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july mummies!!!

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mummy2bsoon Sun 01-Jun-08 11:04:27


i just need to know how many baby gros and vest i should pack for my hospital bag?

also what else shall i pack? muslin squares?

sorry im a first time mum...

what the opinion on swaddlign your baby, in the summer?

also, do u need to buy a pram coat, or a all in one suit?

im not sure, if im prepared..and im starting to panic

sorry for starting my own thread!

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2littlemonkeys Sun 01-Jun-08 15:17:23

You only need to take a few cause hopefully wont be in there long grin. If you do run out you could always ask dh to bring in some more for you.

Dont no about swaddling cause i never did it with my 2.

The weather will hopefully be hot so you may need a lightweight cardigan or similer.

Not long to go now good luck, and stop worrying enjoy your last few weeks cause you will never get this time back, go get your hair cut enjoy some lunch dates do some you time wink


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