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December 08 - a few babies under the tree still need unwrapping!

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EffiePerine Tue 30-Dec-08 22:17:42

New thread ladies. I have a feeling I will be talking to myself a lot wink

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CatDean Tue 30-Dec-08 22:50:40

Message withdrawn

mibbes Tue 30-Dec-08 23:34:02

oops posted on the old thread - have posted xmas pics of the wee man smile

rosmerta Wed 31-Dec-08 06:54:33

thanks for the new thread effie*

re the baby whisperer I found ds1 didn't start to stay awake after feeds until about 4-6 weeks old, there's no point trying now I've found!

Re routines, I've found that watching ds2 & noting nap/feed times etc you realise they are in a routine & its better to follow their lead rather than to try & force them into one. I was lucky in that both ds's seem to put themselves on that easy routine but ds1 really hated it when I tried the GF book! I hated that one too!

rosmerta Wed 31-Dec-08 06:56:06

mibbes he is gorgeous! & you're looking really well too!

EffiePerine Wed 31-Dec-08 07:25:09

Hello Cat: hope you got some sleep

<waves to Rosmerta>

<heads off to check Mibbes' photos>

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EffiePerine Wed 31-Dec-08 07:27:47

<melts at Xmas photos>

you are looking v glam Mibbes

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kayzr Wed 31-Dec-08 08:20:54


Mibbes He is lovely and you look great!!!!

Dylan slept through last night and guess what. I woke up every 1 to 2 hours either to have a coughing fit or in a panic because he hadn't woken up.

I did have a real long post written then we had a little power cut and I lost it all.

I hope everyone is well and Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Olipop Wed 31-Dec-08 09:05:04

Sorry not been on for a while ...nothing to report I am afraid.

Bisou - congrats on surviving your epic birth. It's always a shame when you hear of mums having to go through all the pain and then ending up with an ESC at the end anyway. You sound very peaceful and calm!

Indith, WG, Hatty congrats on your wee ones!

Turnip Sounds like you are imminent!! Good luck! Hope it has happened!

I am now 40+3 and getting mightily fed up! SPD is very sore at night and I am just getting a bit fractious! Went to the docs yesterday and got a meptid script so holding my own opiates in the house now!!! Bloody well hoping that something starts happening soon. Oh's lonely here at the end isn't it! Been seeing people lots as I keep thinking that if I plan stuff it is bound to happen! It was my mums b'day yesterday and we had 14 round for dinner! Admittedly I didn't have to cook (it was all bought round ready prepared!) but even that didn't prompt labour! I'm wondering about throwing a massive party tonight!
Went to Kew Gardens yesterday and DS had his first experience of iceskating! Very sweet.

Hope you are all surviving the sleepless nights.

Ros you can always call me if you need a rant. I am worried about how I will cope with all that too. I remember feeling a bit like that with DS and am sure it will be worse with two. (hugs xx)

rosmerta Wed 31-Dec-08 09:41:41

Have my first full day on my own with both boys today! Not sure if we're going to make it out of the house grin

Oli hugs to you too! I'll give you a call later if you're about?

kayz am envy at Dylan sleeping through last night! Ds2 is good but he always wakes up at 3am, 5am & 7am.

EffiePerine Wed 31-Dec-08 10:00:16

Oli:: glad to see you're still here! Am having more cramps and feeling a bit sick, but can;t tell if it's significant or not - certainly nothing like how I felt with DS. So may be something completely unrelated. Off to take DS to the park in the hope that it will either get things going or stop me feeling crap!

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emmanbump Wed 31-Dec-08 11:34:36

Hi All,

Effie thanks for the new thread.

I'm 40+4 today and no signs of baby yet. I hadn't expected to go over due shock.

Surely those of us that are still waiting to meet our precious bundles will go on this thread?!

Hope everyone is enjoying their new babies (when they are sleeping and not damaging nipples etc).

Happy new year!! x

emmanbump Wed 31-Dec-08 11:37:56

Ooops forgot to say congratulations Hatty!!! grin

Bisou Wed 31-Dec-08 13:01:34

Happy New Year from AUSTRALIA!!! grin grin grin

IceCube Wed 31-Dec-08 13:48:33

Baby Icecube (Thomas) was born on 29th December at 8:30 weighing 9lbs 2oz after an indution that went a bit wrong.

Haven't read any of your posts yet so hope everyone is well and congrats to any other new mums who have popped since I disappeared to have my baby, will post a birth story when I have time.

traceface Wed 31-Dec-08 14:13:19

hello all! Thanks for the new thread Effie

Not posted for a day or so so have just been catching up...

well last night was horrid - Phoebe just will not sleep on her back!!!! She even cries on her side as well now - I'm sure she's got reflux because she panics and then vomits when I lie her down. Anyway, after 2 hours of me crying and her crying, DH took her in the other room and said he'd just cuddle her till the next feed (this was 11.30pm). He came back with her at 3am -I asked if he'd held her the whole time and he said "no, I just put her in the cot on her front". I was a bit shock but he said he'd stayed awake to keep an eye on her. Then she fed and refused to settle again (Screaming, kicking, puking...) so I put her on her front and she slept till 7am. I am totally contravening the cot death laws...but when my instinct tells me she's in pain on her back and she's surely more likely to vomit and choke if she's on her back, then maybe my instinct should over rule the guidelines? I just don't know!!! It's so hard - to think I worried so much about whether to get a new mattress because of risk of cot death, and now I'm sleeping my baby on her front! My mum says in her day they were told to sleep us babies on our fronts!!!

My CPN has spoken to my consultant and I've got to increase my anti-depressants, but I'm ok with it and at least I'm being looked after.

Happy new year Bisou - and thanks for the updated list - you really are very efficient!!!

I registered Phoebe's birth this morning so now she officially exists!

and I've eaten way too many Maltesers today blush

JamInMyWellies Wed 31-Dec-08 14:53:48

Hi all,

trace why dont you buy one if those moniter things that goes under her mattress then you dont need to worry too much about her sleeping on her front.

Ice congrats, lovely name.

Kayz am not listening all night envy DS2 woke at 3am then DS1 woke at 3.30am both were awake for 2 hours!! DP" helpfully stayed asleep. hmm

Oh got to dash boobs needed.

kmp1 Wed 31-Dec-08 16:07:18

Hi Ladies, wow amazing I found the new thread - I've been so crap at keeping up on here with all the madness of all the family visiting! Must admit I haven't been able to read over all that I've missed but gather most of the babies have arrived so congrats to all, and hang in there whoever is still waiting!
Hope you are all well and had a great Christmas! All the family went home last night landing back home in a few hours time actually! I'm always a little depressed after anyone leaves but this time it's a little harder since they were all here at once to meet DS and have Xmas and they all left on the same flight sad. Though it was chaotic and at times challenging (to say the least) with everyone here being new to doing the "mum" thing , I am still wishing they lived around the corner!
DS is great & although had problems with our Dog, she has now really started to be great with him - she was very concerned at first when he cried and also seemed a bit jealous, but gradually introducing her was all it took, and now with the flat back to normal with only DH and I here she is great with him, and just seems to want to sit really close by when I'm feeding him rather than looking like she wanted to pounce!
Anyway DS is a joy, and only small issue was he had not gained enough weight at first, mainly because there was a little bit of drama that happened one weekend, and the midwife had said that if I get stressed about anything it can stop the milk being released or something despite the fact that it will still be produced! Anyway subsequently, I was in a great amount of pain and thought my boobs would explode, and the only solution was a breast pump! So anyway,DH high tailed it to Boots and luckily it fixed the problem and I actually expressed over 220ml's in 45 minutes to the midwifes amazement! He took to the bottle really well, and so they had me feeding him and then topping him up with expressed milk for 5 days to get his weight up. He had no problem with that and seems to be quite the pig (perhaps taking after dad!)
Anyway DS has had a really busy first 3 weeks of life! he's been to the National history museum at 1 week old, and to the London Eye (although not on it as the lines were horrendous!) And done quite a bit of tube riding and visited some great London pubs! He has also been out while we walked to dog although his first time was a bit scary when DH decided to test the "off road" qualities of his 3 wheeler buggy! Seems to like his buggy, but much prefers the carrier / harness thing I wear, which also seems to help him get rid of the ever present wind issues early evening by keeping him upright!
I have run out of Infacol, but I think LadyT you recommended Dentinox, so I am going to try that from tonight.
We also having a similar thing with the sleeping that I think I read where he only settles in our bed? He isn't actually sleeping freely in the bed but rather in a sleeping positioner thing (which is really meant for the cot), but I put him in that first as I was too worried about rolling on him! Seems to work well as it's a super king bed, but everytime I try to move him to his cot he kicks off big time, so just hoping I'm not setting myself up for drama later? I heard they can't really be spoilt under 6 weeks old hmm Don't want this sleeping situation to go on too long but I had been so knackered that it really helped us in the 1st couple of weeks!
Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful New years Eve! (we are having a quiet night in with some bubbly - no surprises there!)

artichokes Wed 31-Dec-08 16:34:32

just book marking the new thread.
good luck to the waiting ladies.

we are another couple with the baby in our bed. she starts in the moses basket then tends to wake between 2-3am and take ages to settle after that feed. every night i give up and let her sleep next to me as i am sooooo tired. will tackle before 6 weeks but am in no big hurry.

on a bright note we went out for a lovely meal last night. dd1 had a babysitter and dd2 came in her phil and teds moses basket thingy and slept under the table. she did not wake all night so dh had a lovely birthday meal and most people didn't even realise we had a baby with us. i felt v proud to manage a whole night out at 12 days post-natal, it took months with dd1! having said that i expect to be in bed by 9pm tonight - bugger NYE, its always overrated abyway!

hattyyellow Wed 31-Dec-08 16:36:55

yAY I can get on this thread! huge congrats to all recent mums, those who popped early i'd like lots of stories about getting more sleep please!

those with toddlers already how are they reacting to newborns? my two are mixed, one seems fine the other very cross..trying not to feel these stabbing guilt pains about ruining their little world..

just to update you, had very quick labour..first contractions breakfast time, went in at 6pm, ursie arrived 9pm! had a episitomy which hurts like hell - she got stuck and suddenly lots of people in the room, they thoiught they'd need forceps but she suddenly popped out. was so pleased to get my vbac.

sorry for crap typing am feeding.

kmp you have my sympathies, we had a year in nz and i remember being so down after my family had visited, it must be hard with a newborn too - hugs to you.

has anyone else got a baby that hates being put down? any tips? she doesn't like baby bouncer/basket and m/w has just told me off for co-sleeping..any advice?

hattyyellow Wed 31-Dec-08 16:39:50

i love this thread..arti am so glad you're letting baby come in with you too..are you supposed to start being firmer before 6 weeks?

am trying to ignore nye too! well done for your night out! we had a nye drink at lunchtime with dd1 and dd2 whilst mum looked after ursula..was nice to get out!

artichokes Wed 31-Dec-08 16:54:21

congrats on your vbac hatty.

the 6 week thing is based on the idea that you can't build bad habits before the baby is 6 weeks old as they are too young to make associations. not that co-sleeping is a bad habit - if both parents want to do it and are committed then i think it can be a very positive decision. however, i know i would prefer dd in her moses basket after the first few weeks as i am a very light sleeper and wake more when a baby is in the bed. so for now i am loving the cuddles and snuggling up but long term i hope to indulge in them during the daytime only.

kayzr Wed 31-Dec-08 17:13:10

Arti and Hatty, DS2 is in our bed most nights too. Its very rare that he will settle in his moses basket. It just makes our life easier at the minute rather than struggling to get him to settle.

Hatty, Congrats on your Vbac!!!

I'm feeling a bit funny about feeding. BF is going so much better now and he is still having his formula top up before bed. But part of me really thinks we should give up BF. I have no idea why and its really bugging me. I am really enjoying BF but I still can't help thinking we should FF. Anyone else feeling confused or has felt confused before.

VersOComeAllYeFaithful Wed 31-Dec-08 17:43:58

kayzr I feel quite conflicted about bf this time too - mainly because of the amount of time it takes me away from DD1. I seem to constantly be saying, "not now" or "in a minute" - and then the feed takes ages so I end up letting DD1 down . If you're enjoying it though, why do you want to stop? I will persevere for now but am finding it less clear-cut this time round.

kayzr Wed 31-Dec-08 17:50:02

Verso Thats what I don't understand. I enjoy it and find it quite relaxing. I am worried about DH going back to work and then trying to find ways of keeping DS1 occupied while feeding DS2.

Have you heard anything about your money?

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