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Due Dec 08 -- Getting Ready for final push (in every sense!)

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Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:28:30

Here's a new thread for us all lovely Dec Mums!

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emmanbump Wed 05-Nov-08 16:30:17

Well done Beans!

Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:31:11

Thanks Emma!

I'm off home now after a boring day at work!

Speak tomorrow.


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Verso Wed 05-Nov-08 16:34:18

Thanks, Beans - and hope to see you at Clapham Picture House in not-too-distant future!

hattyyellow Wed 05-Nov-08 16:34:41

Well done Beans!! Great thread title.

kmp1 Wed 05-Nov-08 16:51:54

final push grin (or first cut in my case!)
loving that mum / baby movie thing - thanks!

pixsix Wed 05-Nov-08 16:59:56

Yay for the new thread, great title Beans!

LadyThompson Wed 05-Nov-08 17:49:49

Afternoon all,

Final push...I hope so Beans, as I for one am running out of steam! Glad your MIL is picking up, that really is good news. I hope the hospital food is good, she needs a nutrient rich diet to speed up that recovery, and it amazes me how poor the grub is, and this is expecially acute if you're in there for a while. Mind you, no use the NHS having gourmet food if they can't afford to supply the drugs people need...Meant to say - your midwife sounded hopeless the other day, everything you don't need. Thank goodness you're not having her for the birth.

Pixsix, that's lovely about your sister and your LO will have a cousin almost exactly the same age, which will be gorgeous.

Arti, I was about to pipe up about the Electric in Notting Hill and I will no doubt see you there in the fullness of time!

Chutney, I would love the steriliser for London if no one else wants it - I don't have a dishwasher there and as I am not currently planning to breastfeed, it would come in super handy. I'm going to the next meet up if it's not too much of a nuisance for you to bring it. It was me who asked about being NBM before a c section, so thanks for the info. And I hope you are feeling a little better...

I saw the obstetrician today. LadyBaby may be coming out in a little over a fortnight but she isn't engaged yet, she is still tickling my tonsils (or splintering my ribs, to be exact). I had chickenpox when I was 16. It really sucked. I had to do some of my GCSEs at home as they wouldn't let me go to school in case I unleashed a global pandemic. Or something. I caught it from my sister who was just about to get married so she looks spotty in her photos, it's a bit of a shame. And SHE caught it from the hospital where she works. Minging places, hospitals. Anyway, might not be on for a day or too as no broadband still and I am busy with more driving and waiting in for John Lewis deliveries. Keep well all.

katie3677 Wed 05-Nov-08 18:22:09

Good title Beans, still can't remember what my idea for one was.

Turniphead1 Wed 05-Nov-08 18:35:21

I am very jealous of those who are going to give birth "on" this thread. I am so not (bearing in mind that one thread lasts about 2-3 weeks at the moment). Near the end of December means I have another 3 to go I'd say...

Keep well ladyT!

Veggiemummy Wed 05-Nov-08 19:16:49

good evening ladies hope you are all well. I am still craving one of those giacobazzi ciabattas after bringing it up last night. DH & I are having pizzas tonight (not from the same place the last one came from) as it is champions league night, and neither of us could be bothered doing more than opening a packet and putting something in the oven. Poor DH has to be up with the crows in the morning to go to newcastle.

hey does anyone else feel like their knees might give way at any minute, i don't think my poor old patelas can take this weight much longer.

Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 19:19:02

Gosh, I wonder if I'll pop mine out "on" this thread (as you say turnip!! I'm due on 7th, but from family history, I'll probably go totally overdue and end up not having it til nearly Xmas - damn it!!! I'm terrified about the birth bit, but am also weirdly looking forward to it!

DH has gone to visit his Mum tonight, so looking forward to hearing how she is. I'm going to watch The Kite Runner tonight - I hear it's a proper weepy?

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Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 19:33:35

There's an item on The Royal Free Hospital on The One Show and how expensive the parking is at the moment. £3.00 an hour. I thought Thomas's was bad at £2.80. Ouch. God knows what we're going to do.

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Turniphead1 Wed 05-Nov-08 19:34:51

Beans - Kite Runner is brilliant but a real weepy with some pretty harrowing bits. I loved the book and the movie.

Veggie I am jealous of your pizza night. I am cooking creme fraiche and bacon pasta - but really can't be ar*ed! The place near the Royal Free sounds delish...mmmm

Our next door neighbours are having fireworks, so my DC just got a full display from their bedroom window. They were very excited (and I was pleased that we were in the warm). It was DS's first time seeing them - last year he had just turned 2 and was too scared after halloween to risk fireworks.

Veggiemummy Wed 05-Nov-08 19:35:56

oh beans don't do it, i watched kite runner when i was about 15 weeks it is soooooo tragic, really sad. Make sure you have a lot of tissues.

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Wed 05-Nov-08 19:36:55

Has anyone had a baby yet?? grin

Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 19:44:18

Hee hee enchanted - not yet! Feel like I could at any minute though!

Oh veggie and turnip - am gagging to watch it, but not sure I'm brave enough!!!!

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Veggiemummy Wed 05-Nov-08 19:50:24

beans it is def a watch by yourself movie, i watched it on my own and so glad i did as i really didnt want to talk about it afterwards. It is a very good movie really well made.

Veggiemummy Wed 05-Nov-08 19:51:47

not yet enchanted i think the first is in about 2 weeks so not far off.

Beans33 Wed 05-Nov-08 19:58:10

Right, I'm going in! Will let you know tomorrow how much I sobbed!

Have a lovely evening everyone.


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chutneymary Wed 05-Nov-08 20:19:11

Thanks for the thread, Beans, love the title. I don't think I'll be having my boy on this thread unless he's early. I'm sure there will be a few babies on it though which is very exciting.

LadyT, i would be delighted to bring the steriliser along to the meet up. Consider it yours.

Hospital food on the NHS is very grim IME - I took several packets of hobnobs with me as I knew I'd be there for a while plus some dried fruit for the bowels. Perhaps not nutrient rich but calorie rich and I was STARVING after both babies.

Cinema - I did the Ritzy thing with DD1 but alas it's a friday so couldn't do it with DD2. It's a great idea though and so nice to be able to sit and watch a film out and about with your baby.

Veggie, I think all my joints might give way, so fat and lardy am I. Not to worry as it won't be for long. I can't believe I am looking forward to going on a diet. I envy your pizza and am going for pesto pasta myself, with prawns and chilli. Yum, yum.

See you about 4am on current form grin.

kayzisexpecting Wed 05-Nov-08 21:15:42


Love the new thread. At least one of us will have had our baby by the end of this one.

Beans Glad MIL is getting better. I'm sending you loads of love.

I can't remember anything else I've read. I hope my brain comes back once I give birth.

Oh except the alcohol thing. Went to a fireworks party this evening and had a small glass of wine and I actually feel tipsy. It was only like a champagne flute size glass too.

SummerLightning Wed 05-Nov-08 21:27:30

Hello everyone, gosh everyone has been chatty today. Read everything, but brain does not seem to have taken it in as can't remember much!!

Beans glad MIL is getting better!!

Decided not to go to fireworks tonight, can't be bothered!! Today was my first day off work (holiday not ML), GREAT, went for a swim, went for lunch with pg friend, went shopping, did some cleaning, and generally chilled out, was brilliant. Want to do it again tomorrow, but sadly I have to work....sigh....roll on my day off next week.

Re drinking...I suddenly fancy a beer!! Hmm...had better not, as have people coming at the weekend and will no doubt have a cheeky bit of alcohol then.

Yes, I think we will definitely have some new arrivals on this thread, that is going to be scary, but I can't wait!! I'm not due til the 18th so hopefully I will not be one of the early ones...

beans only read the kite runner, not seen the movie, but I would have thought it would be a tear jerker from the book...

Oh and I definitely want to do baby and cinema jobby wotsit after baby arrives, I think they do have them around this way too, no doubt not as cool as the notting hill one where there's a bar etc, that sounds great!

DH's friend has just arrived to stay the night so I had better go and be sociable!

Verso Wed 05-Nov-08 23:11:48

Really shaky at the moment - just fell down the stairs . Only half the flight, but had gone to bed and couldn't sleep (room too hot) so decided to get up for a bit. Missed my footing and went down about six stairs. I've skinned my arm, bruised my ribs and coccyx and slightly twisted my ankle. DH heard me call out but the commotion woke up DD so he's gone to comfort her as she was upset. So am I .

Feel very sore and scared and shaky. Am sure I'll be fine but it was really really scary.

chutneymary Thu 06-Nov-08 05:16:20

Oh no Verso, you poor thing. Are you OK? I fell very heavily with DD1 and landed straight on the bump. The MW said so long as the baby is moving and you don't have any bleeding or other loss from your fanjo (sorry) you would be fine. If you are RH neg you might need anti D though.

It's very unnerving isn't it? Thinking of you XXXXX

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