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7-week u/s measurements - worried

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corgikelly Mon 11-Aug-08 11:50:11

I posted on the main Pregnancy board earlier about a smaller-than-desired fetus on my 7-week scan Thursday, but as my EDD is late March, I wondered if any of you might have gone through this... (I also just realised I posted mistakenly on the main Ante-natal clubs board - oops.)

I freaked out when the technician told me the heart rate and fetal size were a bit low/small and I'd need a follow-up scan next week to see if things were going to develop properly. And, yes, regrettably, started Googling.

It seems to me that the heart rate, CRL and gestational sac diametre are all within a week of normal, so I'm thinking positive thoughts about a later-than-foreseen implantation (we used IUI) and trying not to fuss about them.

My HUGE concern: yolk sac diameter was 4.9 mm. Normal would be 2.9 mm. I've found a dozen studies that say a larger than normal YS is associated with adverse outcome in the fetus. In general, a YS diameter of greater than 5.6 mm before 10 weeks is predictive of embryonic demise or gross chromosomal abnormality.

I don't know how I'm going to last until the next scan on Wednesday. This weekend was AWFUL. And what I don't understand is why what seems to be the scariest piece of the puzzle, the yolk sac, wasn't even MENTIONED by the technician.

Has anyone here had an abnormally large YS? What has your doctor said?

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corgikelly Mon 11-Aug-08 11:51:01

Sorry, I can't get this to post on the March 2009 boarc! Will try again!

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