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Due June 08: S**t, it IS June, and I still haven't packed my hospital bag...

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LauraT Fri 30-May-08 14:49:01

well it will be June on Sunday anyway! thought I should go ahead and start this as there were several votes for this name...

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sophiewd Fri 30-May-08 15:00:40

Well done Laura

Upsidedowncake Fri 30-May-08 15:02:25

Thanks Laura. How's work going this afternoon? grin

LauraT Fri 30-May-08 15:10:17

I have had a spell of industriousness and finished off an audit thing I had to do, so halo is shining and thinking of skiving off early soon!

On another note, my trousers are digging in to the bottom of my bump where I have some evil stretch marks. I am convinced this is making them worse. my bra is rubbing, and all my mat tops are too hot. I may resort to lounging about in my swimsuit at the weekend- at least it doesn't dig in anywhere!

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needahand Fri 30-May-08 15:12:41

Not fair. Just when I try catching up on the other thread, you post another one. How am I meant to follow the thread?

I thought I would re-post my previous thread otherwise it will sink in the old thread unnoticed!

Welcome allnew I hope you will brace yourself for the chattiest (and hopefully friendliest) thread around. Be warned, if you miss more than two days it is impossible to catch up!

I am way behing but for whoever asked about raspberry leaf tea. I am 37 weeks today (horray I am officially term and because this one didn't try to escape early if I am every pregnant again I will be low risk for pre-term birth and I am on three tablets and one cup of tea. I have been going easy on the stuff until now just in case of pre-term birth (didn't want to increase my risk). I started with one cup from 34 to 35 weeks and took two tablets at 36 weeks. Now can't wait to get the baby out so I thought I would up the stakes a bit.

GF I went to join my local freecycle group but blimey it is complicated. You are only short of writing a motivation letter to join the group . I hope the rest of the process will be easier!

Ernest how is the rash going (or shall I not ask in case you had a two minute respite and you forgot about it)

And where is debs? Any news from paro yet.

My maternity clothes aren't too tight, but my bump seems to have a will of its own and escapes from everything (tops and pants alike) so I always have a bit of bump on show which is very very sighty!

For the names I like 2 or 4. No offence but most of us have prepared bags already [polishes halo emoticon and stucking out tongue at those who haven't packed bags]

Roll on babies

LauraT Fri 30-May-08 15:18:16

it was about to be full so we had to move before we ran out of space! at least now it won't move so you can catch up on the old one at your leisure!

have a gold star for having your bag ready. I will do mine next week once I've stopped work!

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ErnestTheBavarian Fri 30-May-08 15:32:28

Just brief, as I should really pay attention to my boys (crap mum).

Rash a lot better on belly (thatnks to steroid cream) not great. But has spread badly on breasts, so wake up, at 2 am every night, with itchy tits (but no furry nips) Can't tlet that one drop yet.

Rash there fore a lot better but still murder every night. Am trying not to tink about it. Moaned enough. But it is NOT FAIR.

Essie3 Fri 30-May-08 15:33:38

Ah, new thread! I doubt I'll have a baby on this one sad. Mind you, the fanjo moves are really getting on my nerves - knifing, things sort of pushing there, and twinging in a 'need the loo RIGHT NOW...oh, no I don't' way. Also feeling quite sick, and I've done nothing today, just sat out in the lovely sunshine. It's glorious here.

Who was it who mentioned Ulrika Johnson on the last thread? I saw a picture of her getting married on the cover of Hello at the antenatal clinic. All of us preggers people there were opening imaginary champagne bottles because her ginormous boobs made us feel better!

PregnantPenguin Fri 30-May-08 15:35:44

4 pages since I left the house at 10am...I better have a short labour, I'll never catch up if I'm away for more than 24 hours! smile Just to ensure that I don't let the side down, prepare for a massive post:

I love Bravissimo!!! I am no longer a floppy unsupported 42B (thanks M&S) instead I have a great perky pair of 36G's! OK, the size was a shock, but I'd forgotten what properly supported boobs can look like. And they were so lovely too....Thank you for the advise everyone. Don't recommend Waterloo / Covent Garden / The Strand or the tube at 38w+1d though!

Thank you everyone for the reassurance that some of the late pregnancy rubbish disappears after labour - it really is that hope that is keeping me going. And the idea of meeting the LO obviously, but TBH at the moment, that part still doesn't seem 100% real...

Laura - Thank you for setting this thread up and well done on the minimal working today! LOL at you keeping DH awake. Last night I shouted a swearword very loudly when I tried to turn over and got stuck in great pain. DH jumped out of bed like a madman thinking it had all started. Bless him. I might have to start doing that to him regularly just to cheer myself up. Or is that mean too? wink

DQ - I second that the tea thing is available from Whittards if you have one near you. I ended up getting a bodum style clear tea pot (quite stylish actually) from Sainsburys for £10. It makes two cup of RLT and I thought it would be useful for keeping my tea warm post baby...I am getting old, getting excited about a teapot FGS!

Rolf - We've got that book too, it's the best one I've seen (incl internet sites, etc), I love it. Altho we still haven't got a middle name sorted and DH has packed it away. angry Suggest you copy Laura and I's DH abuse after the mat clothes thing! wink PMSL at your nips description and subsequent posts!

Essie - Let's be positive and go into labour exactly a week early, that'll give us this weekend and Mon, Tues, Weds to check we're really ready and get some rest. Check your diary and we'll aim for Thursday afternoon. We can then both post our birth stories on here this time next week (cos we'll both have really short labours as well, obviously!) winkwinkwink

Hello Allnew! Washed the jeans and top that I live in at the mo last night and need them to dry v quickly so I can go out tonight. So yes, know exactly what you mean about clothes. Selling mat work clothes on ebay sounds very cathartic, may try that...if I can be bothered to get off the sofa that is.

alipalli Fri 30-May-08 15:37:21

Hello allnew, and thanks for setting up the new thread laura

Went to Waterstones to check out the green feather bower baby name book. I liked it, it seemed more realistic than others. Didn't dare buy it as I was given 3 books ages ago and DH wouldn't be too impressed if I spent money on a 4th at this stage. His answer to looking for baby names is to read the credits at the back of the instructions for Grand Theft Auto (seriously). Luckily it takes hundreds of people to develop a computer game, but most of them seem to have slightly odd names, so some of his suggestions weren't terribly Anglo Saxon. He has come up with a theory that in order to avoid LO having an unusual name at school we should go for something with a Polish/E. European sound to it. So far I have kept all of his Svetlana and Ludmila type suggestions off the short list.

I am down to 2 pairs of maternity trousers. I have the choice of tight jeans which are a bit uncomfortable, or indecent linen trousers that hang a bit too low for comfort. It's no wonder I stay in my pjs till midday now!

pleasechange Fri 30-May-08 15:39:23

Thank you all for your welcomes!
peartart - yes, my last pair of surviving jeans fall into that category - I am definitely doing the few steps then having to hoik them up. I went out the other evening in them and they falling down so much that they were pulling my knickers down with them!! Thankfully I had a long top on.

Am jealous of those of you sitting in the sun today! I've just cleared out the bedrooms and I'm exhausted. Can't wait till after the baby when I can actually do more than 10 mins of something without needing to sit down!

ktpie Fri 30-May-08 16:05:25

I need to put some maternity clothes in the wash, was just wandering round M&S when I looked down and realised that my black linen trousers were covered in flour from baking yesterday, had totally failed to notice this yesterday or this morning!

Do Bravissimo only cater for people with big boobs? Mine have never been over a C so have never been.

Allnew - It's not sunny here, but not raining which is a bonus I guess!

PregnantPenguin Fri 30-May-08 16:08:32

Hi KTpie - Pre pregnancy I've been wearing B's and C's - not sure that I should have been now....I'd suggest giving Brav a try, I thought that even if they said I was a 42B again, at least I'd know for sure.

LauraT Fri 30-May-08 16:45:33

Bravissimo tend to start at about a D/DD but if you've never been there I suggest going as you may well find you need a larger cup size/smaller back size than you thought. I have marched many of my friends there in the past with a rousing chorus of "if I'm a 30G there's no way you're a 38C." so far they've all been wearing completely the wrong size, (eg 36C instead of 32E seems quite commmon) if you've more than a handful get yourself there! - I used to work in the breast surgery unit and I think the number of people who wear the wrong size bra is frightening!

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ktpie Fri 30-May-08 16:45:34

Thanks PregnantPenguin, I should give them a try. Only trouble is it means a trip into Nottingham and I just don't ever feel that energetic these days!

bitofadramaqueen Fri 30-May-08 16:46:26

hi! I'm just posting so I can add this to my threads - will go off and read the rest of today's posts and then come back.

needahand Fri 30-May-08 16:54:35

GF blimey can't believe how quickly my crib went on freecycle (not even 4 minutes). That was definitely easier/quicker than actually joining the group!

Have a good weekend all. Can't wait till monday to see if there are any new arrivals.

PiggyPenguin Fri 30-May-08 17:11:30

I am so jealous at all the bra chat. Speaking as a lowly a cup, who is thrilled to move to a b when pregnant I am very jealous of all the lovely maternity bras you all seem able to buy - I only ever get the plainest bog standard mothercare ones in my size.

So how long do we think this thread will last? I am 38 weeks on Sunday and so have decided that will firmly believe my baby is going to be born on this thread (even if know in heart this is unlikely!) And where is Deb????? maybe her's will be the first baby announcement.

Essie3 Fri 30-May-08 17:12:58

Ok, penguin, it's a deal - I'm clear on Thursday, but it's ok because I'm thinking in terms of a 2 hour labour, maybe 4 hours max. No pain, obviously, he'll just slip out like a piece of soap. Then we can both spend the rest of the week getting our 12 hours sleep per night in (because our babies will be good sleepers, naturally). So that's sorted, then? grin

Mum thinks I'll be in labour tonight, on the basis that DH has tried and failed to leave London. He set off at 2.30, but it took over an hour for them to get to Watford and then back to Euston to change platforms. Turns out that there's not one but two suicides: Euston line, just beyond Watford, and another on the King's Cross line. Fancy deciding to end it all on a busy Friday afternoon. DH reckons it might be the timetabling that's sending people over the edge, though!

Probably not checking in over the weekend now. Unless I really do go into labour, but wouldn't want to break the pact with Penguin! Have a good one everyone!

dylansmumplusone Fri 30-May-08 17:26:04

wow i've missed a busy couple days!! will try to catch up later, hope everyone's well. xx

bitofadramaqueen Fri 30-May-08 17:36:08

ktpie - I'd definitely try out bravissimo anyway. So many people are told they are the wrong size by so-called 'experts' for so long it's worth seeing what bravissimo think. When I first went to them I thought I had much bigger back size and smaller cup size then I actually am.

Since Bravissimo I no longer have to deal with falling down bra straps, the back of my bra riding up, or the worst sin of all... the cups that dig in giving you and extra 'bump' on each boob blush. Fab.

Thanks for tea suggestions - silly question but could I just use the cafetierre thingy that DH uses for coffee for my raspberry leaf tea?

Essie I've not had the stabbing pains so much but I do sympathise with the 'needing' to go to the loo 2 minutes after you've just been. What's all that about?!?!?

Weather still miserable here - it'd better perk up by tomorrow as off to the Taste food festival.

Belated welcome allnew.

Right, off to check out Ernests baby name thread...

bun2 Fri 30-May-08 18:22:31

Hello everyone. I'm due on June 25th and just found this thread.

Fed up because baby's head is fully engaged and have been having false labour pains for about 2 weeks now. Have started feeling sick and having very loose movements. Depressed because I have read that some of you have been like this for weeks (this is my 2nd). Any words of encouragement?

ktpie Fri 30-May-08 18:49:24

DQ - think I will try Bravissimo, just got to get up the energy to get there!
I can't really see why you couldn't use a cafetierre, my tea came in bags so not had this problem! Supermarkets might have a cheap strainer.

bun2 - welcome! Can't be any help I'm afraid as this is my first.

whinegums Fri 30-May-08 18:54:58

Hi, just posting on the new thread to add it to my list!

PregnantPenguin Fri 30-May-08 19:05:34

Hi DQ - See no reason not to use a cafetierre depending on your tea. I tried it for other herbal teas in the past and it let bits of herb thru, yuk! But the RLT I have now would probably be fine in one. BTW - If anyone doesn't like the taste, try adding a spoonful of honey.

Hello Bun2 - Welcome to the chattiest group you'll find on MN! Sorry you're feeling rubbish, I think we all are in some way at the moment, it's just that stage of pregnancy. I'm envious of you, my LO's head isn't engaged at all and I'm due on 12/06! Stick around and at the very least I'm sure we can make you laugh...although maybe not intentionally. blush

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