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20 week scan times

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bekkaboo Thu 13-Nov-08 19:26:16

Can someone help, got my dates for next conultant and scan

firstly my 20 scan ill be 23weeks +4, is this ok?

Secondly I was informed my blood tests for DS would have to be taken at 16 weeks but ill be 17w2 is this ok?

I just want to be sure as my MW thinks these a little late esp the anomaly scan?

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TeenyTinyTorya Thu 13-Nov-08 20:46:12

Sounds a bit late for the anomaly scan. Can you rearrange it?

bekkaboo Thu 13-Nov-08 21:55:22

I asked about it, they were not very helpful and said its fine and walked off. At the time i though i was 22 weeks only when checked calendar on phone tha relised 23w4d

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BigTeuchLittleTeuch Thu 13-Nov-08 21:56:35

it should be between 18 and 22 weeks IIRC

bekkaboo Thu 13-Nov-08 22:28:26

ok guess if cant resolve in morning with hospital ill have to book private.

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Jael Fri 14-Nov-08 13:08:25

I don't know about the scan, but the blood test should be fine. I had an appointment with my midwife today at 15w2d. I asked her if she could do my blood test today to save me coming back next week (its quite a way to my doctors) she said it was too early, so I'm booked in next week when i'll be 16w2d. She said the blood test is done between 16 and 18 weeks and that they'll do it no earlier or later, hope that helps a little.

Jael X

mummypingu Fri 14-Nov-08 13:23:23

everything with third pregnancy seems to have run late.

12 wk scan at 14wks.

20wk scan at 22wks +3...

get your midwife on the phone if you want the scan to be changed to earlier, and she can lay it on about your concerns...of course they may be full booked up but it is rather late, and she is the health professional hopefully talking to another

bekkaboo Fri 14-Nov-08 19:02:00

ok guys thanks for advice, to update midwife called this morning appears to have been a "clerical error" it should have stated 02/01/09 not 20/01/09 although the times are completely different hmm but anyway all sorted now. With regaards to blood tests, fine aslong as before 18 weeks, the prefer 16 weeks incase results get lost to allow "time" to get blood again! Anyway feel a lot happier today.

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