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Due in June - Thread 9

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teabelly Wed 23-Feb-05 10:44:03

Brand new thread as ordered...

Trib, I'm impressed chocky at that time of the morning ...soooo how do you have yours?? I bite the top off, suck out the filling and save the choc til last, yum!

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katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 10:50:12

thanks teabelly

KVG Wed 23-Feb-05 10:54:48

Message withdrawn

MrsWednesday Wed 23-Feb-05 10:55:29

Just going to be controversial for a minute here.

Creme eggs are RUBBISH!!!

So there.

Aprilmeadow, thanks for letting us know about Sweetheart. I do think about her a lot, hope she is coping ok with everything she's had to go through. And I also hope your pregnancy is going ok too.

katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 11:00:34

ahhhh have been drawn into the due in june bashing thread!! i must walk away i must walk away!

MrsWednesday Wed 23-Feb-05 11:08:34

Have started several posts to come and help you out Katzguk but I'm too scared. I can't face a row.

I feel quite (actually, very) stressed out by things like this.

KVG Wed 23-Feb-05 11:09:39

Message withdrawn

KVG Wed 23-Feb-05 11:11:13

Message withdrawn

katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 11:11:31

i always stear clear of controverisal mumsnet topics normally!

katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 11:15:56

was going to add first thing this morning before i got drawn in - thanks for all your support re the blood tests, i don't think i relealised quite how worried i was until the result came back okay.

Cooperoo Wed 23-Feb-05 11:16:21

Hello all.
Very controversial MrsW. Creme eggs are wonderful. They have only just got them in our shop over here and I have already had one and have two more in the fridge. MMM
Actually I noticed that there are a huge variety or eggs from Mars, smarties, caramel, etc etc and so I am taking it upon myself to test a new one every day. Wish me luck.
Chocolate orange digestives sound superb. Will have to ask my Mum to bring some out.
Katz - what did you mean by that post? I like it here I don't think I will go looking around the rest of MN. Head in the sand.
Can't remember who made their baby in Cyprus and stayed in Latchi as was on other thread so can't check but you were in a beautiful part of Cyprus up there. Limassol is a hole really. Only good thing is the huge amount of 5* hotels that offer pamper days and cheap 'residents' rates which we can take advantage of. Christmas dinner at the Four seasons 5* is only CY£28 (less than £35) a head. We didn't go as we flew home but thinking about it for this year. Easter is the big celebration over here so we can really get some bargains for Christmas and the off season. We are taking advantage as once we move back to the UK we will have NO money and so we are trying to make the most of all opportunities.
Can you send us some snow? DH drove all the way up to Troodos today to take a group skiing and had to turn around and come home as all the snow has melted. No sledging this weekend for me and dd after all.

teabelly Wed 23-Feb-05 11:34:50

Mrs W HOW COULD YOU??? Creme eggs are divine

KVG - had the mini one's a few weeks ago whilst sitting with a friend who'd just had her baby...unfortunately for her the anasthetic took too long to wear off and by the time she came round I'd eaten her pack and mine, he he he!!

Coop - sounds like an eminently good idea to try out all the mini choc eggs on the market - I may have to join you on your mission - maybe we could research the effects of the sun and exporting on them and see if they taste better in the UK or Cyprus!

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tribpot Wed 23-Feb-05 11:52:51

MrsW - there is no room for controversial opinions on this thread! It is a well-known fact that Creme Eggs are great

KVG - I have tried the mini Creme Eggs as well (not at 730 in the morning though, that was a one-off, I hope) and they are very nice too.

You have to bear in mind, I lived in a country devoid of decent chocolate for too long. (Swedish people having a thing about salt & licquorice, it's horrible). The best I could get was Smarties. Although if you do see Riesen here at all, they are worth a look - choc covered toffee but very nice.

Cooperoo Wed 23-Feb-05 11:53:08

Tea I am up for that. I think a cold climate will actually win as they begin to melt if it is too warm and you have to rush the experience. Mars egg tomorrow I feel....

teabelly Wed 23-Feb-05 11:56:30

Coop - on my way home I will buy my Mars egg in preparation for tomorrow...!

Trib - are Dime bar's Swedish?? They're particularly yum too

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katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 12:02:30

stop talking about chocolate!! you rotters!!

KVG Wed 23-Feb-05 12:02:52

Message withdrawn

Uwila Wed 23-Feb-05 12:07:20

What? There's a due in june bashing thread? Or do you mean the last due in june thread which had a bit of bashing on it?

katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 12:07:29

i have to say that i love reese peices from the states although shouldn't eat them whilst PG because full of peanut butter

katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 12:08:22

uwila see this thread

Are MNetters excluded from threads which do not directly apply to them?

teabelly Wed 23-Feb-05 12:08:26

WOOHOO!! Just received the stationery order from Viking (on-line) and we got two free giant toblerone bars...and as none of the guys are around at the moment that means there's one for the pa and one for me!!!

...sorry Katz...<slinks away quietly, but very very happy!>

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katzguk Wed 23-Feb-05 12:09:18

nah tobelrone doesn't do it for me, i like my choccy pure and unaldultared no nuts

Cooperoo Wed 23-Feb-05 12:10:02

Tea I will do the same to be prepared. Better eat another of the creme eggs now then. I am so past caring about my weight!
Pink - I asked mw about my 'small' bump today and she said all was fine and that I am more at the sides so there you go. I am only 5ft 6 too so not overly tall. Try not to worry about it and think that you will prob avoid stretchmarks on your tummy. I had none there first time. The chocolate intake may change things this time and don't even ask about my boobs. No-one warned me about that one!!! Huge as soon as dd was born. Made me cry but all faded now.

KVG Wed 23-Feb-05 12:10:38

Message withdrawn

teabelly Wed 23-Feb-05 12:10:50

he he I'm just a chocky tart - will take any old choc, any time, any place, any how!!

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