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Problems with Ziko Herbie - Help Please????

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AmeliesMummy Mon 09-Jun-08 14:38:44

Hi Everyone I am new to this forum my name is Rachael and I have a little girl Amelie who is now 4 months old. We have been experiencing problems with our mamas and papas ziko herbie. The carry handle on the carry cot is continually coming loose withou any weight in at all. We can't use it for the sole purpose which we bought it ie to carry up and down stairs as we live in a flat. I have read that some people on here have experienced problems with this pram and I'm looking to find out whether you have received a refund (which is what we are looking to get) and how you went about it. The pram is not fit for purpose and Amelie could have been seriously injured angry. Thanks for your help. Rachael xx

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Alibaba1 Wed 27-Aug-08 09:28:06

Mamas and Papas are not known for their positive customer service! I don't think that I have known of anyone who has successfully got a refund from them. Rather they will blame you for the way that you are using the product.

My daughter has bitten some of the foam off the bumper bar for the herbie and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same problem.


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