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Which books do you recommend?

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alibubbles Tue 15-Jul-08 08:29:19

My nephew and fiancee are expecting a baby in January. He lives in the USA for the time being, - training to be a pilot.

I am his godmother, and want to give them some books about pregnancy and birth and raising small children. He would like 'English' ones, he's already wincing at the American names for the baby!

As mine are now 21 and 22, my book are probably 'old hat', so I am looking for suggestions of books that you found very useful, easy and clear, not too rigid, etc.

I used Penelope Leach and Miriam Stoppard,but wondered what the 'bible' of today is!

Thanks everyone

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MerryMarigold Tue 15-Jul-08 10:48:00

Hi Ali. I really enjoyed 'The Rough Guide to Pregnancy'. It's very English humour! Not really a bible of explanations and not strong on labour/ birth, but it definitely describes very well and humourously what women go through during pregnancy and the baby's development. I had another bible-y book (Sheila Kitzinger - and she's American!) that a friend lent me, but it was a bit overwhelming! We got given a Miriam Stoppard by my husband's work more on babies and children after the birth, and used that a bit too - so she's still 'en vogue'.

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