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first time mum's-Who`s due in Jan 09?

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missyanna Thu 04-Dec-08 16:24:10

no, going to be a big surprise, do you?
I have put a lot its frigthning im wondering will it ever go baway as easily as it piled on. Fingers crossed.

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newmomma Tue 02-Dec-08 11:20:32

hi missyanna

i'm due 17.01.09 and saw the link to the above ante natal jan 09 link - it looks a bit daunting doesn't it - like you're barging in on something pre-existing... when are you due?

this is my first pg too - and on mumsnet.

very excited by it all - scared at how massive i've got in the last couple of weeks!

Do you know what sex yours is?

Age 30, Berkshire.

LulumamaLovesLatkes Fri 28-Nov-08 19:20:17 ing that sould be a link to it, or click on 'ante natal clubs' and look in the listing for jan '09

missyanna Fri 28-Nov-08 18:42:55

HI thanks, I did look but it seems to have gone on to other subjects now?

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LulumamaLovesLatkes Fri 28-Nov-08 18:12:48

Hi missyanna, congratulations, there should be an ante natal club for Due in Jan 09 if you have a look in the ante natal clubs listing smile

missyanna Fri 28-Nov-08 17:39:47

Hi Just looking for some company with other ladies at the same stage as me. This is my first pregnancy and first time on mums net, all very new to me on here. Age 33, Midlands.

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