 60 babies between, weighing a total of 397 lbs and 9 oz shock. Oh my god!

2 – The biggest baby was katie3677’s daughter – who weighed in at 11lb 2oz. I think special mentions should also go to gettingbiggerbird for carrying 14lbs and 11oz of baby with her twins, and also to kayz for delivering her 10lb 5oz son at home and with the G&A running out on her.

3 – We had 13 babies arriving at under 7 lbs, 16 between 7 and 8 lbs, 9 between 8 and 9 lbs, 7 between 9 and 10 lbs and 5 at 10lbs plus.

4 – The average weight was 7lb 15.2oz – and Amy123 and Veggiemummy’s boys were the closest to this average. Catdean’s son was the very middle of the list.

5 – We have 33 boys and 27 girls, with the boys being heavier than the girls (boys average weight was 8lb 2.5oz and girls was 7lb 7.2)

6 – 36 of our babies were on time, 20 were late and just 3 arrived on their due date. On average the early babies came 8 days early, and the late ones were 6 days late. There wasn’t a huge amount of difference in weight though, with the early babies averaging 7lb 8.7 oz and the late ones 7lb 15.6 oz.

7 – 8 of our babies were delivered at home, and were heavier on average than the hospital babes – so very well done to those who delivered at home with minimal pain relief (says she who had a littl’un and loved her epidural, and is therefore in awe of those who did it without!) The home birthers weighed in at an average of 8lb 2.1oz and those born in hospital averaged 7lb 11.7oz.

8 – 17 of our babies were delivered by C/S, and these were heavier on average than those delivered vaginally (C/S average weight was 8lb 2.4oz and vaginal average weight was 7lb 10.2oz).

9 – 19 of us had our first child, and 39 already had children. The first timers had smaller babies – 7lb 3.3oz compared to 8lb 0.2oz for those with older children.

10 – We all deserve a big pat on the back for being excellent mummies and having gorgeous babies – three cheers to the Dec 08 Mums smile

kayzr Tue 13-Jan-09 11:21:04

That is great Zoe!!!

It is really interesting to read it all.

katie3677 Tue 13-Jan-09 11:42:11

Zoe that's fab, you are clever, I wouldn't have a clue how to work all of that out. Sorry that my Amazonian baby probably screwed with the averages a bit!

JamInMyWellies Tue 13-Jan-09 11:48:46

Thats brilliant Zoe.

here we go girls new thread

poisondwarf Tue 13-Jan-09 12:50:20

Hiya everyone,

Just a quick one from me - no time to do a proper catch-up, just profiting from a rare moment when I have 2 hands free (DD is not very putdownable, and I'm far too impatient to type one-handed).

Congrats to emmanbubba on the birth of Amber. Wish I could lose my bump as easily as you have!

Sorry to hear about all those of you who are having torrid times - I had a terrible time with DS and remember all too well how hard it can be. I second what Effie said about it not affecting them long term as well - DS's first few weeks were full of stress and anxiety for all of us and he is a happy, well-adjusted and simply lovely child (most of the time). I'm counting my blessings this time round as DD is an easy baby. She's 5 and a half weeks old now and is just starting to smile. Already I think I can discern that she is more nervous and less outgoing than DS. Can't wait to see how her personality develops over the next few months.

We have a date for moving out of London - 1st April. Would be lovely to pack in as many meet-ups as poss before then. Would anyone be up for a proper big meet-up in Central London at some point between now and the end of March? There are quite a few of you I haven't yet met and it would be nice to put faces to names, and some of you that I've already met and would like to see again before my exile.

simmo14 Tue 13-Jan-09 14:04:25

That is brilliant. Like the stats
Just checked back and realised that I still have not posted my birth story so will quickly post it and then go and check out the post natal thread.
On Saturday 27th ( my due date) woke up at 5.30am with mild contractions. Started timing them with the digital alarm clock- not very accurate!) they were roughly every 10mins and lasting 30 secs. Not very painful. DS had a lie in til 8. DP woke up at 8am- told him I was having contractions and he rolled over and went back to sleep!!! At 9.30 he got up and used all the hot water- i was just about to have a bath.At 10am I had a text from my Mum who is a 2 hr drive away to say she was going to bingo with my nan later and would have her phone with her if I needed her to look after ds. I phoned her and asked her to come down as was having contractions.She arrived 4 hours later as their had been a crash on the motorway. At 3pm I phoned the hospital as my contractions were getting closer every 3 mins and longer about 50 secs and stronger- Thank you for whoever recomended contraction master.
At 3.30pm the midwife told me I was only 3cm dialated and the baby was not fully engaged but I was able to have gas and air and stay on delivery unit.
DP popped out for some foood at 5.30pm when he got back I was in quite a bit of pain and he got the midwife back in. She was going to recheck me at 7.30pm. At 6.15pm I was asking for an epidural as the pain during contractions was really hurting. She said she would examine me. I was 7cm and whilst she was examining me my waters broke. This was the most painful part and caused a rapid descent on my baby down the birth canal. I was now sreaming for an epidural only to be told I could not have one as it was too late but I could now push as the babies head was in view.
The longest and most painful 10 mins of my life then followed. 4 pushes later out little (6lb 14oz) girl was born with the mid wife taking the gas and air off me as she said it was stopping me pushing shock
The birth was a lot more painful than ds (not sure why) even though she was almost 1lb lighter. She had some congestion to start with- according to my notes it was due to her rapid decent. But all clear`at the 5 min check
I do wish I had known I could be discharged after 6 hours as I spent the night on a ward having very little sleep.
DS has been a star with his new sister- Samantha Jo Alana.
Just wish I could have a few more hours sleep between feeds.
Off to catch up the post natal thread now. I have only had time to scan over this thread over the past week. Hope to be on more regurlarly now wink

hattyyellow Wed 14-Jan-09 09:56:14

morning all,

kayz, huge hugs to you, hope the health visitor is sympathetic and supportive.

turnip, congrats to your friend with twin pregnancy! i've been wondering how gbb is getting on too..

re night feeds, i stopped co sleeping after week 1 both times as i was just sooooooooo tired that i felt wired and worried the whole time that i'd injure dd. she will settle in moses basket at night now but during day its hard to get her to go to sleep..and in evenings i feed her and she then falls asleep on dh who wakes her for her formula top up last thing...that feed really keeps me sane, just knowing i can switch off for one point each day..i know she technically shouldnt fall asleep on him but shes still so tiny..our twins didnt go for routines until 6 weeks and they are great sleepers now..i think hv's rush in too fast to talk about bad habits at a few weeks old..

my health visitor is coming tmrw and the first thing she said on the phone was that i was mad to breastfeed with two kids already at home as well!!!

am trying to take things one day at a time, when i have more sleep i'm fine, when i have a bad night and then all 3 kids at home i'm a bit of a wreck! and i can't wait for some milder weather to get out more also!

those of you at 6 weeks and beyond are the nights getting easier? (clinging to straws of hope emoticon!)

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