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Insensitive Doctor

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ThePippy Thu 18-Dec-08 16:17:03

I have a MMC and ERPC back in September and at the time my Dr said that they would be able to offer an early scan for reassurance next time round.

Anyway I had BFP last week and I have just been to the Dr's to register my current pregnancy as I am 5+1 based on my dating.

She was worse than useless. First she says I can't have a scan, as they are only for people in pain or who they suspect may have MC, and then asks if I feel pregnant, and to be honest I don't, but I think that is more to do with not wanting to believe after last time. Anyway, she asks if I have any symptoms and when I say nothing much, just some mild aching boobs, she winces in a "oh that's not good" kind of way and then suggests I keep doing tests weekly to make sure I am still pregnant!!

Mind you last time when I found out I was pregnant, and went to the Dr's all excited, her words of wisdom were "it's early days and they don't always stick"!

Nothing like making someone who is already a bit worried feel 10 times as bad!!

I am really angry and upset about it.

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TotalChaos Thu 18-Dec-08 16:20:48

sorry your GP was so dispiriting, mine was equally pessimistic after I had a little bleed. I really don't think it's worrying that you have few symptoms - at that point in my PG I had PMT type symptoms, it took a few more weeks for morning sickness to kick in. I'd phone up your local EPU, and see what their policy is on reassurance scans (as to timing/procedure for referral). Or you could always get a private scan.

mrsgboring Thu 18-Dec-08 16:23:57

Well I didn't get an early scan even after having had a stillbirth. My GP requested one, but they ignored him. Our local u/s dept is incredibly stretched at the moment. Most places are just before xmas

Your GP should have been nicer about it though, and ridiculous to suggest that lack of pg symptoms at 5 weeks is a worry; it's totally normal.

VersOComeAllYeFaithful Fri 19-Dec-08 08:33:09

that's terrible! can you see a different gp? mine (male) was great as i'd had 2 mmcs last year. I had scans fortnightly from 8wks for this pregnancy. (have three-week-old on knee, scuse typing!!)

FWIW aching boobs v normal in early pg and full-blown symptoms - including alarming period-type pains kick in a few weeks later. Other thing you can do is phone your early pregnancy unit at the hospital and ask for an early scan. They may say you have to be referred by your gp but it might be worth asking.

(Congratulations, by the way! )

ThePippy Fri 19-Dec-08 19:57:57

thanks everyone. I think I will see what Midwife says at 8 weeks meeting and then contact EPU if I get no joy!

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