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Wagon-Waddlers ante-natal for the ttc'ers. With others hot on their tails, hopefully!

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Squack Thu 22-May-08 19:22:06

I'd better be over here soon!

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kayzisexpecting Thu 22-May-08 19:24:25


Thanks Squack!!

kayzisexpecting Thu 22-May-08 19:30:48

I will keep everyones seats warm for them.

lardylumps Thu 22-May-08 19:42:17

just popping in to say save me a seat will ya...

kayzisexpecting Thu 22-May-08 19:42:50

<writes 'LL' on a chair>

Diege Thu 22-May-08 19:52:12

Me too! Can I have a seat next to LL? grin

kayzisexpecting Thu 22-May-08 19:53:41

<Writes Diege on next seat>

Squack Thu 22-May-08 20:05:10

Make mine the one with the comfy cushion grin

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Diege Thu 22-May-08 20:09:27

ooh and I'll need bucket next to mine for all day sickness. Maybe Moosma could sit on my other side so that we could share it? grin

Teuch Thu 22-May-08 20:11:11

<strides up to back seat, puts feet up and lights fag, making lipstick kisses on windows>

Alright everyone?

Squack Thu 22-May-08 20:24:50

pmsl teuch!

who's driving this thing?......please ye Gods tell me it's not NatalieJane wink

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Starshinetiger Thu 22-May-08 20:31:09

Bags me a seat please for when I need it!
Teuch pmsl too - why do I have a picture of Stacey's friend from Gavin & Stacey in my head when I read your post?!!? grin - even though I do read yours in a scottish, not a welsh accent?!

Teuch Thu 22-May-08 20:41:21

I'm just a blonde version of her grin

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 23-May-08 07:28:49

Just moving in and settling down, don't blame me if I am not here very often though, I seriously don't think I could keep up with another thread, will give it a go though! wink

kayzisexpecting Fri 23-May-08 07:28:51

Good morning!!!

I've decided to add a few nice big super king size beds so when I'm we are tired we can sleep.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 23-May-08 07:32:14

Oh and, exactly what is wrong with my driving? hmm

tinkwantstobearockstar Fri 23-May-08 08:27:06

morning ladies *tink flies in and takes up big super king size bed and goes back to sleep*

calsworld Fri 23-May-08 13:21:29

<<Cal peeks through the window with a wistful look on her face>>

tinkiszzzz Fri 23-May-08 13:25:14

how are you cal tink waves

calsworld Sun 01-Jun-08 20:22:28

<<whispers - still hopeful tink!>>

kayzisexpecting Wed 04-Jun-08 13:24:11

<<Puts up WELCOME SQUACK banners and balloons>>

Congrats Squack!!!!!!!

kayzisexpecting Wed 04-Jun-08 13:30:53

<<puts up WELCOME DIEGE banners and balloons>>

WOW 2 BFPS in one day!!!!!

UptheSquack Wed 04-Jun-08 14:14:52

Aww Kayz blush that's very thoughtful of you!

I'm going to sit next to Diege and hold the bucket as I suspect I might need it soon.
I felt a bit queasy last night.

<huge sigh of relief>

We had a convo last night about only trying for 6 months because of our ages. August would've been the last month.
But here I am grin

Diege Wed 04-Jun-08 17:28:05

Hello, I'm here at last!! It's a bit of a trek up from where we've pitched the wagon, but all so worth the effort!
Thank you for my seat. I may well need to share your bucket Squack, as I had HG with dd1 and dd3, and sickness normally kicks in 5.5 weeks. Going to enjoy this bit while I can as deffo last pregnancy!!!

UptheSquack Wed 04-Jun-08 17:40:43

Ditto the enjoying the last pregnancy. I can't believe we're here, and me n moos only pushing you off the wagon 2 weeks ago <snigger>

I think I'm having a girl from when we gof'ed. With the boys I wasn't too sick...manageable iYKWIM.

Dd was a whole other story. I'm wondering if it's girls.
I'm grinning like a loon, but really scared.
I had a dream early this morning when I went back to bed after another rubbish CB test that I poas FR and it was positive grin and it was a girl!

Mine will kick in at 6weeks if I'm gonna be sick again.

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