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Quick question........MY friend is here re Preg hormones

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LapsedGymJunkie Fri 21-Jan-05 18:51:41


OK real quickie girls...

My friend is here and her SIL is pregnant, the SIL is a nurse and she was working nights and got the OBs reg do a scan.

He said I am really C**p at these, but I cant find anything.

She did a preg test the next day and it was still positive.

Question is could she still be giving off positive readings if the embryo had failed to implant correctly or continue to thrive ???

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monkey Sat 22-Jan-05 10:29:43

was it a belly scan or internal? If it was belly, I'd say it's probably just too early to show up. Even at 6/7/8 weeks they still scanned me internally. How far along is she? Hope all is well

lockets Sat 22-Jan-05 10:42:21

Message withdrawn

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