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Any help most gratefully received! : )

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jellysmum Tue 23-Dec-08 21:54:13

I am due on 3rd June and have had quite a hideous time of it over the last 2 weeks, when my bleeding started. I was expecting the worst, when I went to the EPU and they found a bouncy little one after the GP could find no heartbeat, and then totally freaked last Wednesday when I started passing clots and again was convinced nothing could make it and again a heartbeat was found. The bleeding has still continued and the uncertainty is difficult. I am meant to be in Malta now but was told not to travel, I have no idea what the difficulty could be and I don't know how much hope to hold out as I am tired of being afraid to go to the loo and tired of back ache ahead of clots (which have reduced quite a bit) and tired of bleeding! I know I can't have answers but some clues would be good, any one with advise please do get in touch thanks a million!

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neenztwinz Tue 23-Dec-08 21:57:52

How PG are you now? Once a heartbeat is seen miscarriage is very rare (I think it is a 5% chance of m/c after a heartbeat is seen, even as early as seven weeks). And after 12 weeks the chance of losing the baby drops to 1%. Try not to worry. Bleeding in pregnancy is very normal.

jellysmum Tue 23-Dec-08 23:12:38

I am 17 weeks pregnant. Sounds silly but you feel geared up a bit prior to 12 weeks, think you hit the safety zone and then bang this happens! smile

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MsG Fri 26-Dec-08 13:02:35

How are you doing now, jellysmum? Hope the bleeding has stopped. Have you told you to go back for another scan or anything, or just see how you go? It's great news that they found the heartbeat - very promising. I think that lots of people do bleed during pregnancy without really knowing why - hope it's this for you.

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