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Is anyone else out there pregnant with twins?

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pregnantpopcornprincess Wed 25-Jun-08 16:06:58

I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant with twins (8 weeks). Is there anyone else in the same boat?

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Jelliebaby Thu 26-Jun-08 12:05:00

Hi there. I am having a scan 8th July, when i will be 8 wks, it's an early one to check for twins as i've been very sick for the last 2 wks and had to go into hospital on a drip. They say that early and severe sickness is a sign of twins. Did you feel like this?
Is this your first pregnancy and is it pleasing news?

GettingBiggerBird Thu 26-Jun-08 14:16:49

Hello there and congratulations - I'm pregnant with twins due 25 December! Hope you're feeling OK, I definitely noticed the difference in how I felt in the first trimester with these two than with my DD.

There are some other threads you could look at, especially under Multiple Births, and

GettingBiggerBird Thu 26-Jun-08 14:18:17

Posted too quick - Jelliebaby sorry to hear you've been so ill, I wasn't quite that bad, more of a homronal whirlwind. Keep us posted.

GettingBiggerBird Thu 26-Jun-08 14:20:19

And here

mel2005 Fri 27-Jun-08 16:35:27

i am 12 weeks tomorrow and found out it was twins on tuesday, same day as you. i have read the double trouble twins and how to survive them by emma mahony which does help get your head around it, its very well written.

i already have two children who will be 4.5y and almost 3y when the twins are due on jan 10th. so i am worried how i will cope.

i have felt really sick and very tired and i didnt have any sickness with my other babies. it feels like how ill you feel when you get off a rollercoster and lasts all day (dizzy and sick). i have felt better the last couple of days though. i am also huge for 12 weeks.

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