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Dec 08 London meetup

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rosmerta Mon 23-Jun-08 21:05:55

Thought I'd get this started so we can try & arrange something before the beanies are born grin

I think everyone said evenings/weekends were better and probably central London. So we just need a date & an actual place to meet!

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chutneymary Tue 24-Jun-08 20:05:26

Rosmerta, I'd love to meet. I'd prefer evenings or weekends as my DD1 is a bit of a bar to any proper conversation. Shall we come up with a date and see if others are up for it?

I live in SE london so anywhere south / central good for me. Where do you reckon? And shall we all wear roses and carry Mother and Baby mag so we recognise each other?

EffiePerine Thu 26-Jun-08 14:54:39

yes definitely. Again, evenings/weekends, with a preferance for evenings.

Anywhere central good, as I'm in NE London and work in Central London.

artichokes Thu 26-Jun-08 15:19:09

Oh, I am a little scared of posting here. Never thought I would mix MN and RL but I am considering it! I am not sure why I place so much importance on keeping them seperate. I live in west London and could meet somewhere central.

JamInMyWellies Thu 26-Jun-08 16:55:02

I know what you mean arti but i mixed the 2 when preg with DS and its fine not everyone I have met is an axe murderer. grin I am good to meet up lets pick a date then sort out location after. I have no plans for the rest of the yr bit busy in December but good for the months preceding. wink

EffiePerine Thu 26-Jun-08 19:28:34

<gurns at artichokes>

Verso Thu 26-Jun-08 19:33:07

Count me in too! Any suggestions on a date? I can't do the next few weeks but after that am only away for one weekend over my holidays so can be quite flexible. (Well >glances at bump< everything is relative wink)

pixsix Thu 26-Jun-08 19:44:23

Me too! Any time from mid-July....

chutneymary Thu 26-Jun-08 19:53:34

Arti, I know what you mean about mixing the 2, but I have made a really good friend from MN who I would have gelled with really well if we'd met "normally", so to speak. I don't tend to write stuff on here that I would mind people knowing so feel fairly relaxed about it. Besides, I think the Dec 08 ladies sound like a nice bunch and I'd like to put some faces to a few names.

Shall we aim for something in August? Seems like central london would suit most people. How about Cov garden? Given we are all up the duff, meeting for drinks is probably out grin so shall we go to Pizza Express or somewhere similar for some supper? Would a Friday night suit most people?

Please let me know and we can sort something out. I can't do the last Friday in Aug, but the rest are looking free so far.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

artichokes Thu 26-Jun-08 20:14:41

OK, I will give it ago as long as you all promise to leave your axes at home grin. I am away the first two weeks in August and the first two weeks in September - but otherwise I am around. Convent Garden is easy for me and I am always up for food!

EffiePerine Thu 26-Jun-08 20:23:13

I work next to Covent Garden so would be perfect grin

Fridays usually good, not next Fri as I'm in Lincolnshire (for my sins)

Verso Thu 26-Jun-08 20:48:03

I am away first two weekends in August but otherwise am free. (How exciting! grin)

EffiePerine Fri 27-Jun-08 08:52:16

What about July 25th?

JamInMyWellies Fri 27-Jun-08 10:54:26

Sounds good to me I have my 20wk scan that day so DP is working from home so I will be able to come up to town fairly easily.

rosmerta Fri 27-Jun-08 12:14:23

July 25 good for me, I can easily catch the tube to Covent Garden, will just make sure dh gets home a bit earlier!

Arti, most of the mums I meet up with during the week I met on MN. But know what you mean, it is slightly daunting, esp when people tell you you're crazy to meet people you only know from the internet grin

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PinguRocks Fri 27-Jun-08 12:26:03

If it's okay with everyone, I would love to join in the meet up....

pixsix Fri 27-Jun-08 20:31:41

25th is good for me too.

Verso Fri 27-Jun-08 20:45:12

July 25th is my scan too (I will be 21 weeks)... looks like this is fast becoming a date!

chutneymary Sat 28-Jun-08 10:40:19

Shall we make it official then? The 25th it is.... we can always meet again as some of us can't make July.

Would 8 - 8.15pm suit everyone? That would give those of us with DCs a chance to offload them get them ready for bed before we go. There is a big pizza express in Cov garden but it gets quite busy. Shall we meet somewhere first and then see if we can find a place which can fit us all in?

Really excited now smile

rosmerta Mon 30-Jun-08 09:08:27

We could always book in for Pizza Express for say 8.30pm?

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JamInMyWellies Mon 30-Jun-08 09:24:10


chutneymary Mon 30-Jun-08 19:27:52

Great - not all Pizza Exp's take bookings though. I'll ring that one tomorrow and see if we can.

So who is up for it:


Table for 8 - anyone else?????

pixsix Mon 30-Jun-08 19:33:21

Great! Thanks Chutney.

Verso Mon 30-Jun-08 20:00:34

Sounds great - though you'll have to prop my eyes open for me after about 9:30pm as I normally go to bed ridiculously early at the best of times (DD is an early riser) and with being pg as well... wink

Olipop Wed 02-Jul-08 18:18:35

Hello - just catching up...put this in my diary...25th July in Covent Garden would be fine..........
Effie I work next to covent garden too...spooky!

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