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Anoushkas Yoga pre-natal classes

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AnoushkasYoga Wed 24-Dec-08 10:29:46

Pregnancy yoga classes to help maintain health and vitality throughout your pregnancy. 12 week courses starting on 8th January 2009. Visit for more information.

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HappyChristmasYourArse Wed 24-Dec-08 10:39:09

Unless these are free classes you are offering, you do realise that you have to pay mumsnet HQ to advertise on this site?
People pay and post an ad in the 'small business ads' section as far as I know.

EmmaG8s Fri 29-Jan-10 13:13:18

I actually think this is useful. I love doing yoga, but I'm not sure what restrictions I have during pregnancy. Earlsfield seems a bit far though...

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