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due in August 05 - 3rd thread!!

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blossom2 Tue 15-Mar-05 17:59:54

Hello everyone

thought i'd start the new thread since i haven't posted on the last one in a couple of days.

I'm well although my patience/tolerance/ability to smile has completely gone out of the window. I don't seem to have any patience with DD (she really is suffering) or DH. i'm moody and sulky. the only thing that seems to calm me down is a nice bath at the end of the day.

Is it all pregnancy hormones and is anyone else feeling the same!?!?!

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wilbur Tue 15-Mar-05 18:27:37

Well I'm just about to get into my bath! It's not just you, I'm tired and cross a lot more than usual even thought things are generally going well with a good 20 wk scan. Hormones, getting up in the night to wee, all take their toll, I think. Hope you feel better soon.

Well done for starting a new thread - the last one was going a bit long!

josey Tue 15-Mar-05 18:53:12

Glad to hear the scans went well today.

Hi blossom2 nice to hear from you again, dont worry im the same as well i went through a very black spell and i still have days where if ds even looks at me the wrong way im off on one, the poor wee soul has even taken to saying to me its ok mum i know the baby is making you tired but for some reason the last few days i feel like the sun is always shinning so hoping im on a bit of an up cause i never got that with last pg. Hope you get better soon.

mischief - you will be entitled to maternity leave as long as you have been working with them approx for 15 weeks before your edd(may change slightly with each company). and if you have not worked for them for 26 weeks before edd you wouldnt qualify for mat pay but in that case you would get 26 weeks of maternity allowance which you apply for throught the DWP which is only your stadard rate of £106 as of first of April.sorry hope that makes a bit of sence.

colinsmommy Tue 15-Mar-05 19:05:29

Happy there's a new thread.

Congratulations on everyone's scans. Glad to hear they went so well.

Blossom, I have the same problem with DH. For some reason I can hold it together with DS almost all of the time, but I just get periodically upset with DH for no reason. On the other hand, sometimes I just give him massive hugs and tell him how much I love him out of the blue. Poor man. He takes it so well, though.

Colin's doing much better today. I only lost about 2 hours sleep last night with him, so that wasn't too bad. He woke up EARLY this morning, but DH got up with him then. He fell asleep on me this morning for about 2 hours, and only woke up because I moved, because my arms and legs were falling asleep.

Dazie Tue 15-Mar-05 19:30:34

Hi everyone glad there is a new thread! Ive had good news today my friend had her third child this morning and everything went well, she gave birth after just 3 hrs of labour!!!

Well after a bit of research I found out that my midwife hadnt sent my referal for my 20 week scan!! I rang last week and asked them to do it only to find out yesterday that they still hadnt bothered!! Well the lovely receptionist at the scan department said that she would break the rules this once and book me in for the 29th of March and then ring the Midwife and get them to sort out the referal, so at last I now have a date which I am really looking forward to!

I have to go and see a surgeon on the 23rd as since the birth of my second I have developed a cyst inside my thyriod which has got bigger in this pregnancy so they want to take it out in the second trimester, its nothing life threatening but looks pretty hidieous I'm going to opt out until the birth as I think Ive got enough to cope with without a sore throat and the worry of my unborn child.

Colinsmummy glad to hear little one is feeling a little better!
Hello to Kiwibump!

blossom2 Tue 15-Mar-05 19:31:58

god, thats so nice to hear i'm not the only one.

I guess is a whole combination of factors (pregnant, in a foreign country & not speaking the lingo, DD not sleeping, DH never home and having to deal with black ants when DH is in athens this week). I think its all having a bigger impact on me than i thought and therefore making me even more moody! thanks everyone

i'm off to a nice bath shop tomorrow to stock up on some lovely bath salts, bubble bath etc.

But the sun is shining here in paris - it must have been at least 15 degrees. Nice wind as well but it did give me a taste of what paris is like in summer - very smelly from all the dog poo that people do not clear up.

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josey Tue 15-Mar-05 19:41:26

Blossom2 your right that is a lot to cope with be careful to look after yourself and try not to get yourself down. as for the dog poo thats horrid it will be worse with your sence of smell been hightened just now oh i think i would be sick just walking down the street. no wonder you like spening time in the bath with nice smelly stuff lol.
good news for you dazie - as far as i know i still only get the 1 scan dont know why starting to feel left out that you all have something else to look forward to

KMS Tue 15-Mar-05 20:22:44

pleased to see the new thread.

Great news on the scans everyone. pleased they went well. Glad you have a date for yours now Dazie. Blossom2 are you sure you don't get an anomally scan?? do they just do a nuchal scan in france then? must be hard being there and not understanding the language. you need to find a new englsh mum out there to share with and chat to. Could you put an advert up asking if there is anyone?

friend of mine has just had a shock. Her eldest DD (she had her when she was 16) has polycystic ovaries and has never had periods. She was told she wouldn't be able to conceive without help. had been puking for 3 weeks so they did pg test. +ve. miracle. the suprise is that she finally had her dating scan today after 6 wk wait and is 19wks pg with TWIN boys!!!

Azure Tue 15-Mar-05 20:29:14

Just signing in to new thread. KMS - what a shock for your friend and particularly her DD! Your friend be a grandmother about the time you'll have a newborn .

Azure Tue 15-Mar-05 20:30:12

Meant to add, GP check-up on Thursday - I hope to be a bit chattier after that.

Miaou Tue 15-Mar-05 20:31:04

Hi there everyone - I found this thread when I went to create a new one!

Blossom - how are you getting on with your cross-stitch? I find it good to get absorbed in something when I am feeling moody.

blossom2 Tue 15-Mar-05 20:31:40

thats great news KMS - WOW and great story!!!

i really do feel for women who are ttc. my sister-in-law is one of them and i'm always really conscious of how she must be feeling.

i'm one of the lucky ones - i get 3 scans here in France (confused with josey) but my second one isnt' until 22 weeks so 25 March is the next date. I can't wait because i'm itching to start thinking about buying stuff for the baby!!!!

i'm part of the paris equalivalent to the NCT but i'm already beginning to feel they are a bit clichky (?? on spelling) iykwim. everyone also seems american, tall, slim and already speak french. i've joined pregnancy yoga group though on sunday morning so hopefully i'll start meeting new people soon .... i do find things hard but having read some threads on mumsnet, i know i've got it really easy and lucky .... i just have to keep remembering to smile and posting here helps ...

thank you

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blossom2 Tue 15-Mar-05 20:34:13

cross-stitch is going well Miaou but finding it hard to find the time to doing it at the moment. DD's sleep patterns are really irratic but i'm talking to a sleep consultant on thursday to see if they can help. fingers crossed ...

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Miaou Tue 15-Mar-05 20:35:40

All the best with the consultant, bloss

josey Tue 15-Mar-05 20:48:26

kms - i didnt get one before and there has been no mention of one this time, as far as i know they only do one if your bloods come back with a high risk - i have been given my next hospital appointment and that is in July. I got a 2nd scan before around 26 weeks due to placenta being a little bit low but that was it,

wow 19 weeks gone with twins and she didnt know that must have come as some shock

anyway think i had better go and get the washing machine on want to get settled in bed to watch the baby program on tonight, i cant wait for tomorrow seems alot longer than 2 weeks since dh was last home he is in for a shock on the bump front

Twiga Tue 15-Mar-05 21:16:59

Hey all, great news about scans! Still got a while to go before mine 19th April seems an age away, still will be good to hear heartbeat at midwife appt on Fri.

Glad Colin is feeling a bit better, hope the colic clears soon.

Welcome to Kiwibump - good story btw!

My work situation has taken a scarey turn this week, on the shift I've just come off one of my collegues was assaulted twice over a 24 hour period. Tonight the unit is equally volitile from what I've managed to gather with the added problem of ex-residents turning up and being equally abusive to staff. Tomorrow there is just myself and one other - there really needs to be three of us - I'm not allowed to intervene in any confrontational situations which would leave just a single collegue on the main floor tackling any trouble. Also tonights events have left the office unsecure due to the door taking a hefty kick in - this is supposed to be where I go in event of trouble. Am really worried about going in tomorrow and certainly don't want to be there overnight. Frustrated as can't back my collegues but certainly don't want to be in the firing line just now. To top it all our management is either off sick or on holiday so very little support to turn to. Can't in all honesty phone in sick and don't want to make a bad staffing situation any worse. Sorry to rant, pretty tense just now .

Azure Wed 16-Mar-05 09:02:12

Goodness Twiga, your work situation sounds very worrying. I don't know anything about where you work, but is there a legal requirement to have a certain level of staff? Can agency staff be brought in to help? In this situation would it not be reasonable to contact the manager off sick? You shouldn't be in a situation where there is a threat of assault. Hopefully your shift will go smoothly and your worries will be for nothing.

Twiga Wed 16-Mar-05 09:26:05

Azure, decided not to risk it, have phoned in sick and am off to see the Dr on Fri morning to get signed off. There is supposed to be at least three on where poss, but in reality all the units in my area are short staffed and the recruitmen/retention is rubbish, so we often make do. The manager who is off sick is the more senior of the two but our staff team only have acess to his team leader mobile and that is switched off so effectively he's uncontactable. The situation has been on-going for three days now with little improvement and to add to this two of the kids we have in are markded as high risk for self-harm/suicide, which certianly doesn't help stress levels.

Eulalia Wed 16-Mar-05 09:38:17

wish I had a bath to relax in [sulking)

oh got to go dd is bugging me...................

Kiwibump Wed 16-Mar-05 10:41:02

Twiga I think you've done the right thing. You'd never forgive yourself if something happened and it's not worth the worry even if it didn't happen. Hope you're feeling a bit happier now.

My sister just sent me lots of chocolate in the post - hurray. Just when I was thinking I really should make an effort to stop eating it.

BunInTum Wed 16-Mar-05 11:56:45

Hello all

Am going for my booking in appointment tomorrow at 19 weeks!!! Arghh!! Hope it doesnt take so long to give me a scan! Had my first real movement yesterday, a couple of prods in my lower abdomen, I'm not showing very much so that was very satisfying

I am so worried about giving birth. I had dd nearly 8 years and tore and it has given me such fear with this one, and am really worried down there wont go back into shape after! I still can't comprehend how they come out!! Anyone else been having these concerns or am I just a crazy woman?!!!

MissChief Wed 16-Mar-05 12:01:50

No - right there with you on those fears! Might opt for c-section after horrors of ds's birth, though know not easy option either. Suppose just keeping fairly fit and having right pain relief should help (please1).
Good luck with yr appointment, v. late isn't it? where do you live?

beachyhead Wed 16-Mar-05 12:22:13

Must admit never to having had a VB. This will be my 3rd C-section. Here's to never having had a contraction in my life.........

BunInTum Wed 16-Mar-05 12:41:18

You know I am seriously considering opting for a C- Section. I am trying to weigh up the pro's and cons but am model so worried about the scar - is it obvious?

I'm in London, having baby at Watford. Was late applying anyway but I was told they have lots of midwifes off at the mo.

josey Wed 16-Mar-05 13:23:23

Bunintum i had the same with ds just over 5 years ago and im terrified, the hospital have suggested a c section which im also terrified of having but i have just about 100% decided will be my choice unless i go into labour before as dont want an emergancy one. I know i will feel that i have cheated a bit by having one but the risk of not being able to go to the toilet on my own again being left with a bag etc has been the clincher for me, well thats what they told me the last time before i went to theatre that i just made it and no more.

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