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Is there an NCT group in Rochester?

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LulaTallulah Fri 19-Dec-08 16:43:46

I am looking for one as I live in Rochester, but the nearest one seems to be Gillingham. Does anyone living in the area know? I'd rather not travel to Gillingham as I'm living in Rochester.!


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WindUpBird Tue 20-Jan-09 14:05:13

I know I am far too late to answer your message, but I thought I'd try anyway as I have only just spotted it whilst searching something else. The NCT you've found is the only one in the area. Ante-natal classes vary as to their location so sometimes they may be in Rochester - we've recently taken on a new ante-natal teacher and we're having lots of positive feedback! We run various things throughout the medway towns - Nearly New Sales, Bumps meals, under-5's parties, twice-monthly postnatal groups, monthly bumps, babes & toddler group (on a Saturday in Rochester!) cloth nappy hire, sling/baby carrier hire etc. And we're a very friendly bunch and always welcome new volunteers wink For further info contact the branch phoneline: 08442 436 204 Or you can CAT me through mumsnet

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