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The Waters on the Wagon go Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

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sorkycake Thu 27-Nov-08 20:12:56

hopefully Kay is not far off

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glaskhamhasoneintheoven Thu 27-Nov-08 20:16:42

haha!! well i thoguht i better get myself on here today as i wont be on till sunday at the earliest now.

I'm off as DH is on his way home. Bye- have a good weekend everyone... Kay if you have baby i want a text (and maybe a little pic??grin) as i wont be able to get online!!


sorkycake Thu 27-Nov-08 20:18:40

I'm off for the night too. Enjoy your weekend Glas you lucky so & so!

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GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Thu 27-Nov-08 20:33:38

Hurray for the new thread. Thanks Sorky!!

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Thu 27-Nov-08 20:35:50

The list!

Scan list:

Nat - (nearly) 35wk scan - 27th Nov.
glaskham- 20wk scan- 28th Nov
gruff - 20 wk scan - 2nd Dec
diege - 12wk scan - 9th Dec
Ses - 21 week scan - 29th Dec
2bgandasnowglobe- 20 wk scan 5th January

Weeks list:

Kayz - 38 weeks(well on Friday) only 2 weeks to go!!
Nat - 34 weeks, better not be 6 weeks left!
tink - 33 weeks (thurs) only 7 weeks to go
Gin - 32 weeks 8 left!
Playing 25 weeks, 15 weeks left
GYo - 24 weeks, 16 weeks left
Cosmo 22 weeks, 18 weeks left
Gruff, 19 weeks, 21 weeks left
Glaskham - 19 weeks, 21 left to go
Ses - 16 weeks, 24 left to go
2BG- 15 weeks, 25 to go
Diege - 10 weeks, 30 left <groan>

MW apps list:

GYo- @ 25wks - Tues 2nd Dec
Tink- @ 36 weeks - 18th of dec - 3 weeks thursday
Glaskham- @ 25wks - Mon 5th Jan
Ses - @ 27 wks - Tues 10th Feb

LaTourEiffel Thu 27-Nov-08 22:01:24

Hi all - just so we're clear, Glask, Kay and NJ ALL have my mobey number and I def. expect an announcement text from SOMEONE if ANYONE has a baby whilst I'm not around grin

Work has been madly busy and very depressing and I'm absolutely knackered, my operation is just over a week away, and between now and then is madness business and hectoticness! We're off to my folks this weekend for DS 2nd birthday party (its his birhtday next week) then next weekend we're having a little party at home with DS friends' and on Sunday going to a local attraction park that has a winter wonderland theme for christmas. Then the op is on the monday and somewhere, I need to fit all my Christmas Shopping in hmm

Anyhoo, won't be back on till.....sometime.....just wanted you all to know I'm still lurking and looking forward to the next bout of scan pictures, bump updates and <<Kay, are you listening?>> birth announcements!!! grin grin

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 07:28:11


No baby I'm afraid. We did GOF last night, well at 4 this morning. Nothing happening so far but I did manage to get a decent few hours sleep afterwards.

I promise to text Glask, Nat and LaTour as soon as anything happens, if it doesn't start while on MN anyway.

I will update on the gender of Glask's baby as soon as she text's me.

Hope you are all feeling well this morning.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 28-Nov-08 07:50:39


Thanks for thread Sorky And I forgot to say thanks for that link last night, it was so interesting I spent the rest of the night reading it!

Good luck for scan today Glask Am looking forward to Kay's unveiling

La Tour, sounds like a busy time of it, hope you manage to get a bit of break in between all of that. Have a lovely weekend

Well, guess who is the bestest ever mummy in the world ever? Yes, it's me, or it will be, when the Wii Fit I've just ordered turns up. Yes you heard me right, I found one in stock! shock With the game that he want's with it as well Am actually quite pissed off that this Father Christmas bloke will get to take all the credit for my months of hard bloody work and searching sites and GRRRRRRR! S'not fair is it?!

I am off into town later, am going to treat myself to something not sure yet, but feel like it's ages since I bought something for myself, everything has been about the kids and xmas.... and it is our anniversary next week so will need to get DH something as well...

sorkycake Fri 28-Nov-08 08:50:10

Nat I was completely absorbed in that site as well last night. Reading those birthing stories it occurred to me that 2 and a smidge hours from first pain to birth with ds2 was rather fast!

I dunno, I guess I thought anything under an hour was fast.

Anyhoo, I wanted to thank you because we now have a plan of sorts which hadn't occurred to us to need before.

Yes the big red guy gets all the bloody credit doesn't he angry
We both sit bleary eyed on Christmas morning going " It must be magic!" to all the "how did he know I wanted xxxxx?".

Good luck at the scan today Glask, I'm thinking girl!

Well I'm sneaking off bedrest today to go jama shopping for me and some clothes for the baby, whilst Dh has the elder 2 out n about. It's taken to nearly 30 weeks girls but finally that broody chip has kicked in and I'm now truly sooper excited about the baby coming.

It took until nearly 22 weeks for me to acknowledge I was pg! Yesterdays nesting at 5am was the dawning of excitement and anticipation. Dh is relieved grin.

I bought my P&T last night as well grin

Okay, gotta do the breakfasts while Dh has a mini lie-in. See you later x

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NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 28-Nov-08 09:14:29

Sorky I was the same, DS2 was 2 hours from waters breaking to being born, I think 2 hours is sort of crossing the line between fast and very fast, I'm hoping for 10 mins or so this time! wink Might let him get away with 15 mins if there is someone around to make me a brew after!

Hoorah for P&T, what colour did you get? <nosy>

Not sure the excitment has hit here yet, got little bubbles of it while I was doing his nursery, but I think the last few weeks have taken over everything in my mind and actually the thought of that in 5 or so weeks there is going to be another little person in this house is a bit frightening! And then I think if I get my way and they do induce at me at 38 weeks, that is only 3 weeks away shock All of the ins and outs and scans and hassle, and possibly only 3 weeks left, and I've still not packed my bag! LOL

sorkycake Fri 28-Nov-08 09:30:57

Oh god I haven't got anything done. It's just occurred to me what the m/w meant when she said could we be a bit better prepared with this one blush.
We had nothing ready and he took us by surprise. Dh was running round trying to find towels to warm on radiators!
She wants my bag ready no later than 35 weeks.

Buggy is black. I didn't like the red, don't wish to make my feelings known on the camo, quite fancied the orange/apple, but felt 'safe' with black.
Haven't told Dh yet tho hmm

I'm going to sort the babies clothes for washing today...I AM, I AM, I AM!! I tried to do it a while back but failed miserably.

Atm my main concern is having new jama's, which will make me look like a yummy mummy when people visit for those first couple of days blush
Also, I do believe cashmere socks are going to be required!!
People are going to coo at my baby and say "Sorky you look fabulous!"

Nat I'm not even going to think about the baby arriving on time. I'm going to presume she comes some time from the 10th-20th and then hopefully avoid bitter disappointment that she's I really think I'll need another week to get ready at the rate I'm going hmm

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largeginandtonic Fri 28-Nov-08 09:33:08

Nj i don't know where the thread is but i have read your posts on here.

You know there is no guarantee that everything will be as fast again. Do you remember me having major panic attacks about delivering Beau alone as dh was away and we have no family nearby (closest 4 hours) and i had only lived here a year so no friends to ask either. Our hospital is also 40 minutes on a very good run, it is a town center too.

Beau was 10 days late and induced and took frickin hours (well 5) to come out.

ds#4 took 40 minutes and the midwife barely made it, hence my panic.

The consultant will not induce you unless there is a medical reason too. You need to plan a HB. The midife will deliver a pack (there is not much in it tbh) but she and her collegues will be on alert for you. They will take note of the fact you may labour fast. It is better to have the midwives ready to help than be alone with the boys, trying to get to hospital in a taxi.

It is safer to plan things than leave it to chance. Of course chances are you will go in to labour at night and dh will be with you, the boys snoozing and you will have the baby at home.

Even down to school run issues like going in to labour 10 minutes before ds finishes school (one of my panics) the school will hang on to him, they will phone and speak to you or the midwife and just hold him. One of the teachers will probably run him home. He will be fine and probably see it as an adventure.

I spoke to the school about it as i was so concerened. Then the children (4 of them) were 3 miles away in a school i had to drive to. No one could pick them up as they couldnt fit them all in a normal car!

Honestly i am with you on all of this but you must be clam. I am sure all the worrying i did thinking B was going to be super fast and i would be alone contributed to my utterly appalling labour with him. I was genuinely SO shocked that he was not born in the first hour of labour i lost the plot.

Calm thoughts Nat, it will all be ok. Plan for the worst and hope for the very best.

Kay are we predicting baby weights and dates? What is your due date?

Sorky have fun shopping envy and i am like you, just getting excited about this baby. My sis in law is due the week after me and i am much more excited about her baby. I will be an Auntie for the first time grin

Glas have a fantastic weekend away, we are still waiting for our honeymoon too...make the most of it smile

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 09:36:48

Sorky, you should have gone for the Apple one. Its gorgeous!!!!

I got some gorgeous pink socks yesterday for £2.50 from work. I did read in a magazine that they suggest getting some cashmere socks to wear during labour. They were £50 and the magazine said that you'd have to throw them away as they would get covered in blood and gunk. I wish I had £50 to spend on socks that I will chuck in the bin!!!

I really want him to come before the 8th. My brother is going to see Dad for the weekend and then Dad is coming up here from the 8th to the 12th(EDD) so I would like him to be here to see Grandad. But I reckon Dad has jinxed it.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 28-Nov-08 09:44:08

Sorky, good luck with the washing and sorting out, think I'll do my bag this afternoon when I get back from town (if I ever actually get to town, at this rate it will be middle of next week by the time I get there!)

LG&T, yep yep and yep, the thread is here last post is todays much more relaxed and chilled out post! He's gonna come one way or another and which ever way it is, I have to deal with it. Nothing else to do. As you say, plan for the worst, hope for the best.

I never got the cold feet thing, or if I did I was far too busy giving birth to notice how cold my feet were! I don't even know if I had socks on or not... I know I didn't have knickers on, can't remember anything else! wink

Diege Fri 28-Nov-08 09:52:59

Morning! Thanks for new thread SORKY smile
It's really interesting reading about everyone's birth experiences - seems so far away to me. I don't think I'll let myself believe I'm having a baby until the 12 weeks scan - very anxious about that, and can't really see beyond it if that makes sense?
GLASK - have a brilliant weekend! Very envy.
NAT, glad you are all calm and serene again hmm grin. Great advice from LG&T and SORKY there.
Have dd3 at home today, so better shift. Have found a new food I can tolerate - crunchy nut cornflakes!!! MMMmmmm had forgotten how yummy they were were ice cold milk smile

largeginandtonic Fri 28-Nov-08 09:53:30

Glad you are calmer today NJ smile

I know it is easier said than done. Shame you are not round the corner really, have not put my gloves on for 10 years now << sigh >> i miss the job.

I forgot to say that babies who come fast are generally in excellent codition. Practicalities include a ground sheet (the mess!) and towels. They can be slippery when first born. You will be amazed at how much adrenaline takes over, if you have to remain in control you will. You need to slip a finger round his meck once his head is out to feel for the cord, if you can feel it gently loosen and pull over his head. Wrap him up, wrap yourself up and wait. There is no need to cut the cord, it will be much safer to let your body get on with it.

The cord will continue to pulsate and all the placental blood will go in to the baby (physiological 3rd stage) this is good for him smile The placenta can take an hour or so to deliver by which time you will have midwives and paramedics galore in your front room!

So is he due the 8th Kay?

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 09:57:05

No he is due on the 12th. But I want him by the 8th. He is going to be bigger than 7lb 2oz, just so you know so you can make an educated guess.

Does anyone have a solution to DS trying to pull the curtains down or trying to push the tv off the stand? He refuses to play in the middle of the room where there is room to play but insists on driving his trains round the tv and then pushing it. I am going to rip all my hair out at this rate.

largeginandtonic Fri 28-Nov-08 10:04:20

Masking tape him to the wall grin

Right i am guessing 14th December and he will weigh 7lb 12oz.

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 10:12:32

Noooooo not the 14th. Its my brothers birthday. He would be really chuffed though.

I have a feeling it will be the 2nd December.

I could get some no more nails and stick his highchair to the wall with him in itgrin

I had a dream that I had him in the bathroom and my phone was downstairs and that DS was running round his bedroom like a loon. I had to carry new baby downstairs with cord still attached to ring for an ambulance and DH. I blame it on talking to DH about Nat's situation when we were lying in bed.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 28-Nov-08 10:13:06

LG&T you are brave, Kay will have your guts for garters if he isn't out by the 12th!

And yep, have read all about the third stage (did it all for DS2's birth though it all went to quickly and they cut the cord before I had chance to tell them not to, DH stood there and watched them do it, I was a bit grrrr till I realised he must have been in shock as well, not every night you get a phone call to say take your time but your wife's in labour, then turn up to see a head protruding out of her!)

OK, I am really going to town this time! See you all later

tinkisahugexmaspudding Fri 28-Nov-08 10:30:48


gr8 thread title sorky grin
cant believe how quickly my thread filled up

latour sounds like u have lots planned not long till op now
sorry that work isnt going so well

glas hi

regarding tv etc u will just have to keep telling him no he will eventually understand i remember when dd went through tose stages of not listening she would play with dvd player would say no would go back this could carry on for ages she did eventually understand it does pay off!!

nat ye for the wii fit you have done very well with pressies.
good luck shopping for yourself sounds gr8!!

sorky ye for ordering p and t i have gone for a red quinny buzz nearly chose an apple one decided would get 2 dirty!!
black sounds good
have a gr8 time shopping i luv buying baby clothes

lg&t - hi

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 10:35:08

Is eating like a horse a sign of labour???

I have had so far this morning:
2 bowls of porridge
1 pack of crisps
3 satsumas
1 Babybel
I'm now eating a peanut butter sandwich.

I have a packet mix thing to make garlic mushrooms and I am really struggling to not go and make them now.

tinkisahugexmaspudding Fri 28-Nov-08 10:40:21

could be grin

largeginandtonic Fri 28-Nov-08 10:40:23

If you poo it all out imminently then yes.

He is not coming till the 14th i have told you grin Relax and rest for 2 more weeks.

kayzisexpecting Fri 28-Nov-08 10:45:43


I'm not allowed to have him on the 10th my MIL said as it's SIL's birthday and she thinks it would be unfair.

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