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Any mums-to-be in Norfolk or East Anglia?

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Pandapops Mon 09-Mar-09 18:14:01

Hi all

I'm in Suffolk and having my baby in July at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Eds. Would love to get in touch with any mums (or mums to be) as I don't know many people in the area!

KitCat26 Tue 24-Feb-09 14:20:09

Hi, I'm a first time mum and down in Suffolk. Baby is due 27th July and I'm in Bury St Eds, so baby will (probably!)be born at the West Suffolk Hospital. Starting to get really excited now I can feel the baby move a bit, esp with my tummy gently up against the desk - I knew I came to work for a reason!

Good Luck all!

noolia Thu 19-Feb-09 12:13:05

You might be interested in the NCT - it's been out of action for a while in West Norfolk but is now up and running again.

If you'd like to find out more we'll be at The Sandringham Visitor Centre on Saturday 21st February from 2.30pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

teabelly Thu 27-Jan-05 20:28:25

Oh Picadilly I should be so lucky (to coin a phrase!!) I'm normally on the 5.45 home (if I run!) so I don't get in til 6.30 at the earliest...poor DH has to do all the dropping off and picking up where DS is concerned

I forgot to say congratulations to you - you must have only recently found out about your latest addition

PicadillyCircus Thu 27-Jan-05 13:11:26

Congratulations on your little girl teabelly . Maybe we've walked past each other at Jigsaw sometimes as DS always goes on Mondays. I pick him up somewhere around 5pm-5:30pm (or if I get stuck at work then DH picks him up).

maymum Wed 26-Jan-05 17:40:35

Thanks for the infor tribpot. Think I'll give that Nofolk meet-up a miss though - everyone sounds as though they've already got children, and this is my 1st, and I'm kind of a wimp about meeting new people face to face over the internet anyway(!)...

Good Luck with your baby too!

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teabelly Wed 26-Jan-05 10:59:36

Picadilly our ds is at Jigsaw on Mondays only as I just work mon-wed, and he spends the other two at his Nanna's...Had an absolute nightmare yesterday trying to Park at Bedford Hosp (for 20+ week scan) I take it back parking at Lister is easier!! Arrived 40 mins early for appointment and didn't get parked for 35 mins, was begining to get a little worried I'd have to cut and run, and DH would miss it. Was worth it though, bubba is doing fine...sooo big now, and we've been told that it's a girl .

PicadillyCircus Tue 25-Jan-05 08:12:01

teabelly, I sometimes get the 7:28 if I have to go into London. And yes, DS does go to Jigsaw.

Not sure whether Henlow does have its own surgery or not - will have to investigate.

We were perfectly happy at the Lister but I have heard good things about Bedford from other people. Anyway, will wait and see as it's a long time to September

tribpot Mon 24-Jan-05 18:19:15

Norfolk Meet Up

tribpot Mon 24-Jan-05 18:15:47

I'm in Suffolk - so you are not alone out here in the sticks maymum! I think there's a Norfolk meet-up being planned, I'll see if I can find the thread.

My first baby is due 24 June - best of luck to you!

maymum Mon 24-Jan-05 18:07:16

I'm in Norfolk. I think I must be the only one out here in the sticks!!!! It's good to hear from people who are kind of close by...

Thanks for replying PicadillyCircus & teabelly!

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teabelly Mon 24-Jan-05 16:25:27

I usually get the 7.28 semi fast...although more often than not I can be seen flying down the stairs trying to get the train only to see the doors shut in my face as I arrive on the platform.

I has ds at Bedford and was very impressed...have had a few friends that had bubbas at Lister and personally I'm glad I'm at Bedford . The mat wing at Bedford is relatively new and so is the equipment - not sure why that should make a difference but it makes me feel better! Mind you the parking is no better than at Lister, he he he. If you decide to go there ask me about places to park...I have become an expert

I go to the Surgery in Stotfold (as they closed the Arlesey one when we moved there!) but I guess Henlow will have one of it's own...this is sooo spooky, we've been looking at houses around that area, and my mum's moving there on Friday!!

Does your ds go to Jigsaw nursery then??

PicadillyCircus Mon 24-Jan-05 16:12:10

Teabelly, which hospital are you having your baby at? I had DS at the Lister; have been told that when I move I'll probably get the choice of either Bedford or the Lister (will have to get a new GP due to county move even though only a few miles away)

PicadillyCircus Mon 24-Jan-05 16:10:42

Thought you'd have to be in Arlesey or somewhere like that and get the train from either Hitchin or Letchworth as the stations in Beds would get trains from Peterborough!

We live in Letchworth and are moving to Henlow soonish. What time trains do you get - we may have bumped into each other on the platform (although I get trains at silly early hours so I can get to work early and leave early).

DH gets one around 8:30 though, after taking DS to nursery.

teabelly Mon 24-Jan-05 16:07:09

I'm in Arlesey...I get the train from Letchworth. My ds is 2yrs 7mths and this one is due between 28th May and 2nd June, ha ha ha differing views on due dates between dr, mw and me! I'm on the due in June threads for the mo as I'm sure it'll be late, the hospital have 28th May as my edd.

PicadillyCircus Mon 24-Jan-05 16:02:02

I'm in North Herts, soon moving to South Beds and when I get a train to work it's one that starts in Cambridge or Kings Lynn.

My second baby is due 22nd September and I have a DS who is 14 months.

Where are you, maymum and teabelly?

teabelly Mon 24-Jan-05 15:59:42

Hi there...I'm in Beds, but I get a train that starts in Kings Lynn to work in the morning and we get Anglia TV...does that count as a sort of ??

maymum Sat 22-Jan-05 17:05:22


I'm hoping to get in touch with any pregnant people from Norfolk or elsewhere in East Anglia. My baby is due 23rd May and I would love to chat to other mums-to-be!

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