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can i ask for a c section ?measuring big

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Heartmum2Jamie Wed 13-Aug-08 15:31:25

I measured 28cm at 24 weeks with baby in transverse position and 34 cm when I had my 28 week appt on monday as baby was head down. The midwife was more than a little concerned that I am already masuring 6 weeks ahead. I was pretty adamant that I don't want a c-section, but after reading sunshines post, if it is recommended to me after the next scan (32 weeks), I may take them up on the offer. I guess I am just a little wary as I was HUGE was ds1 and had a growth scan at 37 weeks that indicated I was going to have a 10lb+ baby at term. They allowed me to go overdue and I went into labour naturally 8 days late and gave birth to a nice sized, 8lb 1oz baby, but there was ALOT of fluid. When they broke my water they were under prepared for what happened, it flooded the bed and cascaded all over the floor, lol!

If it was based on measurment alone, I would say that you probably had no grounds as weight estimation varies tremendously, but as you are having other issues, I don't see a problem with asking

VictorianSqualor Wed 13-Aug-08 15:22:34

There is another thread on asking for CSs going on at the moment, I'd go and see exactly what risks a CS holds first tbh.
They aren't nice, it's not the easy way out.

Also, 1 scan is not a good indicator of baby size, if you think about the centiles on the growth charts after birth and imagine just one measurement being taken at 2 months, it wouldn't really give that much view as to the size the baby would be at six months, you need a good few scans to estimate properly.

Lastly, Incase you aren't able to have one, do you know the best positions to labour in? Have you been doing perineum massage? Have you started taking evening primrose oil (just plain EPO, must be vitamin E not vitamin A) they should be taken orally daily then in a couple of weeks start putting them inside, near your cervix, they help elasticity.

CuckooClockWorkOrange Wed 13-Aug-08 15:13:03

I think that you COULD ask for one. You have several grounds for asking. It is a reasonable request in your situation. You would not be 'just asking'.

List out the reasons you are concerned. If you feel you really do want a CS this time, just say so. You've earned your stripes {grin]

sunshine185 Wed 13-Aug-08 15:01:59

never mind your conditions, i believe womans intuition is always spot on..... personally i wouldn't risk another natural..

i was huge with ds1 (big now with ds2), had a private scan at 34 weeks and ds was basically at term size, raised my concerns with midwife who sent me off for another scan at 37 weeks with consultant appt straight after...

sonographer was relieved to know i had a consultant appt right after her, i really thought they may induce me at 38 weeks (big babies tend to get bigger and stay longer) but consulant said not all inductions work and safer to go straight for elective cs at 39 weeks....

so there went my plans for a natural water birth and all the perinial massage out of the window!!

anyway,the birth, surgeons struggled to get ds out as he was so big (used forcepts in the end) and in the end said that this was the only way out for ds... so relieved i didn't push for an induction!!

i am going for an elective cs again in november....

as long as healthy baby and healthy mum i would push for what you want, i was terrified of pushing out a big baby (every percentile head, length etc on the scan results off the radar) and so glad they didn't make me as it could have been a very dangerous situation....

the cs was very professional and civilised...

i know so many mums who have ended up having emergency cs's even after dilating to 9cm (2 friends!)!! it's so common unfortunately.

good luck x

amazonianadventure Mon 11-Aug-08 21:07:07

dont think you can just ask for one, but under the pre eclampsia tests etc it might be suggested to you.

missfib Mon 11-Aug-08 19:45:42

hi all,
im currently 35 weeks pregnant i saw midwife last tuesday and was measuring 39 weeks,plus had other problems 3+ protein in urine,swelling ect they are not sure whether i have pre eclampsia but i now have to go to hospital 2 times a week for blood test and 24 hour uring ect,
as i measuring big im really scared because i have had two babies already and they where small (5lbs 15oz and 7lbs 6oz)i had a scan for this baby and have been told it was a bigger than average baby,
they told me i wont go to my due date anyway as the problems im have but can i ask for a c section after two natrual birth as i tore badly with both and needed stitches.
can i just ask for a c section or not ???
any advice would be great.
lins xx

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