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not long till christmas and our babies are ever closer deck the halls with bows of blooming mummies tra la la la la la la la la

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tinkisexcitedabouthavingababy Sun 16-Nov-08 18:36:05

hi new thread here

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glaskhamhasoneintheoven Sun 16-Nov-08 18:39:21

hi tink- just realised no mention of the wagon

oh well once we're all crammed in i'm sure the regulars will be able to find us!!

GruffaloSoldier Sun 16-Nov-08 19:43:45

deck the wagon - LOL!

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 17-Nov-08 07:04:22

Morning all

Thanks for thread Tink


LB (if you are managing to MN anywhere!), hope last day went OK?

Diege, hope party went well? I expect DD enjoyed it, even if enjoy isn't the word you'd choose to describe it! wink

2BG, hope for your sake it's not the start of SPD, though if it is any help at all, I thought I was getting it at around 12 weeks, seemed to get worse and worse, but then kind of got better and now I am only a bit stiff moving around in bed, but would rather be stiff than in agony any day of the week! Still struggle to get knickers on without falling over/crying so I sit down for that! And hooray for movements Exciting times

Ses, hope football was good? LOL at the buggy horror, I do the same, poor DH, I think he knows as much about buggies as I do, but against his will....! LOL

Phew think that is the catch up done, sorry if I've forgotten anything/one.

Well, we have had a very uneventfull weekend, Saturday I decided I wasn't even going to ring the hospital, I had no movements but did the doppler and HB was fine, he did start moving as we fell into bed at nearly 2am!!! shock (am still suffering from that!) then yesterday when we woke up, baby moved a couple of times, and he moved again just the once last night, did the doppler and HB was fine so didn't ring again. I am so determined not to come away from today's appt. without all the answers, because this is just getting ridiculous, I can not be in and out every day until he is born, or (in some ways worse) sat at home thinking I should be going in and not doing so because I've spent the last week in there!

Swelling is getting worse, even the bottom of my feet are swollen, I was saying to Lee, the swelling isn't quite as bad as it was with DS2, but it is in the most strangest of places, I have never had swollen soles before, my tongue did swell with DS2, but my nose didn't, which at the moment feels like I've got a cold when I haven't, and there is somewhere else that is very swollen <ahem> will leave that to your imaginations... feel like one of those monkeys with the red bums LOL

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 17-Nov-08 07:06:25

So sorry, Lee = my DH.

Think that's the first time I've ever done that!

wilsonmummy Mon 17-Nov-08 07:28:01

Morning all!

Sorry for not posting over the weekend been sooo busy spent the full weekend at my new house, trying to get in prepared for our mov in which will hopefully be within the next week and a half!! Just ordered the carpets for the bedrooms and stairs so need to get all the painting dona asap!!

Anyway tink thanks for the new thread!

Nat..poor you with swelling, looks like you may have it till the end now eh! sad Hope your coping with it ok?

Deige.. happy belated birthday to dd2

2BGS.. Yay for movements, i think thats the best part of the pregnancy for me, i sooo miss it once baby is actually here!! But sorry for suspected spd sad

Lbox.. congrats chick and welcome to the wagon! smile

Cosmogirl.. only 4 more sleeps till your scan!! Still not heard anything about mine yet!!

Hi to everyone else hope you all have a lovely monday!! xx

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Mon 17-Nov-08 07:37:25

Wilson, good going with the house! Not long till you can hopefully get in there and get settled. Must be a nightmare for you at the moment.

TBH, I can cope with the swelling, I just don't like not knowing why I am so swollen, if they can tell me today that it is just one of those pregnancy things, then it's fine, but I want someone to say it IYKWIM? Having said that, I would rather know why he has suddenly stopped moving, if they tell me the answer to that I might just let them off with the swelling bit!

I know I keep saying it, but I just don't understand why they haven't scanned him/the placenta, everyone who is asking after me in RL and on here is asking me the same thing, it just seems so bloody obvious to everyone except the people that can do it. And I don't even like having scans, but it would be 10000000% worth it to find out once and for all, instead of all the if's and maybe's.

Cor, doesn't take much to get me going does it?! LOL Sorry, am off for my shower, you can all breath deeply in the knowledge that I won't be moaning (on here at least) for the next half hour or so!

wilsonmummy Mon 17-Nov-08 08:13:37

Nat.. hope you get the answers you need chick!

Feel so tired today, got huge bags under my eyes!! dh slept in by an hour today, that's put him in a bad mood already and to top it off he's working in leeds which is about an hour away from here, so he's hit rush hour traffic!! opps

Think i'm gonna meadowhell tonight, see if i can get some xmas shopping done, Neeeeeeed to go to the disney store!! love that shop!!

tinkisexcitedabouthavingababy Mon 17-Nov-08 08:32:46 pared

here we are lets have this one

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