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Due October 08 - The Only Way Is Out!

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CantSleepWontSleep Wed 03-Sep-08 21:11:37

Thought we'd go with twinklytoes suggestion since she's gone and got herself admitted to hospital in a desperate bid for attention wink.

Have left everyone on the stats for now, but will do another cull of deserters soon....
(and apols if I've missed off any of the recent joiners)

29th Sept perkypopsy first baby smile Surprise North Herts (Ware)
29th Sept WombFor1More 2 ds's 1 dd Boy
30th Sept Aubergenie first baby smile Surprise
30th Sept sambrads 1 ds Girl
1st CantSleepWontSleep 1 dd Boy North Herts
1st accessorizequeen 2 ds's Twins shock - one of each
1st loulou33 1 ds Surprise Southern Scotland C-Section 12th Sept
2nd snowymum first baby smile Boy Near Oxford
2nd 1sttimer80 first baby smile Surprise. Hydronephrosis discovered. Extra scan at 28 weeks (7th July) planned. Edgware (Royal Free, Hampstead)
2nd FranMum2B first baby smile Surprise Kingston
2nd my3honeypies 2 dd's Boy
4th minervaitalica first baby smile Surprise (unintentionally!)
4th hedgepig 1 ds Surprise
4th pistachio 1 dc Secret wink
4th annwoo 2 dc Surprise
5th myjobismum 1 ds Surprise Poole, Dorset
5th rosebury 3 ds's 2 dd's Boy Bristol
5th BabyNubie
6th Bethoo 1 ds Girl Salisbury
6th iuseantiageingstuff 2 ds's 1 dd Boy
6th ronshar 2 dd's Surprise (with dangly bits wink) West Sussex
6th hoff first baby smile Boy Spain
7th belgo 2 dd's
8th kookiegoddess first baby smile Surprise
8th Alexa808 first baby smile
8th Ksal first baby smile Surprise Hitchin
10th Lozza70 first baby smile Surprise NE London (Woodford)
10th emkay 1 dd Surprise West London (Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea)
10th pepperrabbit 2 ds's Surprise
11th staceylouisex first baby smile Girl
11th dooleymum
12th milfakamonkeymonkeymoomoo 1 dd Boy Salisbury
12th star6 first baby smile Boy Surbiton
13th YumMum22 1 ds Boy
14th tedmundo 1 ds Surprise Bristol (Southmead)
14th twinklytoes 2 dd's Boy
15th mum2jakeyroo 2 ds's Surprise Near Lancaster
16th moodywren 1 dd 2 ds's Boy Lincolnshire (nr Spalding)
16th bigmouthstrikesagain 1 ds 1 dd Girl Mid-Beds
16th WheresTheAuPair 1 ds Boy
19th MrsTittleMouse 1 dd Girl
19th rach010 1 ds Surprise (but dp knows!) Lincolnshire
20th 07mumstheword 1 dd Surprise Bristol
20th AandMsmum 2 dd's Surprise Bristol
20th KnickersOnMaHead 1 dd Boy
20th jenwa 1 dd Girl Worcestershire
20th firsttimer08 first baby smile Boy. Dilated renal pelvis - rescan at 34 weeks. Greenwich
21st hansnava 1 dd Surprise Luton
21st rowanmac 1 ds Surprise North Scotland
21st caramelbunny 1 dd Surprise Manchester
21st jess1996 first baby smile Surprise
21st GirlWithTheMouseyHair first baby smile Surprise (but written down in case of moment of weakness!) SW London (St Thomas)
21st lilbitmum 1 dc
22nd SmudgeyDoodle 1 ds Surprise Newcastle (Gateshead)
22nd wombleprincess 1 dd
23rd Sallypuss first baby smile Probably girl Herts/Essex border
23rd Emmsy1 3 ds's 1 dd Girl The Wirral
23rd ajm200 1 ds Girl Camberley, Surrey
24th sparklesandnowineforxxweeks 3 ds's 1 dd Surprise
24th Personanna 1 ds Boy Peru
25th Flum 2 dd's 5th June Wiltshire
26th 4andnotout 3 dd's Girl
26th mariekg 3 dc Girl
27th Rhian82 Boy
27th mybabysinthegarden 1 dd Boy Scottish Borders
27th beaufies first baby smile Boy c-section 17th Oct
29th Ekka 1 dd Surprise
30th Jambers99 1 ds Girl NW London (Hillingdon)

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jenwa Wed 03-Sep-08 21:15:23

*Yeh new thread*

just typed this on the other one so have cut and paste!!

loulou did you take notes to consultant as they should document in there if babys head engaged? Mine ndocument everything in the section where it says your BP, appt details, how baby is lying and babys heart beat etc.

star I would like to live in that world too gringrin

bethoo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:16:28

str6 raspberry leaf capsules get from chemist or better still a health food store like Holland and Barratt usually next to pregnancy supplements. cranberry juice is good for cystitis and other UTIs.

star6 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:17:12

Yay!!!!!!!!!! grinnew thread! And I got on the first page!
DH had first day of work today (history teacher)... .but he's still not home hmm - I last got a text from him 2 hours ago... he was still setting up his classroom. I'm sure he's probably gone out for a drink or something but getting really worried as when I call it goes directly to voicemail and I just can't get in touch with him!! Starting to panic!

bethoo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:18:44

looking at the list, there is loads of us yet obviously the ones who are not on alot are the ones with a rl! grin
need to get out more smile

pistachio Wed 03-Sep-08 21:21:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jenwa Wed 03-Sep-08 21:21:43

star I am sure he is fine, I bet he is doing what he can then will be home and has no idea how quickly time has passed. Maybe his mobile has died?? He is prob on his way home now, try not to worry although I know its hard.

bethoo yeh, sad hey!

myjobismum Wed 03-Sep-08 21:28:56

a new thread - lovely!

thanks CSWS!

looking forward to all the chat which will come as more and more people go on ML - though miss a day anyway and there is always tons to catch up on so going to have to be alert grin

sambrads Wed 03-Sep-08 21:32:16

love the new thread name

some of us might have our babies by the time this thread is ready to change again how scary !!!!!

i am due in 27 days OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!

star6 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:47:18

still no dh! he takes a bus from work then cycles 10 minutes from there to our house (doesn't have his license here yet... still on US one, not valid here after a year... so quite overdue, but only one car anyway). I'm worried he's fallen from his bike or something.

Would I be justified in being angry if he is just out having drinks with his colleagues while his wife is at home 34 weeks pg? or not? I want to be reasonable. Isn't it LATE for a mid week night?

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 03-Sep-08 21:55:08

It isn't really that late star, but you would be justified in being annoyed if he's gone for a drink without sending so much as a text message to let you know. Possible that he has no signal? Or no charge in battery?

<CSWS glances at phone dying on table next to her>

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star6 Wed 03-Sep-08 22:01:03

Thanks csws - I guess you're right... not really that late. Do normal people stay out past 10pm on a week night? I have no idea... I've turned into such a home body lately blush

yes but why not ask a friend to text me from their phone? he knows my number. I know I'm paranoid for nothing... just know he's around all of these pretty and non-pg women and his single male colleagues. I trust him, but it's hard with the hormonal imbalance surge!

LackaDAISYcal Wed 03-Sep-08 22:04:59

<wee gatecrash>

lol at your thread title grin

but you should have added the "baby, for you and me now" as per the DReam song of the mid nineties wink

1sttimer80 Wed 03-Sep-08 22:19:33

Sambrads... hun I'm with you!! 28 days to go til due date ARGGHHH!!! lol

loving the new title thread grin at LackaDAISYcal's addition!!

Thoguhts are with you twinklytoes.

Star6... he's just being a man. Common sense should prevail, i.e. using a friend's phone to drop a quick text/call but he probably hasn't thought of that. I have this argument with my husband all the time! I'm sure he will be fine.

star6 Wed 03-Sep-08 22:35:57

He got home... went to indian restaurant for dinner with some colleagues and his phone died but he "thought he text me to say he was going to get dinner just before phone died".
PLEASE!Dinner from 6.30-10??? Ok ok ok I guess I've done that before.
But he's now been lectured about how to use someone else's phone and how I worry...etc. He's all bummed out because his employer has not given him the pay raise he was promised in June... a few other things that are not as they said they would be... and NOW they are saying he may not be entitled to his 2 weeks leave for when the baby is born since he's on the qualification programme for the next year...
So... well deserved few hours complaining with colleagues, I guess. I was being unreasonable.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 04-Sep-08 07:24:37

Awwww bless star. If it makes you feel better, dh didn't come home at all last night, or the night before wink. It's his last trip until after baby arrives though - hurrah!

DAISY - am I just showing my age? I only remember D-Ream doing 'Things Can Only Get Better'. 'The Only Way Is Up' will always mean Yazz to me.

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star6 Thu 04-Sep-08 07:36:55

Is there a rule or a law or anything anywhere that is written that guarantees paternity leave for all men in the UK or is it just some places offer it? DH was told he would get this last feb... and now they are saying he won't!

annwoo Thu 04-Sep-08 07:43:49

Star - read this might make things more clear.
paternity leave

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 04-Sep-08 07:47:24

Sure that annwoo's link will answer for your circumstances star, but my dh doesn't get paid paternity because he's self-employed. He will take a couple of weeks off, but it will be unpaid holiday.

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annwoo Thu 04-Sep-08 07:51:47

Wow new thread - will this be the last!?

Twinkly - sorry to hear you have to spend so much time in hospital - my friend had this condition last year and ended up spending 4 weeks in hosp!

Lozza you are going to cuddling your newborn next week! Hope your cervix 'ripens' between now and then. Bounce on your birthing ball if you have one.

To everyone still tending their 'lady garden' - be thankful they don't shave you before giving birth anymore. All your hard work would be in vain. grin Can you imagine they used to do this!

Hope no one else is experiencing dramas. Have a great day.

ajm200 Thu 04-Sep-08 08:30:08

Star, If you are brave enough to have a homebirth, you might get the rest of your MW appts at home.

I've just booked my home birthing pool, one of the heated type to save hubby having to run back and forth with buckets of hot and cold water.. don't trust him to pour it in away from me. He'd probaby chuck it over my back in his panic. He was a nervous wreck last time. Last MW appt at the Dr next week, from then on all home visits.

annwoo My mum is always going on about how much better maternity care was in her day back when a shave and an enema were standard on admission. They had to stay in for 10 days and do an exercise class led by matron twice a day.. Personally, I prefer the modern standard where even first time mums can escape on the first day if they are lucky and mums with other children can go within 4 hours.

annwoo Thu 04-Sep-08 08:44:50

ajm200 a shave and an enema grin that would make you want to run to the hospital wouldn't it!

bigmouthstrikesagain Thu 04-Sep-08 09:00:51

Haven't posted for a few days and there has been too much chat for me to possibly catch up!

34 weeks today and I am feeling very tired - this weekis a bit stressy as ds started school - he looked so grown up in his uniform but he was only 4 in August so he is so young really. No tears from him and me but there is so much to remember and get ready each day. He is not full time till January starting after lunch each day means I am stuck here as there is not enough time to go anywhere (I rely on public transport which is rubbish here in the sticks) and be sure o be back in time. Sorry mini moanathon.

I am feeling very lucky really as a mum I know who has a child in ds class and is due the same day as me - told me yesterday that her 'd'p had left her for another woman when she was 3m pg - after begging her to try for no 2!shock My worries about handling 3 kids under 5 seem insignificant in comparison.

Jambers99 Thu 04-Sep-08 09:01:46

Morning all - still here, so please don't drop me off the list CSWS! Work still absolutely manic and by the time I've sneaked some time to read all your updates, I don't get time to post!

Still 8 weeks to go until due date for me, and 5 weeks left at work - can't believe that I'll still be working when loads of you will already have given birth! Although work is very busy, it's just a desk job and I drive to work so don't have to fight for a seat on public transport.

Am finally doing a few things to prepare for the baby - ordered my TENS machine earlier this week, and bought a few packs of the dreaded maternity pads.

Not sure how DS is going to take to the baby - whenever I try and read him one of those 'new baby' books, he just throws it aside and replace it with Thomas the Tank Engine! Think he is in denial...

hedgepig Thu 04-Sep-08 09:05:27

Star is genrally standard in the uK but can depend on the contract. My DH is British but works for a international academic organisation in the UK and so doesn't get UK paternity leave in the same way he pays tax differently (deternmined by the rules of the organisation not the UK) so I suppose if your DH is on a training contarct it may be similar (is he paid as a student or an employee?). Does he work in a state school or a private one? Maybe someone on the employment threads would know more.
Last week at work this week I really need to leave I am so tired. I have nothing ready and only 4 1/2 weeks to my due date ekkkk.

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