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Ante-natal /pregnancy support/networking group - Cardiff

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bumps28 Sun 02-Nov-08 19:12:06

I am a complementary therapist, and mother of two, specialising in working with pregnant women and offering an holistic approach to getting the most out of pregnancy and preparing for birth. I also offer baby massage.

I am wondering if there is a need for a group in Cardiff where mums-to-be can meet up and network. I thought such a group could also offer an informal way to practice pregnancy and labour related skills such as breathing and relaxation. I am looking for some feedback on whether such a group is needed, what expectant mums might want from the group and thoughts on frequency and timing of meetings. I look forward to hearing from anyone with a view whether you are currently pregnant or are already a mum.

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sianj18 Thu 01-Jan-09 10:14:19

I would definitley be interested in this. I live in the Cathays area of Cardiff and would be interested in a fortnightly group.

titch74 Thu 21-May-09 22:26:52

Oh Me too but just realised this is quite an old post!

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